Extra Space Storageharassment besides the manager and employees.

A Jul 12, 2019

Since I started the contract I seeing a pattern of surveillance and harrasment to my person. Mr. Devon the second day I was here around 1.30pm he came to my space while I was still placing boxes he call me and started to said to me nonsense, plus before leave he asked me if I like snakes. He was with the person who sing my contract, also he was stranded that seems to be in a defensive position while Mr. Devon was in the cart. After that I started to notice every time I am here they start to pass very several times looking inside my space like to figure it out what a was doing. They stands in front of my door in ocasion. One day I came in bicycle and one of the girls started to drive following me until she hit me with the cart. I went to the office in Metrowest and talked to the manager about the subject. I told to her about the situation she gave me the number. That day after I left metrowest and came to mc Leod Mr. Devon followed me to my space in the cart with another employee and stranded in front of my space in a menacing manner. Yesterday I was doing some car work and Mr. Devon show up to survey what I was doing and I odserve him doing visual inspection in the area I was working always he is on the phone like telling whereabouts. Every time I come to the warehouse they jump in the cart and starts to drive several times around my space. That why I am leaving and ending my contract this month.

Antonio Vargas

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