Family Dollar StoresSecurity guard

S Sep 06, 2018

the store located on 631 nw 6 to buy toilet tissue my hearing impaired so I entered so I pass guard he followed me I was unaware turn to him telling me to leave my purse at register I was in line I was refuse service I was ask aggressively to leave store i call police they told me I couldn't come back I m not a criminal I was treated unfairly with his hands on his gun

  • Updated by Starskidre · Sep 04, 2018

    So.he had his hand on his gun and I was like what u gonna [censored] me cause I didn't leave my purse at the register the cashier refused to take my money as If she was also afraid I turn to see him standing behind me with hand in gun saying this is the last time he gonna tell me to leave the store so I call the police only to have them tell me they have no jurisdiction on what goes on in family dollars and that the guard doesn't want me to come back and if I do I would go to jail for trespassing I feel this is unfair I explained that I can't hear that well I feel that the guard should have better training in how to deal with customer with out treating them as criminals I feel I should not have been denied service or band from coming back to the store cause I shop there every week two to three time a week or

  • Updated by Starskidre · Sep 04, 2018

    I feel he should be removed from. Working around customers loyal paying customer I would not want any one too feel the way I felt today for both the guard the cashier and the police officer I felt mistreated and it's said and I won't recommend anyone I know to there any more even when they have sale as long as the guard is posted there

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