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J Aug 03, 2018

Good Morning,

I am writing to complain about my recent trip to the Hotel MiM in Sitges from 30th June to 7th July 2018, booked through

Please bear in mind the whole time that this was a joint 50th& 36th Birthday getaway treat for My Partner, Friend and of course Myself. And, as a further treat, I upgraded our rooms directly with the Hotel, having told them that.

Upon arrival to my room, I immediately noticed that the air-conditioning outlet on the ceiling (directly above the bed)had lots of water droplets hanging from it. I asked for this to be sorted and went out to start out holiday adventure.

Arriving back to my room a short while after to unpack, I noticed the Air-con had not been touched. As I unpacked and tried to open the wardrobe, I discovered the left hand door did not open fully as there was an emergency light fitting stopping it! (When I complained, I learned that it was actually hanging out of the ceiling!) This also meant that I could not open the drawers fully either!

Standing there, trying to get in to the wardrobe, I also noticed that the carpet was damp! Not just near the bathroom but throughout the room. My friend from another room came in and confirmed I was not crazy.

The next thing that I was miffed about was the lack of space / shelves in the bathroom. A very contemporary design, however, totally impractical for a holidaymaker. Nowhere in the shower for soap, shampoo, etc……… I mean really! Soap on the floor of a shower! Disgusting!
The sink is at an angle, so nothing stays balanced on it. We had to keep our electric (thank goodness) toothbrushes and everything else on the floor!

Brushing this all off with excitement for our first night in beautiful Sitges. We endeavoured to get ready in this impractical room. Upon closing the curtains, we noticed they were too small for the window, letting in A LOT of light.

That evening, I made a complaint at reception and was told we could upgrade again (at further cost to us!) as there were no rooms at our level of upgrade available. As you can imagine, this was not an option, as we were already not getting what I had paid for.

Returning that same evening and getting in to bed is when I realised the air-con unit above the bed was actually dripping on to the bed! What with that and the curtains that did not fit, we did not sleep well!

Complained the following morning and, on my return to my room (putting the key card in the unit on the wall to allow the lights to work, which came off in my hand and dangled on wires), noticed that the solution someone had come up with was to dry off the outlet in the ceiling and switch off the air-con via the wall control. Obviously not a good solution in 30 degree heat. So we had to do with towels on the bed and a dripping noise all night as the water continually dripped on the sheets I was trying to sleep under.
Nothing had been done about the curtains, wet floor, wardrobe etc.…

On closer inspection of this room (217) we then noticed that light switches didn't work, bedside lamps didn't work and were just unplugged, not repaired.
Plug sockets came out of the wall when removing plugs, leaving them dangling on exposed electric wires.

As this trip was about my Partner & Friend, I decided to be very English, shut up, put up and try to make the best of it, so not to cause a fuss and dampen the trip further.

However, a few evenings later (of frustration and lack of sleep due to the curtains and leaking air-con) all three of us noticed that we all had to have cold showers in the evening. We brushed this off as maybe the water just ran out at that point of the evening. Our bad luck? Although dreadful for a Hotel of this calibre.

However, the final straw was having to endure an absolutely freezing cold shower the following morning!

I complained, and was informed it was fixed and would take 50 mins to get hot, but by this stage and a cold shower later, I had no further patience.

Complaining to the Hotel Manager was incredibly frustrating as he just kept trying to almost blame me! He said I should have complained earlier about my issues of which I pointed out that I had and nothing had been done! He continually made me feel like I was inconveniencing him and did NOTHING to appease the situation. But kept poking digs at me, interrupting me mid flow and defending all of the issues with pathetic excuses.

Who did this mans Customer Service Training, as I would definitely demand a refund and send him on another more appropriate course!!! I have worked several years in different companies within Customer Service and Sales roles, so I know exactly how to deal with these types of issues and how to appease angry people in sensitive situations. So I was completely offended to be dealing with someone who managed to do the exact opposite of what should have been done!
This could have been dealt with in such an easy fashion at the time with a little TLC However; this was beyond The Managers Skills!
He didn't even put his name in capitals at the bottom of the apology letter, instead leaving an illegible squiggle.

The fact that I had just tried to get on with it and not make a fuss but I, who is a very placid person and does not enjoy confrontation or complaining, was driven to total distraction and huge disappointment surrounding our vacation.

The Manager, clearly embarrassed, did not improve the situation by offering a bog standard corporate offer of a bottle of Cava (I do not drink it), 20 euros off the cost of the upgrade per day (really! I didn't get an upgrade. It was very much a downgrade!) And free entry to the spa for a day. (Bear in mind we were due to leave the following day) So I saw this action as a total insult!

He even checked our Expedia booking to verify. So was this action just one to shut us up, as we were due to leave? Surely you wouldn't offer the spa day to someone leaving the next day! Were is the customer service so far in this tale?!!

After specifically requesting the Manager get in touch with me ASAP. He promptly left the building never to be seen or heard from again!

That evening on return to my freshly made room, I was completely horrified to find what I can only say was snot or phlegm ON OUR BEDSHEETS!!!

Yes you read correctly. SNOT or PHLEGM!! (More likely phlegm as was darker in colour and look from the lungs rather than the nose!)

Sorry to be so graphic, but you really need to understand how DISGUSTING this was.

So a trip back down to reception only to be told no manager was present, but my room would be re made!!!

The worst thing, and this go to show the complete lack of empathy, understanding, customer service, care, hygiene and anyone actually giving a dam, was upon return that same evening in the early hours, I noticed the bed sheets had indeed been changed and even turned down with a lovely chocolate on the pillow……… however, there was more SNOT or PHLEGM on the top bed sheets.
Not even the same sheet as it was in a different place, different shape and colour. (I wont bore you with the detail this time).

Can you imagine having to then sleep (I Didn't) in a bed all night long questioning the hygiene and literally thinking that someone has done this disgusting act on purpose because I have dared to complain!
Was everyone laughing at me in reception because they all new about it? Was it planned to upset me further?

What sort of a Hotel is this?

My Partner and I have stayed in some of the worlds best Hotels and I get that things go wrong and issues occur that are beyond control. But serious issues dealt with in such a nonchalant and dismissive way, I have never come across!!

Of course, I immediately went straight down and asked to see the Manager at reception, only to be told he was off as it was Saturday, so instead they sent the Spa Manager!!! The most senior person on site! (I know hilarious isn't it!!!)

A very polite young lady from the spa approached me who had clearly spent a long time coming to see me as she was franticly reading through some notes as to what my issues were.

I explained all my issues again and held up the disgusting Phlegm marked sheets (of which another receptionist had tried to wrestle off me to avoid further customers seeing the embarrassment) to which she apologised profusely but could not actually do anything to help me. So much for most senior person in charge!

To this day I have still not heard anything back from the Hotel and I am extremely disappointed that I now have to go down this route of filing a complaint to be reimbursed, as I did not get the room I paid for and nothing satisfactory was done to resolve this.

So to summarise my complaint: -

• Air-Con water dripping on to me in bed. (I now have a viral chest cold thanks. Good job its not legionnaires)
• Unable to use wardrobe or drawers due to "emergency light" hanging from the ceiling. (Good job there were no emergencies, as I don't this this light would have helped.
• Damp carpet floor throughout the room.
• "Blackout Curtains" Do NOT fit and Do NOT Blackout light.
• Nowhere for one to store ablution items in either shower or sink area.
• Interior lights not working.
• Bedside lights not working.
• Keycard holder hanging off the wall with bare wires.
• Wall sockets unsecured and hanging via bare wires.
• 2 x Dirty bed sheets with x 2 loads of SNOT or PHLEGM on. (Yet more chance for me to pick some disgusting dieses up!!!).
• Cold showers for two days in BOTH rooms.
• Lack of Customer Service, Empathy, Understanding of complaints.
• Lack of Management Present.

Please advise ASAP as to when I will receive the cost of the Holiday that has been ruined back in my account!

Lets see how you guys differ in your Customer Service skills. Restore my faith Please!

Thank you


Mr Jake Taylor
(A very disappointed first time Expedia user)


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