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On 7/30/16 my son (33 yrs) and I (61 yrs) shopped at the Famous Footwear store at 10620 Melody Drive in Northglenn, CO 80234 - I wanted to purchase new shoes for my son as a gift. He selected one pair only and I paid via credit card. My receipt indicated we could purchase one additional pair at 50% off by 9/14/16 as we had shopped during a BOGO.

Shortly after the 7/30 purchase, I learned the shoes were too narrow and caused him a lot of discomfort. He tried wearing them approx three times. There was nothing on the shoe box indicating they were narrow sizing but my son did not feel we could return them as he had worn them.

I mentioned we could still purchase one additional pair at 50% which would lessen the loss of the first/poor fitting pair. I returned to the store on 9/14/16 and with smart phone in hand, photographed a different style and sent the photo to him for approval on a second pair purchase.

He was not able to shop with me that evening but liked the second choice I made - during this second trip I mentioned to a Famous Footwear employee the problem we had with the first pair. She said we could return the first pair for in store credit but could not get a refund. Sounded perfect to me as that would give my son an opportunity to shop for something that would fit better than the first pair had but yet, the second pair may work well too. The young woman who helped me on the floor was very kind and extremely helpful in providing information we had not been aware of.

During check out I mentioned this information to a different employee, buying a second pair for my BOGO but wanting to return the original pair for in store credit. I was told I would have to make the return that evening as the BOGO was ending. The clerk at the register was rather confusing but I purchased the second pair of shoes then drove to my son's house to get the shoes for return.

On returning to Famous Footwear with the narrow fitting shoes for return, I dealt with yet another employee. Alyssa overheard some of the conversation I had previously on the BOGO purchase and return policy.

Alyssa now told me I would not get a full refund on the first pair due to the BOGO and confirmed the return would be approx $51 versus $86 dollars. This did not seem right at all that I should suffer a loss of $35 on the first pair. After all, they are the ones who told me I could return them.

None of the staff had mentioned the price difference until I returned with the first pair (for return). Alyssa said she did not hear the entire conversation I had with the previous clerk and there was nothing mentioning a restocking fee or other type of price reduction.

I'm afraid the two persons I dealt with at the cash register did not seem to know what they were doing. Alyssa called another store to confirm this BOGO return policy but rather than let me talk to the other store, she tried relaying part of the story but not in its entirety. Then Alyssa and the person on the other end of the telephone appeared to ridicule me and the circumstance. To get the proper credit on the first shoes, I was told I would have to return them all.

I ended up driving back to my son's house again, picking up the second pair I had just purchased and returning them. Then I returned the first pair of shoes and received full store credit. It still does not make sense that to receive the proper credit on the first shoes, I had to return the second pair of shoes. I had bought one pair and should have been allowed to keep the second pair but in order to get the proper credit, I had to return everything?

Alyssa was not a pleasant person to deal with, she did not seem to understand what she was saying and even after talking with another person - none of it made sense.

I should have been given full credit on the first shoe return and I should have been allowed to buy the second pair as I had just done. The return on the first shoes after all was an in store credit - money already spent. To run me around that way was insane and then to make me return the second pair, to get the full first credit was ridiculous.

How do you stay in business this way?


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    Anonymous 2.0 Aug 24, 2017

    It sounds like in order to get the BOGO deal you have to buy a pair of shoes to get another pair of shoes for the half price discount. If you return the first pair, you lose the half price discount on the second pair, as you no longer have a buy one get one scenario, just a buy one.

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