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The Ritz-Carlton reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jul 25, 2007. The latest review Afternoon tea was posted on Sep 7, 2021. The latest complaint food poisoning was resolved on Jan 02, 2010. The Ritz-Carlton has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 28 reviews. The Ritz-Carlton has resolved 3 complaints.

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The Ritz-Carlton Complaints & Reviews

The Ritz-CarltonAfternoon tea

I visited the Ritz for afternoon tea on 6 September 2021 at 7.30pm. This was to celebrate my daughters birthday. I have been many times before and have always enjoyed my visits. However, the food was unacceptable, sandwiches were uninteresting, the scones were doughy and the cakes were disappointing and did not reflect your usual standards. The staff were excellent and attentive. The three of us left feeling very disappointed and let down.

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    The Ritz-CarltonRoom Downsized without accommodations

    My grandmother (91yrs old) had a room booked for a month now. It's the only Ritz Carlton Suite at this hotel. The room alone cost her $40, 000. I called today to inquire about early check-in and was informed that the current guest in that room will be extending her stay during our allotted time which is two weeks away. We have a private jet booked, so there's not much time to make changes last minute. We specifically chose this hotel because of the dining table setting in the room and additional seating for family while she's in town as well as the location since she's a founding member of the yacht club located right there and so that she wouldn't have to go out in general public with the virus peaking. We were then told that there may be additional cost for extra seating instead of being accommodating due to the inconvenience. There was absolutely no owning this situation and attempting to make it better. She then suggested Econo Inn or something like that down the street with a kitchenette. I've never seen customer service like this from a 5 star hotel. We were booked for two rooms totaling $46, 000 now we're shopping for another hotel. Very disappointing!

    Room Downsized without accommodations

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      Aug 13, 2021

      The Ritz-Carlton — Afternoon tea

      Good morning On Friday 6th August 2021, My wife and I attended the Ritz Hotel in Piccadilly for afternoon...

      The Ritz-CarltonHotels customer service

      Just a heads-up because it may affect your local clientele.
      I am going to repost my recent experience at the Dana Point, CA location. The details are not important however your companies handling of my compliant shows clearly how misled your current complaint jabbing procedures are and the lack of interest your company has in improving (no fixing) glaring lack of service. You won't survive in this market (NZ) because as NZer's we appreciate service and don't expect to pay us$1200 a night. Good luck!

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        May 25, 2021

        The Ritz-Carlton — Room switched

        Via email 1 hr before getting on our plane our club level room at the New Orleans Ritz Carlton was cancelled...

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        Dec 14, 2020

        The Ritz-Carlton — The human resource and management

        I am an ex employee at The Ritz Carlton, Al wadi Desert, Ras al khaima, United Arab Emirates. I am writing...

        Jul 19, 2020

        The Ritz-Carlton — Misuse and abuse of butler's service

        Misuse of the butler's service to hide irresponsibility and guilt. Let me explain. my wife Cassandra...

        The Ritz-CarltonMooncakes

        For the price we pay for the premium snow skin moon cakes, it is definitely not worth it. We understand this year these moon cakes were frozen and not fresh. Last year they were chilled. Could this explain why this year's snow skin moon cakes were of such an inferior quality? From our experience this year, it is unlikely that we will buy moon cakes from you guys in the future.

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          The Ritz-Carlton — Complaint about our ritz carlton booking, confirmation number [protected]

          Dear Sir or Madam, I write to bring to your attention an unpleasant problem around my holiday booking at...

          The Ritz-Carlton — Ritz carlton toronto

          On Sunday May 27 at 12:30 myself and 3 others attended high tea at the DEQ in the Ritz Carlton located in...


          The Ritz-Carlton — No response from we care of marriott/ritz carlton hotel chain

          We have booked a stay and golf package in Half Moon Bay, reservation number [protected], Bernhard Steiner, and...

          The Ritz-CarltonMother's day brunch aruba

          We booked a table for 6 for the Mother's day Brunch in the ball room of the Ritz Aruba. We arrived on time at 11 am and were exitedly excorted to Table 1 (the best table) by a very energetic hostess. To her (and our) surprise, table one (a table for 6) was already occupied by 4 guests ( problem 1). An official complaint was verbally communicated to the gentleman on duty at the time (cant recall his name). But he was the representative to come when asked to voice a complaint...

          There was more than enough room at the time to assign us another table for 6 and resolve your mix-up afterwards, but we were made to wait while a table was quickly thrown together in front of us. (problem 2)

          We had the only table with a white table cloth and last minute white chairs that were not even whiped down before we sat. (problem 3)

          The first empty plates that were retrieved from the table by a server caused sauce to spill on the white table cloth and a white clean dinner napkin was placed over that spot.

          The music was nice, and the food was excellent. At the end of the brunch we received 2 checks for our table of 6. 1 check for 6 people ( @$ 65.00 p.p.) and one check for 4 people.

          We assumed that the both checks were meant for our table of which the 1st one was a regular one, and the second one was a revised version comping 2 brunches as an apology for the mix-up etc...

          To my suprise we were informed that a wrong check was placed at our table (problem 4 or 5?) and the same gentleman that came to take the complaint at our table informed us that the check for 6 was ours... but my suprise was his explanation:

          He explained to us that the thrown-together table (after seating another group at our Table 1) was actually part of the set-up of the ball room and; hence he did not see a problem with the seating or mix up (problem 6?)

          So the last minute table (only one with white linnens and no number) with dirty white chairs were part of the set-up. Needless to say, that comment topped-of our experience with the RC Mother's Day brunch in Aruba.

          We again shared the overall displeasure and he ended up comping 2 brunches to "keep us happy". No accountability but to keep us happy.

          The reservation was under the name:

          Ricky Beaujon - table for 6 which was Table # 1
          Cel nr. 594-5564


          desirable resolution? That is a unique challange to every luxury brand in the business and I am sure our issues is minor compared to others...but I have no idea.

          Kind regards...

          Ricky Beaujon

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            The Ritz-CarltonTheft report

            Dear Sirs,

            My name is Tatiana Wills Anders, I was a guest at the Ritz New Orleans, from April 24 to 26, room 749.

            On the 25th I was attending at ISIA Convention and left my purse, inside my closed luggage, in the hotel room.

            On the 26th, at noon, when I was preparing to leave the hotel, I checked my purse, which stood the whole time in my closed luggage, and realized that all my money in it was gone. I had USD 450.00 in 4 bills of USD 100.00, 2 bills of USD 20.00 and 1 bill of USD 10.00.

            I imediatelly informed Mr. Johnnie and Sierra about it and they informed me that they would investigate and take the necessary measures before the insurance company.

            Afterwards I went to the nearby police station and made my report, number D-31271-18.

            First I would like to emphasize how frustrating and desapointing such experience was with the Ritz, which lead me to antecipate my return to Brazil.

            Therefore, the minimum I would expect from Ritz is a reimburse of the stolen amount.

            So far I have received no return from Ritz, neither the insurance company, mentioned by Mr. Johnnie and Sierra. Nevertheless, the responsibility for my safety during my stay at the hotel is Ritz's and not of the insurance companny hired by Ritz.

            I expect we can reach a reasoble and quick closing to this very unpleasant situation, which already caused me great personal and financial damage.

            I appreciate your prompt response and providenve.

            Kind regards,

            Tatiana Anders

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              The Ritz-CarltonA recent stay at laguna niguel resort dana point california

              We recently stayed at the above property 10th Feb for two nights.
              We booked through American Express.
              I would very much like someone to contact me in order to explain the appalling standards that we received.
              This is in fact the second time I have reached out to customer services with no success.
              I have plenty of photographic evidence of the poor standards that we experienced, the attitude of the front desk person and the other blunders that occurred during our holiday.

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                The Ritz-Carlton — quality of service

                Dear Friends: So let me tell you a story, My wife Miriam when she turned 50 decided to do her Executive MBA...

                The Ritz-Carlton — ritz carlton abama (tenerife)

                Dear Sir/Madam, Reservation No. QN3A1E4A Marriott Reward Card No. [protected] I would like to make a...

                The Ritz-Carltonservice and stuff

                I was sent to ritz Carlton berlin by American Express travel service for platinum members.
                They asked for early checking as I had my flight very early in the morning. As i arrived my room wasn't ready.
                Ok so i explained that i need to change myself and make myself fresh if they can at least help here.
                I couldn't believe it when they send me to the halleway between the gym and the elevator. I had to change infront of the people who were in the gym. Later after my room my was ready, which they didn't even thought of telling me, it was so loud there because of the construction that I couldn't read or even think of working. Asking the concierge what I can do, his answer was: nothing bad luck.
                I was so angry of this behavior that I wanted to speak with the manager, but only his Assistent was there who just looked at me smiled when I told him that this isn't how ritz Carlton should treat his guests.
                I should explain i was very often in that hotel bevor but now for one year I changed to Waldorf Astoria and this time I regret it that I went to ritz again.

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                  The Ritz-Carlton — ritz carlton marina del rey

                  My family absolutely loves the Ritz Carlton brand and we are loyal customers. Unfortunately we received...

                  The Ritz-Carltonemployment

                  Ritz carlton riyadh terminated me without any justified reason. I worked in DIFC and Bahrain, there was no such issues, however in riyadh was not a professional organisation. Management team need to re-hire or help me find a job in the same company and needs to hire right people who can live the philiosophy and not people who are bossy and arrogant and unknowledgeble management head

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                    The Ritz-CarltonReservations

                    On 4/25/2017, between the hours of 02:00 and 02:30 EST,
                    I attempted to make a reservation at the Ritz Carlton, Cancun
                    location. I initially spoke with Noelle and requested a AAA or
                    government rate and was given the rate of $194 per night for a ocean view King size bed, checking in on 5/20 and departing on 5/22/17. We were at the point where she was taking my card number and was disconnected. I attempted to reach her on a call back and spoke with an unknown female representative and was rudely transferred to customer service. Someone by the name of William fielded my call as was unable to get the rate for both nights. I asked if he was able to locate Noelle, the person who originally took my call and he said no. I asked to be transferred to a Manager and was placed on an extended hold and after more than 20 minutes I terminated the call. I was very unhappy with the lack of professionalism displayed in an attempted to confirm the original quote which was given to me and would like someone to look into the matter and if possible complete my booking at the rate quoted.

                    Thanking you in advance for looking into this matter.

                    Be advised, I am a Marriott rewards member under the name of Kenneth Waters. It can be located under my previous address of 5 Dahlia Road, Sewell, NJ 08080

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