Family Dollar Goshen Rd. Fort Wayne IN 46808laura rice store manager

S Aug 13, 2018

My husband and I are new to the area . We rode oyr bikes to this location to purchase items for our new home. I had 200.00 in my wallet to spend tonight at your store but instead spent my money at the Dollar General . I left your store bawling my eyes out bc as soon as we walk in the store the cashier started ringing the bell yelling for the manager . She had a gentleman in line that she told hold on these two are thieves and come in the store all the time and shoplift. UNTRUE THIS WAS MY FIRST VISIT TO THIS LOCATION EVER !! Within one minute were approached by Laura Rice your imcompetent store manager who reeked of marijuana . Im a substance abuse counselor and Im certain the smell that was all over your store manager. She says did the two of you come on those bikes outside ? Yes we told her and very loudly in front of everyone in the store she said you two need to leave now or im calling the police. Confused my husband said why ? She said just because now leave now. I showed her my wallet full of money she said good for you leave now. I was in tears at this point . We did what was asked of us and came home calling our attorney. Im the niece of the mayor as well who was contacted immediately along with News Channel 15 on your side. Ive never been more humiliated in my entire life. Im a taxpayer and have a right to come into your store and shop just like anyone else. She apparently thought we were someone else and that we were going to steal . My husband and I both have very good jobs and have never ever stolen a thing in our entire lives. Ill be filing a lawsuite against this store for discrimination and being falsley accused of something im not. Your store manager however to avoid the embarrasment this lawsuit could bring to your store could apologize to my husband and I both. I deal with a large part of this county due to the type of work I do. Had one of my patients or anyone that knows me been in this store at the time Mrs. Rice did this it could of been upsetting for someone to believe this of me when im nothi g even close as to what I was accused of. I hope to hear from someone concerning this matter promptly my contact information is [protected] . Yours truly. Paul & Shannon Carpenter

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