Fashion Novacustomer service and product quality

S Sep 07, 2018

Ordered over $150+ of merchandise in June. During the shipping process it stated that it was in transit to be delivered a week after purchase (says there's 2 day shipping - not true). Then I received a notification that it was not delivered and at the warehouse. Confused I tried reaching out but they didn't respond for a few days. Found out my merchandise was lost in the warehouse (by the delivery company). I filled out an investigation report by fashion nova and was told after 30 days I'd have a response. I told them I already confirmed with the shipping company they lost the package and they did not care.

Finally after TWO MONTHS I received a gift card (after threatening to sue) and made my orders again. The package finally was shipped (still a week, not two days) and the product quality is horrible. The sizes (small) are way smaller then what's on their measurement charts and do not match (some are smaller than others). Additionally as I was putting on one outfit I found a huge hole in the leg!! I can't even return the product.

[censored] company with [censored] services.

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