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Dear Executives at Extended Stay America and Porter Adventist Hospital in Denver,

Unfortunately, today I had a family member that had an absolutely horrific experience at your hotel Extended Stay America at 5200 Quebec St. Greenwood Village, CO.

Claude and Marilyn Hitshew checked into this hotel on 6/29 as Claude had to have an emergency surgery on the morning of 6/30 due to a detached retina. Naturally, they were panicked about the surgery and the situation they were finding themselves in.

After surgery they returned to the hotel to rest, and Claude was given very strict instructions that he had to lay down and not stay on his feet longer than 10 minutes to prevent pressure on the retina post-surgery. After returning to the hotel, they found that neither key to their hotel room worked. When they returned to the front desk, they were not able to get the hotel staff to give them new keys to get into their room. When speaking with the hotel manager, he was totally uncooperative. When Claude told him he would have to lay on the floor due to his surgery, the manager said absolutely not - you cannot lay on this floor. After hearing that Claude mentioned then just call 911 as he felt ready to pass out. The manager went on to call the police and accelerated the situation. He also said that he didn't want people like "them" staying at their hotel. I am asking you - What does that mean?

After the police left, Claude went and talked with the manager and told him that he was sorry and that he didn't mean for it to get to that point. At that time the manager started yelling at Claude and stormed off. My sister, Lisa Christopherson, tried calling the manager two times when this was going on and when asked his name, he refused to give it to Lisa, nor would he give her the names of anyone above him or any owner when asked He hung up on her twice. She did tell him that she would be reaching out to the CEO/President of the hotel along with media.

I read online where your hotel has an agreement or alliance with the American Cancer Society to provide longer term rentals for individuals undergoing cancer treatment. In addition, your CEO is quoted as saying "We offer a premier guest experience, superior service and high-quality hotels". After reading this can you tell me if this is how the Greenwood Village Colorado hotel operates - with those standards? And why is Porter Adventist Hospital recommending this hotel to patients that need overnight accommodations? I would ask you to vett out the hotels you recommend. People going through extensive treatment or urgent surgery need support, and not attitudes or issues like what I have described. I find it hard to believe that a manager of a hotel has such poor customer service skills. I know it is tough to work with the public sometimes, but when you have an elder man in front of you with a bandage over the eye from a surgery that same day, can he/she not have compassion and better customer skills? They are staying there one more night because the Dr doesn't want him moving around a lot after surgery.

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