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Placed an order on September 2nd.

I was sent an email on September 3 which I never saw.

Spoke to someone on September 7. Which at that point I sent over the correct prescription and was told by the person on the phone they will expedite the order.

It is now September 13th at 6 PM and my order has not even shipped yet I have zero contacts left. I am leaving town on Sunday morning and I will not be able to go now because I cannot see anything!

They were close Monday and Tuesday which nobody told me about - I'm not Jewish. (Nor are my eyes!)

The order has been sitting in process mode in the warehouse or wherever for two days now and nobody is sending it out. This is the most horrible experience I've ever had.

Their apologies mean nothing in their email there's an order sitting there for two days (which was ordered on September 2 so that is 11 days ago and hasn't left )with multiple notes on it saying that I need them and that they know needs to go out and still it just sits there! I mean are they just walking past this order and being like yeah just leave that one. I just don't get it!

These people are the worst go elsewhere to buy contact lenses !!


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    Don't Buy Here Oct 03, 2018

    Same here. Ordered contacts on 9-22-18 and the order stays in "order processing" . It is now 10-3 and no contacts. I called twice today and the call queue said I was caller 54 and I waited 35 minutes. I was caller number 2 and it transferred me to the menu and hung up on me. This happened TWICE. I have paid for my contact using FSA and I will need to follow up with the benefits dept of our company to see what to do next. I won't get my contacts there ever again, but it is debatable whether I will get the ones I ordered. Anyone reading this, go somewhere else.. RUN.

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