Family Dollar Storeshealth hazard

S Aug 06, 2018

I visited the Family dollar located at 19650 NW. 27th Ave. As I walked into the store I noticed that it felt like the heat was on. As I walked further into the store I found it very hard to breathe. There was someone in the store coughing really badly I'm assuming because it was so hard to breathe. As I was waiting in line I told the cashier that I felt as if though I would have an asthma attack because it was really stuffy in here. I asked the cashier if the manager knew that the AC was broken. He replied "yes it's been broken for two weeks and she said that there's nothing that she can do about it."
Those workers along with the customers are going to get sick. The germs are lingering and multiplying in the heat. I will be reporting this to the proper department.

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