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Complaints & Reviews

service not received, payment not refunded

- Worst staff and customer care

My 20K has been stuck in ezeego even after 40-50 calls on different numbers and multiple mails, 6-7 times they received the call but without any proper response.

I had to cancelled the package next day of booking because of medical reasons and they gave the assurance to utilise this money in other package instead of refunding. Now they don't have time to response.

Customer care people are good on phone but in actual doesn't response properly, if you have already given the money.

Tour may be good(I could not travel) if every thing goes according to plan but if situation comes on refunding money or money adjustment somewhere else, it goes worst, shouldn't expect anything from them. They will not give proper response. I am facing same issue.

Unethical behavior and total fraud

My experience with ezeego was a disaster and I feel ezeego is a total fraud company. Let me come down to various complaints for which I and my family was made to suffer and still their staff feels that they have done what was promised:
What package we booked and what we received was totally different. In fact in one of the last calls with Barnali Sarkar, she admitted the fact that our bookings were mixed with lower packages. This led to the whole mess.
The whole bookings were fraud which became obvious when we checked the rates of diviyum and shompen. It showed these guys made money out of our package. So I understand there may be many more corners which team ezeego has cut to make money and make us suffer.
All promises made while taking the money and later there was no co-operation and in fact being made to feel that we have paid money and there is no option. Their helpline is never easily accessible and that it needed various attempts to get through.
Port Blair:
Hotel Shompen was promised while taking the payment from us. After payment received we were booked Diviyum Manor. Now firstly we checked Shompen and this was available. The rates of both had a difference of 3000-4000rs. Diviyum manor was nowhere near to what facilities Shompen delivered.
We had complained about Diviyum Manor on our first day itself but team in Mumbai says they haven’t received any complains. Firstly our booking was not confirmed when we reached Diviyum. Then we were mad to wait for approx. 20 minutes. There I had my son suffering from vomits but no help was given from their end.
As shown and told by their various representatives, Symphony Palm was booked to us. I have to say hotel was very good and we felt some relief in what we were promised. But here the activities were a problem.
Radhanagar Beach: We were supposed to go for the beach at 3-3.30pm but the driver Mr. Arun came at 4.30only. After reaching the beach we were told that the beach gets closed near 5.30 pm due to sunset. There was no one answerable to this. Also the driver was very bad at driving, knowing that we have a 1year kid and the road is bad, he was driving recklessly. There was no stop to the pain.
Elphanata Beach: Here also we were asked to report at 10.30am but our boat didn’t come till 11.30am. One day before the visit we had requested a charter boat because with a kid, it’s not predictable when we can leave. MR. Sanjiot (MR.Bhadur’s representative) confirmed to us that the charter boat is booked, took the money and that we should reach by 10.30am. Once we reached the jetty, the representative there says he was not informed about charter bookings and that we will have to wait. The wait was 1 hour long with no support from Eezego1 staff.
Green Ocean ferry to reach Port Blair: Again as usual, as per the lie our bookings were done once we had paid for the package. But here again the bookings happened a day before or the same day we left. How can one get 2 separate seats for a couple with an infant in a ferry? When we questioned the ferry management, they informed that our booking was done at last minute and that it was done just a day before. That's why we got random seats. Your representative Mr. Bhadur in Havelock never turned up and had sent Mr. Sanjit. Sanjit had no clue of our bookings and requirements and every time will avoid his responsibilities by saying that they dont any bookings and that Miss/Mrs. Sandhya from Port Blair does all the bookings. How many people do you think we should keep coordinating to get services for what we had paid for?
Food :
In our conversations with team Ezeego1, in the confirmed email of package booked we were told our request for Jain food has been mentioned and that we will get it everywhere. Surprising, in each and every hotel we stayed, we were informed there was no special request done by the booking company for Jain food. If I was to go and explain everywhere about my food requirements, then I should have done booking myself, rather than going by an agent like Ezeego1. Even for pack breakfast we had to request but no hotel gave it from themselves. Other tours like (Cox, Kesari, Veena, etc.) had packed breakfasts ready as per requirements whenever their customers are travelling in morning. Mind you their total tour cost is lower then what we paid to Ezeego1.
Customer Representatives:
Barnali Sarkar: I have never experienced such a shameless/rude/arrogant/useless customer representative ever in my life. She took over the tour bookings once our payment was confirmed and assured us we can get in touch in case of any queries/complaints. There was cyclone one week before we were supposed to travel but she assured us that things are back to normal and that we can’t cancel our trip as all our bookings have been made. Mind you all our bookings have been made was told to us one week before we were supposed to travel. Truth of the matter is no bookings were made. From hotel in Port Blair, to activities in Havelock to food requests, nothing was done and all had to be coordinated once we landed there or reached the respective locations!!! This is annoying when I have paid for complete package and not for just air-fares or selective services. Her replies to us are what made us feel insulted/humiliated/annoying/helpless in a new land. Following are some replies which show what kind of attitude Ezeego1 has towards its customers:
• Jain food: When we asked why were hotel not informed about Jain food, she replied we should just inform them and that we are reacting as if we were served Non-Veg Food. Is this an answer you give to your customers?
• Hotel bookings: When were asked why there was a delay in our check-in and why was there no on time check-in? Her reply was that at least we got a place to stay, we were on roads Na? Is this your customer service?
• Other complaints: When we complained about lack of coordination, lack of services, she replied: We dont do bookings from here. Bookings are done from ground staff in Andaman. Please contact ground staff. We had contacted MR. Rajesh who had received us and informed us that he is the manager for the trip. Barnali says, why did I talk to him? I should call Sandhya as her number is mentioned in the email, just to inform you guys, both Sandhya and Rajeshs numbers are mentioned and so I called Rajesh. Is that a crime? Am I supposed to keep contacting different people or is there supposed to be single point of contact?
Sandhya: She never interacted with us and had done all substandard bookings. This was accepted by Barnali also. She accepted that our package got mixed with the general package and so there was so much issues in the bookings.
Nisha Poddar: Out of nowhere someone new replies to our mail after we came back and emailed our complaints that the best had been booked. Just look at the tone in email and it shows as if ezeego1 is doing a favor on us by booking Shompen. Rather than accepting your mistakes, you blame the conditions/customers and get rid of the situation?
They have replied to our emails saying all was offered as per the promise and that accordingy to their ground staff we had no issues. Also they have offered 2 vouchers of 1500 each.
There has been apology for this kind of fraud services, they didn't even verify whether their ground staff is saying the truth or not.

Flight booking

Guys, I tried to book ticket from ezeego. Payment transferred but ticket was not generated. I tried to call many times, but there is no response. I m trying to call last 3 days and every time hold phone for more than 30 mins and there was message that "All our executives are talking to other customers". There was no response. Yesterday I got my credit card statement showing due to me but ezeego has not refunded my money. I will suggest, never go with them for any service. They are biggest cheaters.

  • ezeego1.com support Feb 27, 2017

    Dear Mr. Mittal,

    Greetings from ezeego1!

    We regret for the inconvenience, in your effort to transact on our website. The transaction failure was a result of a link failure with the payment gateway system at the time you submitted your Booking Request. We depend on connectivity with the respective external systems for smooth functioning, which may not be within our control. We understand that such technical issues adversely affect your experience on our website.

    As per our records, our representative has sent you an email with the refund details.

    We look forward for your continued patronage and assure you of our best services at all times.

    Thanking you,
    Kind Regards,
    Team ezeego1

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Want ticket refund back

We had a booking of 4pax for holiday to Andaman and Nicobar Island. Until the advance payment was done they would call us and check on if we decided to go on with their tour. paid them advance immediately. They promised me that they would confirm my booking the next day. Oh! I regret this day when I paid the advance because after this they never called me back. I emailed and called them to revert back, finally after 3 weeks they confirmed the holiday. Before advance payments and after the changes made in the iternary. 1) flights details changed and kept changing until the day we left for A n N 2) hotel details and names changed.Ezeego1.com is a cheat. They promise 3-star facilities. But when we landed there we were put up in shabby hotels in which the door’s weren’t even bolting properly, atrocious food and rude tour guide. While coming back from the horrendous trip our fights got delayed and we had to buy our own tickets. They have promised the refund for the tickets but all in vain. All these people do is give me a call after a few days; giving frivolous reasons and trying to confuse me within the technicalities of the case. The problem still persists, whenever I call them they hung me up or no executive is available and later they do not call even. They are just prolonging the case without even any valid justifications and replies. It has been a month since then... No refund is been provided and the matter is been taken very lightly!
Sad and Angry client ..

  • Sa
    Santosh Jain Mar 17, 2008

    I booked a ticket through Ezeego1. Which claims the best portal for online tickets. I booked the ticket for 2 adults and 1 infant. But they booked the ticket for 2 adults inspite of charging the whole amount to me. I had to pay 1000 Rs at airport for the infant.

    Beware while booking with ezeego1.

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  • ezeego1.com support Oct 09, 2015

    Dear Ma'am,

    Greetings from ezeego1!

    As per our records, our representatives did get in touch with you in response to your above concern. Even the details has been communicated to you via e-mail dated 03rd Feb'15.

    The mentioned issue is now resolved from our end and the applicable amount has already been refunded into your account.

    We look forward for your continued patronage and assure you of our best services at all times.

    Thanking you.

    Kind Regards
    Team ezeego1!

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Refund not received

i have booked the ticket using Ezeego1 but it got failed. so i called the customer service and asked about the reason of failed but they have told server error. after that i have told to refund the amount but still now i didn't receive the single pasia amount from Ezeego1. i called customer service and they are telling already processed from our end. 11 th JAN 2015 booked the tickets(EZR-[protected]/A) but no info/mail about my refund money.

Don't use the Ezeego1 site. Fully fraud

  • ezeego1.com support Oct 09, 2015

    Dear Sir,

    Greetings from ezeego1!

    As per our records, our representatives did get in touch with you in response to
    your above posting. The applicable amount has already been refunded in your
    account and the mentioned issue is now resolved.

    Should you require any further assistance; feel free to contact us.We look
    forward for your continued patronage and assure you of our best services at all

    Thank you.

    Team ezeego1

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Ezeego biggest cheaters: NEVER book tour with them

I am Avanika Agarwal and I am an ex customer if eezego1 who booked the tour Amazing Andaman from 23rd November 2013 to 28th November 2013.
I booked this tour trusting eezego1 name and quality but never ever thought that I would be cheated like this from your side and hence I want to bring to your notice.

While we were in andaman the weather conditions there detoriated and there was cyclone alert there because of which all tourist's trip to havelock and neil island was cancelled. Hence everybody had to over stay in port blair itself.
I would like to specifically state here when at this time all families and couples were irritated and shouting at your ezeego1 executives me and my husband were the only one maintaing our clam and trying to understand that it's nobody's fault for which your own executives appreciated us.

While our trip was near to end the ezeego asked us to pay for extra hotel stay for 3 days. We asked them why was it so and we were told that all tourists are asked to pay same and its company policy. Well again maintaing our trust on your name we paid Rs 7850 for the same.

But much to my shock and disappointment when I asked other couples and family who were with us nobody else paid any extra money for overstay.

When i tried questioning and complaining to them and even escalated it they said it is not their fault and they adjusted that cost for other passengers in some way. When i asked them how they had no answer and till the end they are not ready to accept their mistake.

They just feel that they can fool people and easily get away with this and have no concern for their customers or shame of the cheating their doing.
I need justice.

  • ezeego1.com support Jan 28, 2014

    Dear Ms. Agarwal,

    Greetings from ezeego1!

    As per our records, one of our executive is already in touch with you for the mentioned query and the same is being worked upon.

    Should you require any further assistance; feel free to contact us.

    We look forward for your continued patronage and assure you of our best services at all times.

    Thanking you.

    Kind Regards,
    Team ezeego1

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  • ezeego1.com support Feb 21, 2014

    Dear Ms. Agarwal,

    Greetings from ezeego1!

    Our representatives did get in touch with you in response to your above posting. As per our discussion, the mentioned issue stands resolved.

    Should you require any further assistance; feel free to contact us.

    We look forward to servicing you for all your future travel requirements.

    Thanking you.

    Kind Regards,
    Team ezeego1.

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  • Da
    DamienHi123 Jul 19, 2014

    This company keeps emailing me scam about going on vacations i would love it if it can disappear its geting annoying being in my mailbox Thanks

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Amount not refunded after cancellation


I am posting this complaint as i am unable to get refund from Ezeego1 after my Ticket cancellation and due to which i have
to pay extra unrefunded amount to my credit card bill.
i understand there can be some delay in these type of processing but more than 1 month delay is disgusting even after having
complaint to the customer care and getting mail from Ezeego1 that the amount will be refunded in 1 week.

My Ezeego1 reference number for the ticket is EZR-[protected]/A and it was booked on 19th of November. Then it was cancelled on 25th of Nov and i got mail from Ezeego1 about the confirmation of cancellation and the message that the amount will be refunded back in maximum 1 week. But after that it has been more than 1 month and the amount is not refunded back yet and du e to which now i have to pay my credit card bill including that amount which should have been refunded earlier.

I am a regular member of Ezeego1 from last 4-5 years and i was not expecting that response from them.

Tipur Madan

  • ezeego1.com support Mar 12, 2012

    Dear Mr. Madan,

    Greetings from ezeego1!

    As per our records, applicable amount has already been refunded in your account. We regret the inconvenience caused.

    Please feel free to reach out to us, should you have any concerns in the future.

    Thanking you,

    Kind Regards,
    Team ezeego1.

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  • Ti
    Tipur Madan Mar 12, 2012

    Yes, I agree, the amount got refunded to me finally
    Tipur madan

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Ticket cancellation Refund

I booked my flight ticket from Bangalore to chennai in Kingfisher Airlines through Ezeego. Everytime when we book a ticket, it sends a sms or mail but never once on cancellation. My flight got cancelled due to operational issues hence i received a call from Kingfisher Airlines if i wish to cancel the ticket with full refund. Since i had to travel early, i cancelled it and booked another ticket through ezeego again. Kingfisher Airlines suggested me to talk to the ezeego team regarding my refund. Almost a week, i dropped in mails - No response. Called them several times, they always divert it to voice mail. They have an option of emergency assist through sms which charges Rs. 3, i sent that 5 times and nt once they have called me back. I am highly disappointed with the service i have received from a company whose service i have been using for the last 4 years.

Below are my flight details.

Name : Muthukumaran Sermadurai
Ezeego reference number : EZR-[protected]/A
Airline PNR : FTRSEP
Ticket Number : [protected]
Flight : IT - 2461
22nd May 2011
6:05 Am scheduled Departure

  • Ma
    Manu Dec 17, 2007

    I booked Airdeccan ticket from ezeego but PNR is not generated. I contacted CC many times and they reply that our concerned department will contact you but no -one replies me. I have sent 2 mails to their complaint board but no one replies. They have deducted money from my account but not providing me ticket.

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  • Go
    Gossel Jul 28, 2010

    I was booking ticket from Delhi to Hyderabad using Ezeego and the site faild at last screen. For the failed transaction as well they have debited my credit card and now not refunding any money .. i have ben calling them non stop but no action is taken and all the time they say that we shall...

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  • Dear Mr. Durai

    Greetings from ezeego1!

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

    Further to our conversation, since cancellation request was not submitted on our site we were unable to process for refund. We have however done the needful from our end now. Applicable refund will reflect in your card account within 7 working days.

    Kind Regards
    Team ezeego1

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  • Pn
    png123 Sep 10, 2011

    Booking Refernce No.EZR-2011-591541/A.


    I made a reservation through ezeego.com for two tickets from ahmedabad
    to Kochi on December-12. This was a SINGLE transaction for two
    tickets. I was charged the total amount for two tickets however only 1
    ticket is confirmed and the other one failed.

    Later, I get an email from your employee(Siddesh Malik) stating I have
    been issued a refund for 1 ticket stating and I will have to pay
    Rs1500 extra and rebook this ticket. This is not acceptable to me.
    When I made a transaction for two tickets, either the transaction
    should have gone through for both or failed for both. Approving 1
    ticket and demanding extra money for the other ticket is just
    fradulent behavior. I understand that this would be possible if there
    were TWO separate transactions in which the second one failed but in
    my case this was a SINGLE transaction (Transaction ID : 2448#01634623)

    I have been calling from US and trying to get in touch with a senior
    manager to resolve this issue but have failed to do so and hence as a
    final resort I am writing this complain. Please get back to me asap.

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  • ezeego1.com support Mar 12, 2012

    Dear Mr. Madan,

    Greetings from ezeego1!

    As per our records, applicable amount has already been refunded in your account. We regret the inconvenience caused.

    Please feel free to reach out to us, should you have any concerns in the future.

    Thanking you,

    Kind Regards,
    Team ezeego1.

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  • ezeego1.com support Apr 02, 2012

    Dear Mr. Gandhi

    Greetings from ezeego1!

    Regret the delay in revert.
    As per our records, we provided you with the clarification on email dated 12th Sep, 2011. Trust the same was in order. Do let us know if there are any other issues pending resolution from our end.

    Thanking you,

    Kind Regards,
    Team ezeego1

    -1 Votes
  • ezeego1.com support Apr 02, 2012

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Greetings from ezeego1!

    You may contact us on our Toll Free No. 1800-209-0800 (accessible from all networks) or + 91 98675 65900. You can also email us at [email protected]

    Thanking you,

    Kind Regards,
    Team ezeego1

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I will make sure that never in my life i will book tickets through this site and advice the same to others

I don't understand ezeego's polcies.They have fine and charges for their own faults too. when i tried booking tickets.. i got debited into my account but the tickets were not confirmed. There was no withdrawl from my side but failure from Ezeego site to provide me with ticket. When i called up, customer care executive said you need to pay etc 200Rs as tax. Why wasnt it deducted when i as doing my trasaction that moment itself. And then i asked for refund.Now when i get funds, 100rs is deducted. Thanks very much for this. I now know how unproffesional this organisation can be. For what service this charges are cut. When i got no confirmed tiketing booking, and their was a failure from ezeego's site why the customers have to pay any charges.

I will make sure that never in my life i will book tickets through this site and advice the same to others..Thanks very much to organisations like Ezee Go.

  • De
    deepsharma Aug 31, 2010

    I've had many good experiences booking my tickets on Ezeego1

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Please avoid using ezeego1.com, they are a big fraud

I had booked a return ticket on ezeego1.com using my icici bank platinum card during the 50% cash back offer...

Avoid ezeego1, You will end up paying more

Try to avoid www.ezeego1.co.in for any ticket booking. I had a nightmare while I tried to book flight tickets from this site. I requested to book two tickets, in one transaction. There are no direct flight from my starting location to destination. So, I bought tickets for connecting flight. After the transaction is done, I found they purchased 1 ticket but the other one they didn't because of technical problem. But they charged for both tickets from my credit card. After making several calls and wasting 4-5 hours, they told we can purchase the ticket but the airlines is charging 800/- more (But their website was still showing ticket available in lower price). I was in the receiving end since they already charged my card. Asked what if I want to cancel the whole transaction, they told I need to pay cancellation charge. So, in either way I had to pay extra amount. Either cancellation charge or buying ticket with extra amount. I choose the second option to close this chapter.
I want all to know about this. And try to avoid ezeego1.

Refund Not done preoperly

I booked an Indian railway ticket as per the details below:
PNR No.: [protected]
Booking ref no.: EZR-[protected]
Invoice No.: I-[protected]
Travel Date: 20-Oct-2009

Since I changed my travel plan, I cancelled the tickets on 10th Oct 09. I received the acknowledge mail for refund from Ezeego on 14th Oct 09.
Here is the summary of refund details:
Total invoice amount : INR 8390 /-
IRCTC cancellation : INR 1977 / -
Ezeego1 handling charges : INR 120 / - ( INR 20 / pax )
Net Refund : INR 6293 / -

As you can see, there is an IRCTC cancellation charges of INR 1977/-
Since ticket was cancelled well before the travel date, cancellation charges as per IRCTC rules for 3 AC ticket should be INR 60/- per head.

That’s make total IRCTC cancellation charges as INR 60/- for 6 people. I.e. INR 360/-

I am seeking clarification on this from ezzego for quite some time now but they came up with same refund details without using their mind to see there is a difference of 1977 - 360 = INR 1617 for no obvious reason.
Either customer care is too naive to find out that or too smart to overlook that.
I even talked to customer care over phone but they are pathetic too and did not help either. Its sheer waste of money and time.

Requesting all to avoid using service of this fraud and stupid company called EZEEGO1.COM.
Actually they should go out of business easily. Thats the meaning behind their name.


BEWARE OF Ezeego One Travels & T Mumbai

I was just reviewing my credit card information from website. I see a company called Ezeego One Travels & T Mum have stolen my credit card information and started debiting money without my knowledge. I have lodged a complaint with my credit card company to revert the transactions.

I have no relation ship with the Ezeego One Travels & T Mum.


  • Th
    thomas the plumber Nov 17, 2008

    sorry to say key word mumbai, there is massive fraud and even check cashing and charge card scams, too many to list, i have found it is best to book directly with hotel you plan to use and they have package deals also, if you use a travel service, check for AAA aproved and call AAA to confirm, i have been scammed one time and that will be the last time, nowdays trust no one, if it sounds too good it is a scam, they dont like work and will take your money if you give it to them, most hotels will not trick you and you can always read reviews on hotel to see if they are lame deadbeats, some are, most want repeat business.

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  • Kr
    krishna Dec 03, 2008

    I too faced the same situation.
    my Wife's credit card was also misused in the same way and now we have blocked the card.
    We have been informed that it will take nearly 60 days for investigation.
    Isnt the RBI informed on these and dont they block these kind of fictious transactions.

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  • Kr
    krishna Dec 04, 2008

    Hi guys,

    I found that Ezeego One Travels & T is not fraud company. some others have stolen your credit card details and might have used to buy air/train tickets with ezeego1.co.in.

    log a complaint with your credit card company and ask them to block or discredit the transactions.

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  • An
    Anil Dec 16, 2008

    Hi All,

    I too have faced the same issue. I see a company called Ezeego One Travels & T Mum have stolen my credit card information and started debiting money without my knowledge. I have lodged a complaint with my credit card company who is investigating this issue and will take 75 working days to get back to me.

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  • Ar
    Arun Kumar Feb 14, 2009

    Hi guys,

    I have been billed a sum of about Rs.25400/- in my card account for the transactions I have not done. The name of the merchant establishment is no other than "Ezeego One Travels & T". I have lodged a complaint to the bank to revert the wrong transactions ASAP. I got little relieved to be aware that I am not the only person who is a victim of such fraud related dispute. The bank has assured me that the investigation would be completed within 45 days.

    Arun Kumar

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  • Pr
    pradeep May 09, 2009

    I got a call from SBI Credit Card customer service department, asking about the transactions being made on my credit card on Ezeego one travels & T MUM IN website. I was shocked that transactions of 45000 Rs have been made on my card by some body.

    This is too much... I have blocked my Credit card and raised dispute form to the SBI credit card. Dont know how much time it will take for the dispute settlement.

    Can anybody share his experience in this regard...

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Fraud on free ticket

Ezeego heavily advertised their ticket pe ticket free plus a cashback offer on ICICI Bank Credit Cards. Nowhere was it mentioned explicitly that only on specific airlines, the cashback offer was valid. I purchased a ticket from Ezeego, Delhi to Bangalore in May. I was hoping that I would get a 15% cashback because I had used by ICICI Bank Credit Card. It was later told to me that the cashback was valid only for specific flights and Spicejet was not one of them. Cool!. I then hoped I could redeem the promotional code to book the return ticket from Bangalore and guess what? That was not possible because the free ticket can be redeemed after July only. Great! I booked a return ticket from Bangalore and got another Promotional code for that.

Now that I had two promotional codes, I thought I would use both the promotional codes for an up and down ticket to Coimbatore from Delhi. I booked a ticket for the 4th of September for Spicejet flight Delhi-Coimbatore. The transaction failed. I called up customer service and the individual tried doing a booking himself using my second promotional code and that too failed. I received a call from Sangeeta Yadav and she said she would attempt to fix the issue and re-activate my promo codes and call me back. She called me back and said that she had gotten it activated but now the issue was that all bookings using promotional codes were failing and she herself confirmed that to me. She said that we would have to wait for two more days and if the matter is not sorted out, Ezeego would figure out some way to compensate all the customers. I have not received a call so far. Today the link for redeeming free tickets is lost already. (31st August was the last date for redeeming the promotional codes). I called up customer service again and the representative said that their quota with spicejet for free tickets was over!!! How can that be my fault? I was given two promotional codes with the assurance that I can redeem them for any booking till the 18th of September. No one ever bothered to update or inform all the customers about the problem they were facing with the bookings till Sangeeta informed me about the defect. I got emails from Ezeego saying that my promotional codes are activated again. What is the use of activating them when you very well know that they are not going to work? I have to get a refund on the two bookings that I had made using my promotional codes. Not just that, I also want two free tickets as committed by Ezeego. It was not mentioned anywhere that only the first 1000 (or whatever the quota is) would be getting free tickets.
Now when I call up customer service they say that the offer is closed and they cannot help!!! Today is the 31st of August and their site has already removed the link for redeeming the free tickets. I booked tickets on Spicejet using Ezeego only to avail of the offer. Jetlite and Air Deccan were offering me cheaper tickets to Bangalore. I have lost a lot of money and time and my current holiday plans have also been ruined because of Ezeego. I am planning to approach the Consumer Court in a few days unless Ezeego is ready to give me two free domestic air tickets for dates I specify.


  • Kr
    Krishnan V Sep 03, 2008


    The customer service representative, Shweta Sharma called me up on the 2nd of September and left me a voicemail message stating "Sir, please give us one more day and we shall resolve your issue". Today, the 3rd of September, she called me up at 4:00 PM in the evening and said that they can arrange to process my booking for the 4th of September and I can either take it or leave it. I asked her how can they expect me to pack all my luggage and simply rush to the airport when my plans have already been rescheduled????? She replied that it was my problem and all they could offer was a processing of the ticket for the 4th of September. What about the return ticket that I had originally planned with my second promotional code? She said that she cannot process anything else other than whatever transaction I did and which failed. That meant that she could give me two tickets for the 4th of September because I had used two of my promotional codes for booking and re-booking it and both of them failed to generate a PNR number. I asked her if it was my fault that the last date is past. She said that it wasn't my fault, but they wouldn't help it and wanted to know if I want the same to be booked or get a refund. This was my last chance! I refused to book it for reasons:
    1. I cannot rush to the airport just to redeem the free ticket. Planning a journey is not similar to buying vegetables that it can be done without any planning.
    2. Ezeego cannot compensate for the dates when the transaction failed and give me a return ticket even though I had two Promo Codes and are putting the blame on me. Was I supposed to dream that even the failed transactions would get processed if I escalated?

    - Krishnan

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  • Kr
    Krishnan V Oct 12, 2008

    Then, on the 4th of September, Pallavi Garud called me up and said that it wasn't possible to book the return ticket after the 18th of September as her managers had declined to let her do so. I had ensured to carry my phone all day with me on the 3rd after my lengthy and annoying argument with Shweta Sharma. I demanded to know why she did not call me on the 3rd as she had promised. She said that she dialed it, but my phone was not answered. I was in no mood to argue at that point of time. So - the end result was that 2-3 days reduced from my planned trip. I said "Well then, lets get this deal over with. I would think that something is better than nothing. Just book my onward journey on the 7th and return journey on the 18th." I requested that she call me after 5PM to confirm the booking. She passed on the burden to Sagar Vaidya. The gentleman said that I would have to pay the taxes and charges for the new booking and that all my failed bookings shall be refunded. I asked him if the previously made payments can't be adjusted with this booking. He declined. I then had to comply with him because if I lose these two seemingly helpful individuals, I would have to go to the court. His offer seemed to save me a lot of headaches. I was charged 6650 against my credit card. The ticket was confirmed and I got an Itenerary from Spicejet for a round trip. I heaved a sigh of relief. I then re-iterated that I would need the refund to be processed on all my previous bookings and Sagar again reassured me that I needn't worry about that.
    At 10 PM on the 5th of September, I got an email from Amol Jagdale giving me the information that one of my previous bookings had got confirmed. The email contained a reference number and was for the Delhi to Coimbatore flight on 7th September. I had presumed that Sagar might have passed the burden of doing the modification on my account to this individual - Amol. I emailed Amol back and asked him to immediately call me back. The three failed bookings were to be refunded. Now, I prayed this doesn't lead to a new nightmare. I was hoping Ezeego didn't process one of my failed bookings. This would mean that the money would not be refunded even though the booking by Sagar was paid seperately by me. Amol never called me back. I emailed both Pallavi and Sagar asking them what was going on and what was the mess being done to my account. As is customary for Ezeego, they ignored my email. On the morning on 6th September, some individual from the back office team called me up and gave me a PNR number and said that I could board the flight the next day. I demanded to know why and who booked it without my permission. I re-iterated that I had told his colleage Shweta Sharma that I didn't want her to book a ticket for me if it is not for the dates I specified. He put me on hold and then said that he would call me back after "checking". He knew very well that someone had done a blunder. I again started off with the saga of calling the reception of the office to which Pallavi belonged to, again and again only to be told by the receptionist that I would be called back. When I called back later asking why wasn't I called. The receptionist hung up on me. I called back, she did the same again and again and again. In the evening on the 6th of September, I called up Ezeegos back office phone number again and then thankfully the receptionist who likes to hang up on customers had left. This time it was a gentleman who answered and then brought Sagar on the phone with me. I demanded to know what was going on. I had to explain everything all over again to him. He promised to call me back after a while after some investigations. 30 minutes led to an hour and then to two. No callback. Finally to my surprise, he called me up at 8:30 PM and then told me to email him my bank statements. I told him to send me an email stating that all those three bookings shall be refunded. He agreed, but never emailed. He said the he would investigate further and assured me of a solution by Monday or Tuesday.
    I emailed him my bank statements reflecting two seperate payments made for Rs. 3325 each and the credit card statement reflecting the payment that I had made for the third booking which had also failed. I also emailed him the notice that I received after I requested a refund on the failed booking (upon which the new booking has been linked). So there was no way Ezeego could put the blame on me that they had simply processed the booking I had made. I had re-iterated to Sagar that when the customer service department had called me, I had insisted upon them not to book any ticket after the arguments.
    Monday went by and then Tuesday. I never received a call. I called up their number 3-4 days later. This time I ensured that I call in the evening so that the "disconnector" receptionist doesnt answer the phone. The person as usual put me on hold when I requested to speak to Pallavi or Sagar and promised that he would get them call me back. No one called. I thought I should wait till the 18th now because I didn't want Ezeego to cancel my return ticket to Delhi. I had by then realized Ezeego is capable of robbing its customers in broad daylight.
    What happens next - on 12th I receive an email from Ezeego stating that my booking for the 7th of September has been confirmed and I get a new PNR number!!! This one got linked to the second booking that had failed and on which I had requested "call me back for assistance". They did this to cover up the blunder they did by linking my failed booking that was pended for refund against the new booking they did without my authorization.
    Finally on the 16th of September, Amol Jadgale called me. I guess Sagar had instructed him to do so. He asked me to provide him the account numbers from which the transaction had taken place. I provided him my ABN AMRO account number from which two bookings had been done. He stated that the refund into my Citibank card would be automated. But the transactions done through netbanking needs to be refunded through a different process.
    Lord! I have never experienced sleepless nights like this for a month and a holiday that was so miserable.

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No refund for PNR not generated tickets on which no one traveled

I had booked a ticket on 16/06/2017 through the ezeego website with Booking Reference No. EZR-[protected]/A, using my ICICI Credit card. However, there were some errors on the website some errors and ticket could not be generated. I called up the customer care and they (Satish) replied me with a Cancellation Acknowledgment saying that the transaction was canceled.
From: [protected]@ezeego1.com [mailto:[protected]@ezeego1.com]
Sent: Monday, June 16, 2017 3:52 PM
To: Joydeep Das
Subject: Cancellation Acknowledgment (6E - 23/06/08)

DearMr Joydeep,
We acknowledge receipt of your request for cancellation as per the details mentioned hereunder.
Your Booking Reference No: EZR-[protected]/A
Transaction Details
Transaction ID 1192207
Date of Booking 16/06/2017

Service Details
Service Type Air

Customer Details
No of Adults 1
No of Children 0
However, in reality they charged for this transaction also (for which no one traveled) and it is reflected in my credit card statement. This has landed me in unnecessary trouble of following up with ezeego and ICICI while I am away in Dubai. I have called up ezeego customer care several times, but someone will always put me on hold to find the status all over again from scratch. I have been calling from Dubai and lost about Rs. 2017 (forget about the harassment) just following up. They promise to give a call back but never do so. The chat link on the site does not work. The gsm nos. for customer care are switched off. If I send an email, the automated reply gives me a new ref no. I am just frustrated at the kind of trouble ezeego has made me to go through.

I even wrote to the Thomas, ezeego Operations head. He read the email (I got a read receipt) but did not have the courtesy to even reply with an acknowledgment.

I hope there is someone who can help me...

  • Ma
    Manish Feb 14, 2008

    EZEEGO has the worst service in terms of Refunding money. I had booked a ticket on 16th December 2017 and had to cancel the ticket on 21 December 2017 (date of travel). I was promised that refund of the taxes i.e. 2025 will be given withing max 21 Days but its been around n 2 months today (15 Feb 2017) there has been no refund. Every time i call them up and they say within next 72 hours the refund will be done but nothing happens. There should be some way to actually catch hold of them and thrash each and everyone. I suggest everyone never to book any tickets from that filthy site.

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  • An
    Anuj Khandelwal Feb 26, 2008

    No Refund
    I had bought 2 tickets from ezeego on the 23rd of September 2017. As per the promotion offer i was supposed to get 1 Go Air ticket free on both of them and a gift voucher of Rs. 500/-. I received promotion for both of them, but only one of them worked for the second I was getting CODE NOT VALID, I have mailed the company n number of time but till date i have received no response. Also, Till date the company has sent no gift voucher.

    I had booked a ticket from Delhi to Mumbai on 23rd Sep 2017, ( EZR-2017-131548/A), Canceled it around 12th Nov 2017, but till date no refund has been given.

    Also, I had booked a return ticket from Delhi to Chennai on the 23 rd of Nov 2017 ( EZR-2017-376344/A) , I canceled the return ticket on the 24 th of Dec 2017 and till date i haven't received any refund for that ticket despite repeated emails to the company, I have also tried calling up the company but no one picks up the phone.

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  • Ez
    Ezeego1 Aug 14, 2008

    Dear Mr. Das,

    Sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to you. For us, it has and will always be a matter of great concern if any of our customers are dissatisfied. We have already initiated remedial measures to prevent recurrence of such incidents in future.

    However, please be informed that the applicable amount for the booking vide Booking Reference Number EZR-2017-465914/A has already been reversed from our end. Please rest assured there was no deliberate attempt on our part to deprive you of any amount that is rightfully yours.

    Further, as per our records, your applicable refunds have been processed from our end. Also we have emailed the refund details to your email account that is registered with us. Do let us know if the issue has been resolved and if there are any issues pending resolution with us.

    Once again, our sincere apologies for all the inconvenience caused.

    Kind Regards,
    Pallavi Garud.

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Refund due

I had booked a ticket for Mumbai - Singapore - Mumbai on April 11th 2008 for travel during June 08. On June 4, 2008 I canceled the tickets and had submitted my request to ezeego1 representative for further processing. After that day i have continuously followed up by email and phone to their customer care and all i get to hear is that yor refund is under process and will be credited within the next 72 hours. Its now more than 1 1/2 months and there is no progress.

I request and urge to all internet users not to fall for these gullible websites and their schemes for your travel bookings and rely on your neighborhood travel agent. At least his service is prompt and reliable. It is the last time i used the services of ezeego1. Till date i haven't got a revert as to the date ill get my refund amount.

  • Ne
    Neha Vaidya Jul 18, 2008

    Dear Mr. Kampani,

    Greetings from Ezeego1!

    Regret the inconvenience caused to your. Further to your above mentioned complaint, kindly be informed that we have refunded the amount back in your credit card.

    Request you to kindly confirm the same.

    Do let us know if there are any issued pending resolution with us.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Neha Vaidya

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  • Ne
    Neha Vaidya Jul 18, 2008

    Dear Mr. Kampani,

    Greetings from Ezeego1!

    Regret the inconvenience caused to you. Further to your above mentioned complaint, kindly be informed that we have refunded the amount back in your credit card.

    Request you to kindly confirm the same.

    Do let us know if there are any issued pending resolution with us.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Neha Vaidya

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  • Ni
    Nimesh Kampani Jul 19, 2008

    thanks received

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  • Pa
    pankaj kanungo Aug 08, 2008

    i have face the same problem describe below

    dear sir/madam,

    I had booked a ticket for Mumbai - indore on july 24th 2008 for travel during July 25 2008. On July 25, 2008, I canceled the tickets due to delay and had submitted my request to ezeego1 representative for further processing.

    i am fed up calling at your custome service and sending e-mail, but with no response, i have called four times and talked to ganesh, richard, avdhut but in vain they only say you will get your refund soon. i have book ticket with yatra, makemytrip but problem faced with you i never face with them.

    i am sorry to inform you that still i have not received the refund and your the only people who take such long time to refund the money.

    i will get my refund or not...?

    pankaj kanungo

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Fraud and scam

I have booked tickets on ezeego on 1st April 2008. I booked four tickets for Indigo flight booking reference no - EZR-[protected]/A . I made the payment through ICICI bank credit card. Somehow I had to cancel those tickets on 10th April. As per Ezeego commitments I should get my Cancellation Refund within 21 days but its TWO months now I have not my refund. I am speaking with customer care for the past 1 month but no output has come. Everyone says that your money will be credited back in 72 hours but it never happened. I have all the proofs. I think no option left but to go to LAW and get my money back.

  • Bi
    Biswarupa Borthakur Jul 16, 2008

    The same kind of problem with Ezeego1, even worse, has been faced by me as well. The experince has been actually bitter.
    I had booked my Indian airlines flight for the journey dated 12th Nov'07. The flight was cancelled by the Indian Airlines side and as a process the ticket was cancelled with due stamp from their side.
    I placed the cancellation request on the Ezeego1 website in the last week of Nov'07. Have spoken to them around 50 number of times, must have written around 30-40 emails to them with letters in bold and red. Have also written to them that the matter will be raised to the court if it does not get resolved soon. All these was quite frustrating and boring.
    I received a call from them in the last week of June and finally I could receive the refund in the first half of Aug'08.
    Thus, it has been a long following up and frustrating time of around 10 months for me.
    It is actually embarrassing for such travel sites.

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  • Se
    Selvam143 Mar 20, 2012

    Ezeego is contradictory. It is Difficult Go !!!

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False assurances given

I booked a ticket from Bangalore to Delhi on 25th May, 2008 by ezeego1for Spicejet flight on 28 May, 2008 (Departure time 9:25 pm amount Rs 4262/-) though ticket was not booked. The transaction got failed but amount was debited from my debit card. I send all the details of my debit card, bank statement showing debit, savings bank account no. linked to debit card on 25th May itself

Since then I have been following up with ezeego1 and written several complaints at [protected]@ezeego1.com. Nobody is replying to those mails and every time I am getting a new complaint number, I have got complaint numbers 41331, 41414, 41857 & 44375.

Initially i was told (when i called on toll free no.) that my refund would be done within 7 working days, then. My personal advise. Don't ever book with ezeego1 bcoz if the transaction got failed, you will be harassed by ezeego1.


I booked on Ezeego1 for Rs 44922 using my ICICI platinum credit card and got only 6000 as cash back whereas I was entitled to 13080. These people are simply cheating everyone by their ads of 50% cash back offers. Please don not fall for such tricks. In fact someone should teach them a lesson.

  • Ez
    Ezeego1 May 22, 2008

    Dear All,

    Greetings from Ezeego1.

    With respect to our esteemed customer Mr. Konark Sangal's issue regarding the cash back refund, kindly note that we have refunded the applicable amount and the issue has now been resolved.

    For any further assistance please feel free to revert to us at [email protected]

    Kind Regards,
    Pallavi Garud.

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cheated by offering this offer

I had booked the Air deccan flight, wherein they promised to give the promotional code for booking the secondary ticket free of cost(Excluding the Taxes).
6 days have been passed but have not received the promotional code and daily i am calling up the customer care to hear they saying " I am forwarding the request to the team with high priority basis and you will receive it within 24 hrs".
And they are asking me to book it within 15th Jan. They have got a limited promo quota also, which if gets finished wont be able to book the tickets later.
EZEEGO1.com is cheating everybody, I urge everybody dont ever book the tickets through EZEEGO.com

  • Hi
    hitesh garg Jan 10, 2008

    ezeego1.co.in is running a fraud in the name of free tickets on air deccan booking. I booked a flight on 21st of Nov. Got the promotional code but when I tried to redeem it on 29th of Dec. it did not work out, more over I called the customer care and spoke to one miss poonam, she was seeing a flight on the date I wanted but she refused to book it for me saying they are having some kind of IVRS problem....

    Find out more about it on

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