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Hello I need your help.

Last week my partner and I visited a Famous Footwear in Columbus, Ohio. When we were checking out we asked the clerk about a few different items that they didn't stock. He said they didn't stock them. We suggested that maybe he could mention it to the manager to order for next time. He said "I am the manager and I can't order anything for you, our corporate office does all the ordering." his tone was kind of rude so I chalked it up to a bad day and moved on. Mark went to swipe our signed Chase checking card for the bill and the manager asked for his ID. Mark said he didn't have it but we have a joint account. I ran my card through and showed him my ID and I signed the slip.

The next day we were checking out for groceries at Trader Joe's before we left for an out of town trip. I ran my card as credit and it was declined. I ran it again, also declined. Mark ran his Chase checking card through as debit, declined. Mark also ran his Chase credit card through, wow declined. I had $1, 800 available at the time in our checking account.

I called the customer service number on the back. They said they were notified that our account was compromised and they canceled all of our cards. I told her I was holding up the grocery line as we speak and I needed to checkout. It took about 10 minutes and she allowed my transaction to process. I told her I didn't lose my card or have any problems with it and did not report it stolen. She told me that anyone can report my card as compromised and I would have to talk to the fraud department. They ended up saying that a retailer had reported suspicious activity on my card and they decided to close the accounts.

She also told me they left a voice mail. I told her that when I opened my chase account three years ago that I would get about six calls each week about promotions and marketing so I changed my main number to a voice mail line I periodically check. I also informed her that I requested a note to my account that any communications take place via e-mail or text. She said that the fraud department can only have an IVR call my phone. She also told me that she would not provide me with any documentation of exactly who called in the fraud complaint. I spoke to her supervisor who said he was also not able to release the exact business name. They are sending me new cards, but as it stands I have no access to my funds from Chase.

I was told before that you don't have to show people your ID on signed cards; I gave my ID anyway just to be helpful.

What can I do to be entirely sure this was instigated by Famous Footwear?
What rights do I have to my account records from Chase/Visa?
Do I need to always show my ID when it is asked for on a signed card?
What level of justification is required when retailers report suspicious activity?
Can they just call it in when they feel like it or do they have to give a report?

-Robert Baldwin


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    Diana Mad Dec 17, 2009

    I agree. I too have had bad service with the customer service department of famous footwear. I received a gift card, I went and to a famous footwear store in Mesa, Az. They did not have the size boots I wanted for my husband. I was told I could pay for them at the time and they would ship them out. I never received them, waited for my refund on a gift card. Did this on Oct. 21, 2009 and today is Dec. 18, 2009 still waiting for my gift card. Diana Leibham

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    charw May 12, 2010

    What is it with Famous Footwear and needing ID. Twice I had a hard time when returning shoes. I have a legitimate government issued ID with photo. She said that kind of ID wasn't on the "list" She was not going to let me return defective shoes I purchased two days before and never wore. I put up a fuss, and she overrode the ID "this time". She lectured me on how I tried to do this before and it can't happen again. The manager was so rude I called customer service to complain. All they would do is give me a $10 coupon. I said no other store asked for ID for returns and she said "oh yes they do". I realized I was getting no where so I hung up. I e-mailed a complaint to the company, but don't expect any answer. I would like to know what Famous Footwear does with this data base of IDs. I am suspicious.

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    Shopperof allthings Aug 18, 2010

    I went into a location in Northern Va and found out a person i knew from high school that was charged for robbery, theft, FRAUD, CREDIT CARD THEFT, CHECK FRAUD and the list goes on. She was put in jail for years and got out a few months ago. Now she works at this location in Leesburg (i think according to her friends). I will never shop there with a convicted Felon as a manager. This is outrageous and i have told everyone i know about it, they are done shopping there all together as a company as well! I will be calling the papers and new agency around town. Beware of using your card or check at Northern Virginia locations of Famous Footwear. Next time do a background check FAIL!

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