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D Sep 01, 2018

Me and my husband have been staying at this location for three weeks now. We will be going on four as of tomorrow, September 2, 2018. We travel for his work and only stay at the Extended Stay America in each city we visit. My husbands company does NOT pay for his room. He pays for his room out of pocket. As a guest at this hotel we deserve to be treated as such, long term or not. We never know how long we will be at a specific location and this time around its looking around a couple of months. My husband pays a lot of money to stay here as long as we do and the last thing we need is to be harassed by the front desk. We get one roll of toilet paper per week. Not only is there two of us, but I am currently pregnant. Therefore, I may use the restroom a little more than usual. When we ask for a second roll by the end of the week, we are harassed about how much longer we are going to stay here and if we are guests for an extended amount of time. Once we say yes of course the question to us next was "Well then why don't you bring your own toilet paper". I didnt realize paying over $500 a week for a room wouldnt include a roll of toilet paper. This location is very rude and very unprofessional. We have stayed with extended stay for years now. Im thinking its time to invest in another hotel from now on out. This is the worst hotel we have stayed at yet and I will not recommend it. Maybe your staff should get a refresher in customer service. If you have any further questions you may contact me via email.
Desiree Garcia [protected]

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