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Complaints & Reviews

magazine subscription added at checkout

Fabletics Pre-checks boxes and customers are automatically subscribed to ‘Essence' magazine when they attempt to pay for their clothing. They are counting on customers being distracted or not seeing the box (like me) and have partnered with Essence Magazine in order to add in subscriptions to as many orders as they can. They shared my Personal info and payment data with Essence Magazine without my consent. I didn't see that the box was added in on the second payment screen. people are not looking for a magazine subscription when shopping for leggings, that's why Fabletics deceptively includes the pre-checked box on the final payment page. They count on customers to miss seeing it. Shady company and business practices. Stay away. There are plenty of places to buy leggings!

false advertising/customer service

As long as this company has been in existence they have been advertising 2 for $24. I registered long time ago but just order pair of shorts a couple of weeks ago. I was actually impressed so I decided to order the 2 for $24 that I've seen in every magazine and tv commercial. There's no fine print in the commercials either. It took me 30 minutes to even get to the page that had this advertisement on their site. That's when I noticed it said for new customers only. I called them to inquire how I could get this deal since technically I am a new member cause I've only order one pair shorts couple of weeks ago. The customer service rep proceeded to tell me the only way I could get that deal would be to send the shorts back then do 2 for $24. That's totally rediculous. First they don't even let you know it's for new members only and then because I order 1 item I'm not a new member. That the worst customer service I've ever had and if I order one time or even two times I'm still a new member they don't say it has to be your first order it just says you have to be a new member which is two different things and on their tv ads they don't mention either of those.

shipping and vip membership

It is no longer a secret that fabletics is very shady when it comes to their vip memberships. I has heard of fabletics on instagram because of demi lovato. I was looking for affordable gym wear and remembered fabletics. I went on their site and was surprised with the "special sale" that they had of 2 leggings for 24 dlls. I was very surprised by how cheap it was and how beautiful the styles were. I also went ahead and ordered a hoodie because everything else was 50% off on your first purchase. The total was 55 for 2 leggings and a hoodie which was not bad at all. I was about to pay when I realized that there were some small letters saying that by paying for that stuff I was signing up for my vip membership and I was like whaaat?? What is this??? I made some research and found out about the 50 dlls charge each month if you didn't skip the month. I decided to went ahead and pay and skip every month since I was not planning on buying anything else. I was also very happy not only with the price of the stuff but with the free shipping of 4-7 days, or 1-2 extra days the most. I ordered on the 31st of january and it is now the 12th of february. Ive been checking and it says that I will be able to pick up my package on the 14th wich will make it 15 days to ship! When it stated 4-7 days. Mind you I live in texas and the items ship from california so its not like I am in another country or continent for it to ship in 15 days. I will not be ordering again from them. Very disappointed

payment not received

Fabletics is a predatory company toward minors and others. They have a wonderful marketing strategy and get unsuspecting people to sign up for a monthly charge. Why I realized these charges on my credit card bill, I contacted them and they agreed to reimburse me, but said it would take 8 to 12 weeks. I wasn't thrilled, but agreed to their payment terms. They owe me $750 and acknowledged that they owe me this money, but after 5 months of many many conversations with customer service, I still do not have my money.
Their customer service are very nice people and are very cooperative, but they don't do anything even though they acknowledge they owe me a refund and promise to pay, they never act on their promises. I have even spoken to supervisors and managers, but get the same story. After 5 months or the runaround, I am lost at what my options are, expect paying for a lawyer?

The bottom line, stay away from this company unless you enjoy being lied tro.

Scammers. Buyers beware!

And you call yourself the best one? I really doubt it. The fact that you pay the top-stars to advertise your products doesn't mean you're really great.
In real life, all of those smiling people and lovely actresses would be terrified if they found out what they were paid for.
In other words, these guys are dangerous. But first of all, I would like to say a couple of words about the quality and the choice. Well, it's 50/50, it doesn't depend on anything. You never know what kind of quality you will get.
Now about scamming actions. Once you bought something you become their member. The membership is not for free, but you will never know about it until you see they charge you every month. It's 50 dollars.
Trying to cancel the membership is a different story. It's tough. Because in order to do it you have to contact their amazing customer service that doesn't respond.
The only thing I will advise you to do is to report to your bank about their fraudulent actions, only then they will start to do something and refund.

So I would highly recommend you to avoid them at all costs.

Scam activity

I have ordered something from Fabletics in the past and after I ordered they automatically signed me up for a VIP membership. I never agreed to anything and actually I wasn't even aware until they charged a monthly fee.
I contacted Fabletics support and after a very long conversation they agreed to cancel my membership but bad thing was that they refused to refund my money which was $50!
I would never recommend them and of course I will report them to the higher authorities for scam activity. Avoid!

  • Ad
    aditialok Oct 11, 2017

    Exactly the same thing happened to me. After my purchase an year ago, they started deducting 50 Euro per month!! I did not even get any notification or reminder every month about this monthly purchase. Even after writing multiple times they did not refund the money. I really want to do something against them. I would never recommend fabletics to anyone! its the biggest scam around

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  • Je
    Jeanette Carle Mitzelfelt Jan 14, 2019

    Deceptive/Fraudulent Advertising Practice
    I placed an order in September of 2018 during a "2 for 24" promotion which was advertised on TV and online. I received the product which I was very satisfied with, but I did not place any subsequent orders. However, in January of 2019, I noticed that I had been charged $49.95 each month from October 2018 through January 2019 for a VIP Membership. I contacted Fabletics and explained that I did not purchase the membership. I was told that it is their policy that you are automatically subscribed to the membership during the check out process, but you can cancel at any time. Fabletics would not refund my credit card. This is a deceptive if not fraudulent practice. I will never place another order with fabletics and will tell as many people as I can of my experience.

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I decided to sing up for a VIP membership because they promised that first item would cost me only $25. So I joined them and made an order. After I paid I realized they've charged $80! I contacted Fabletics customer care and they said that it was a mistake and promised to refund me. Well, they returned my money and everything seemed fine, but several months later they charged $50! I emailed them and they told that if you don't order anything every month then you are automatically charged $50! What a joke! Stay away from this place!


I should have read the reviews before I made an order. Anyways I've purchased an outfit from Fabletics about three weeks ago. My order is still processing and I have no idea when it will be shipped.
So I called their customer service to take myself off of the VIP membership. Surprisingly taking myself off the VIP membership would also cost me extra $25! Completely ridiculous! Save your hard earned money and avoid this site at all costs!

Bad quality and poor service

I've ordered some pieces of clothing from Fabletics for my sister. When I finally received the order everything was extremely small. So I contacted customer service and asked for a refund. I wanted to return everything because of the bad quality too. The clothing they sell is very overpriced. I also asked them to cancel my membership. The worst part is that you can actually sign up for the membership via their website, but you cannot cancel through the same method. They make it almost impossible to cancel and they never refunded me. What a scam. I'm very disappointed.

I'm extremely disappointed!

I was a customer of Fabletics for about 6 months, I ordered a lot of things from them and spent hundreds of dollars. All the items I received were lovely and the quality was great. But my last order was absolutely terrible. Nearly everything I got has stretched, fallen apart, faded and become unwearable. I contacted their customer service and asked for a refund. Their rep tried to be nice and tried to keep me as a customer. I said that I want my money back and also would like to cancel my account. I contacted them several times and never received a response. I'm extremely disappointed with Fabletics, never expected to be scammed by such a reputable company.

don't sign up!

Avoid Fabletics at all costs! And don't sing up, because it is almost impossible to cancel your membership. I accidentally signed up, when I made my first order. I bought some leggings and other active wear, paid for it with my card. When I received my items I wasn't planning to order anything else. Later, when I checked my credit card account, I realized that my card was charged a few times. Then I called my bank and they told me who was charging me. I immediately contacted Fabletics customer service, asked them to cancel my membership and demanded my money back. They'll do anything to stop you from cancelling. Fabletics is shameful.


This company is horrible! I made an order, but weeks later received nothing, so I contacted Fabletics and asked them to cancel my order. They never cancelled it and never gave my money back. I called them many times, but there was no answer, they also ignored all my messages. Then I checked the reviews and was shocked! All the negative reviews are real! I want my money back! I'm so disappointed.

  • Merlin Slocumb   Feb 17, 2016

    I love the products and of course wanted to save on my first outfit, but now I'm wondering why I bought into the VIP membership. I'll be cancelling that at this point, but still love the products!

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Do not do any business with this website!

I ordered something from Fabletics, but had no idea that they signed me up for their VIP program! Recently I noticed my card being charged. I checked my bank statement and realized they've been charging my card for three months now! Criminals! This is absolutely illegal! All such "automatic" memberships should be outlawed by the government as unscrupulous business practices. These people owe me money and I will not give up until I get it back! I tried to contact someone from their customer support, but these thieves are ignoring me. They will pay for it!

Impossible to cancel!

I used to order things from Fabletics in the past, but things changed and I decided to cancel my membership because I couldn't afford it anymore. So I contacted their customer service and was told that is impossible. I called the company and was put on hold for 45 minutes and then was disconnected. Later some strange number (844) called me over and over again. When I finally got on the phone with someone from Fabletics I had to repeat myself for about twenty minutes until the person finally let me cancel. She said that she needs some time to confirming my cancellation and put me on hold again. After 30 minutes of waiting was disconnected again. Well, my subscription was never cancelled and I have no idea what to do now. It was a really terrible experience. Please do not order anything from Fabletics.

  • Ch
    christy Smith Feb 02, 2016

    I submitted an order 2/2/16 and now am camceling my membership please consider this a unsubscripition to fabletics. chris smith

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I accidentally found this website and was really impressed. Their products looked great, prices were nice and they even had discounts. So I decided to give Fabletics a try. I ordered three items: two pairs of leggings for $25 each and one bra for $15. I was so excited, because everything looked fantastic. But when I went to my cart there were completely different prices and I could not understand why. I called customer service several times. Their representative couldn't give a reason for the price difference and disconnected. When I called again another agent answered and said the discount was the difference between the regular price and the VIP price. But there was no information about it on the website. Very disappointed!

Worst online shop

After not ordering anything for a couple of months not ordering I decided to cancel my account. I called customer service, but they put me on hold for about 45 minutes! When I called again, I finally got a hold of someone, but I was then put back on hold while their rep was cancelling my account. While I was waiting, my phone was getting call after call from an (844) number. It was their number. The only conclusion I can come to is that while you're on hold, they are trying to call you over and over to somehow create some disruption which would give them the opportunity to hang up on you, knowing that most people don't have another 20 minutes to wait on hold to cancel their account and may forget to call back to cancel at all. Whatever you do, don't hang up! I spent hours just to cancel one account! Very slow service.

Legally scams consumer into costly membership

I've been a member for a bout a year, but I still cancelled my account. I also had 2 credits on my account at that time. When I went back to use a credit, I couldn't do it online since my account was cancelled. I was told I had to call customer service and their representative will help me. I want to mention that I didn't place any orders at that time. Went back at a later and there was only one credit! I contacted them and was told that one credit was converted to a gift card that had been emailed to me. But they sent it to mail old email, so I never received it. I had two credits, that is equivalent to 2 outfits. So I only get 1 outfit out of my 2 credits and with my leftover money they won't send me a refund check! This is the worst company I've ever dealt with!

Very strange company.

I ordered leggings for £30. But it took them two weeks to deliver my order. They also don't have a phone number, so it was impossible to contact them. When my leggings finally arrived I noticed that there is something wrong. Those leggings were huge, definitely not my size. There was no problem with getting my money back, but they had signed me up to be a VIP member. And took £50 from my account for the membership. They didn't warn me about it, so I was shocked when found out that there are money missing from my account. I wanted them to cancel the membership, but they told me that it is impossible. I argued with them, and they finally told that they can cancel it, but I wont get my money back. Well, they just stole my money! Very strange company. I don't understand them at all. There is absolutely no logic. They gave me a refund for leggings, but cant do the same thing with the membership.

Unable to cancel membership

11 August 2015 Member ID: [protected] I contacted Fabletics to cancel my membership after realising it deducted...

I got shoes with blue spot

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