Fairfield Inn Lombard, ILassistant manager and manager

K May 08, 2018

5/6/2018 to 5/7/2018 My friends and I had booked a joining rooms. Jan got there earlier than we did. She gave them her American Express card and they charged both rooms to her. I arrived in town about 16:30 and asked that the double room be charged to me. I gave the Assistant Manager my Discover Card and went on to the room. I had made arrangements April 23rd and had a confirmation number for these rooms and the rates. Discover Card contacted me stating that a room had been charged to me for $130.00. I went to the Assistant Manager and explained the situation, giving him the confirmation number and the $88.40 senior rate for the queen room with double beds and a rate of $92.65. He was a bit arrogant but said things were straightened out. Today American Express billed Jan for $270.00. Jan called the Manager of Fairfield Inn at Lombard and got a runaround. Jan got mad and hung up on the lady. I called back and the Manager said if Jan would call her back and apologize she would call the credit card company! I have never in all my years as a Manager demand an apology prior to assisting a customer. This is highly unethical. Right or wrong you apologize for the incident and try to correct it. The Manager was VERY defensive and made it almost impossible to explain the situation. She just kept returning to her praises of the Assistant Manager.

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