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Loan Modification Fiasco

We were evidently approved for a loan modification (HAMP?) and found $12000 in legal fees being added to the principal. Everhome representatives ignored our inquiries and those from our attorney about the details behind those fees. We refused to execute the modification documents and found some contrived-deadline imposed (30 days after receipt of mod documents) before foreclosure proceedings would begin again. All this after wiring about $6000 to the company for what appears to be the escrow account; asked about that too without an answer. In some ways, we believe Everhome/Everbank is attempting to extort funds from those qualified for HAMP and other programs, as such may overdue for a/nother class action lawsuit. Our complaints are on file with the BBB, the OTS, and the OCC. PMI is also paid to FannieMae.

  • Kh
    khloee04 Sep 13, 2010

    Unfortunately those fees are probably foreclosurer fees and attorney fees. In your mortgage contract they probably have it written how much they can charge you...class action is not going to help. Unfortunately you are probably going to have to pay the fees or they are going to take the house :-(

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  • Ch
    Chris W/ Sep 13, 2010

    My advise to you is to be diligent. I have a mortgage with this "servicer". Something stinks here. Class action suits in NY and Florida recently seems to support this. Class action will not help but will give some sort of justice.

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  • Ch
    Chris W/ Sep 13, 2010

    Oh, did you know that the Jacksonville Jaguars' football field is named after Everbank? Found out that little tidbit searching around for Everhome info. Interesting - my house was foreclosed upon - they get their name in lights!!

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  • Sn
    Snake Doctor Feb 06, 2011

    I made a loan with Everbank about 10 years ago. I paid the mortgage on time (as I should have) for 9 years and was never late. When the economy started to decline I called the bank and told them I was having difficulty and would like to sit with someone and discuss my options. I was hoping my interest rate could be negotiated down a little because interests rates had dropped tremendously. I also asked if they could convert my loan to interst only for 2 years with hopes the economy would get better and I could continue to make my payment. What they did was, accelerate my rate (raise it - it was in the terms of the loan). Not long after they filed foreclosure and have pursued me like they were "pitbulls". The got there foreclosure and are persueing a defficiency judgement and are going to force me into bankruptcy and not only destroy me but also the other banks that I currently owe for loans. My employees will lose there jobs and the tenants that I rent to will lose there homes. They brag about how they help the community (when the press is looking) what about when they are not looking. The press needs to get ahold of this and expose them for what they are.

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  • Da
    Danger mouse Feb 06, 2011

    There is a Facebook page called Everbank sucks. Post your stories there.

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I rec'd. notice that mortgage pmt. would be increased $300/MONTH.
After many, many attempts to have Everhome look into the account as to why the payment was going up for the third time, I asked the PA Attorney General's Office for help. Only after he contacted Everhome did they do an an analysis on the account. And surprise, surprise an error was found. Unfortunately for my family it was too late. Everhome filed foreclosure papers 4/10. I rec'd. a letter from them admitting to the error and asking me to call the Solutions Group at Everhome. I want to know if everyone that has filed a complaint on this site has also contacted other agencies - BBB, Dept. of Banking, Office of Thrift Supervision, their State Senators, etc. Please do so if you haven't already.

Mortgage Fraud

Loan Officer performed unethical selling practice that was dishonest and shameful.
Everhome Mortgage has practice MORTGAGE FRAUD.

I was a first time home buyer with a good income and credit score. When I signed up the mortgage payment with Loan Officer, DEJAN, I specifically told him that I do NOT want escrow account in my mortgage over the phone and he AGREED with it. Later on after I closing my house, I did not realize that the 500 pages closing documents that I have signed does include the escrow account. In my first year, I paid regularly my monthly mortgage for $1, 100.

In the second year, my mortgage increased to $2, 000s due to the escrow account. I requested the company to waive the escrow account, so that I can afford the monthly payment of $1, 100. I called the customer service around 8 times, and every time I called them, they act like they're trying to solve my problem and giving me the false hope. Sure enough after 7 months of battling the escrow account, the company would never waive it, but they did reduce it to $1, 650. I am really sick with this company and their unethical business practice, and they keep charging extra fee for their own mistake.


I have tried to contact the Loan Officer, Dejan about 5-6 times, and has left 3 messages, but he doesn’t have a ball to call me back and denies his unethical business practice.

Below is the letter that I wrote to Customer Service:

March 16, 2010

EverHome Mortgage Company
Customer Service Research Dept.
EverHome Loan # [protected]
Fax: [protected]

Dear Customer Service:

I recently received a letter from EverHome Mortgage Company stating that my home mortgage monthly payment will increase from $1, 147.78 to $2, 020.46 on April 01, 2010, due to your miscalculation of my property taxes and home insurance escrow withholding.

When I signed up for the loan, I was a first-time home buyer that relied on the mortgage information provided by my loan officer, Dejan. Since I have a good job and credit score, I stated very clearly in my phone conversation to Dejan that I did not want escrow payments incorporated into my mortgage payment. However, without my knowledge, the loan agreement that I signed included an escrow account for property taxes and home insurance.

I do understand that you have paid my 2009/2010 property taxes for the amount of $5, 357.24, and I have paid into escrow a total of $1, 987.31. The difference that I owe you in property taxes is $3, 369.93. I am going to send you 2 checks via mail for the amount of $3, 369.93 (for the property tax shortage) and $994.91 for April mortgage payment (principal & interest only).

I have always paid on time for every monthly mortgage payment. From now on, I am going to pay the property taxes and home insurance from my own pocket, and I am now fully responsible for both of them. Please change my monthly mortgage payment effective April 1st to equal only the principal and interest due of $994.91.

I want you to discontinue my escrow withholding because I never intended to have an escrow account, I cannot afford to have you withhold $1025.55 every month for future taxes and insurance, and I intend to pay my taxes and insurance myself as they become due. Please reply immediately and confirm that you have canceled and closed my escrow account.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and cooperation.


Refinancing Scam

We had our mortgage with Central Mortgage for sometime and they sold it to EverHome mortgage. After 6 months being with them, I got a call from them offering me refinancing that would reduce my interest rate by 0.675 and save me 150 dollars every month.

My PMI is a lender paid PMI and I told the loan officer "Todd Miller" several times (literally more than 10 times) that if I have to refinance, I may have to start paying the PMI so I do not want to refinance. I knew this because I have gone through refinancing through other companies and they always tell me that my lender paid PMI will not be recognized by Fannie Mae and I would have to start pay PMI after refinancing. So I never bothered to do refinancing at all. But this time, Todd Miller called me several times trying to convince me that he has worked on similar cases and the applicant has never had to pay PMI in this case. He also said if the home appraisal comes to 100% or less of the loan amount, I can get refinanced with no PMI (as per new Obama's plan, I do not have to pay PMI if I am not paying PMI now). But I was skeptical as my PMI is a lender paid PMI. After multiple assurance he gave, I moved forward.

Then I paid application fee and appraisal fee (more than 400 dollars). The appraisal came to a decent price that the loan amount would be around 90% of the home value. As he promised the terms, I sent all my signed documents. He just waited until he receives all of documents and then just sent an email saying the underwriter is telling that the lender paid PMI is not being recognized by Fannie Mae and I would have to pay PMI or bring down 37000 dollars as closing cost as the refinancing can only offer me 80% of home value. Isn't it ridiculous for someone to pay 37000 just to reduce the interest rate by 0.675%? Didn't I tell him all this before?

I tried to contact him several times and sent him emails several times asking him what about the assurance he gave me before. Now he is not denying or accepting the fact that he misguided me.

He is either a cheater or an incompetent loan officer who doesn't understand lender paid PMI. I am going to talk with this manager but doubt that Everhome mortgage by itself is doing this scam. The appraisal company was set by them so I believe it could be their sister company. So they stole my 400 dollars, wasted my time and engery, and also did a hard inquiry in my credit history which is going to affect me.

I strongly recommend not to go with this company for refinancing or any other reason.

  • Li
    Linda57 Jan 04, 2011

    I do agree . After 5 months of trying to get my morgage threw and being told it takes so long because of the amount of refies they are doing. Finally get a e-mail we are ready to close... Never to be heard from again. No one returns calls !!! and now they are putting the blame on a new bill the gov passed. No one cares and they have the worst customer service!!!

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Refinancing Scam

We had our mortgage with Central Mortgage for sometime and they sold it to EverHome mortgage. After 6 months being with them, I got a call from them offering me refinancing that would reduce my interest rate by 0.675 and save me 150 dollars every month.

My PMI is a lender paid PMI and I told the loan officer "Todd Miller" several times (literally more than 10 times) that if I have to refinance, I may have to start paying the PMI so I do not want to refinance. I knew this because I have gone through refinancing through other companies and they always tell me that my lender paid PMI will not be recognized by Fannie Mae and I would have to start pay PMI after refinancing. So I never bothered to do refinancing at all. But this time, Todd Miller called me several times trying to convince me that he has worked on similar cases and the applicant has never had to pay PMI in this case. He also said if the home appraisal comes to 100% or less of the loan amount, I can get refinanced with no PMI (as per new Obama's plan, I do not have to pay PMI if I am not paying PMI now). But I was skeptical as my PMI is a lender paid PMI. After multiple assurance he gave, I moved forward.

Then I paid application fee and appraisal fee (more than 400 dollars). The appraisal came to a decent price that the loan amount would be around 90% of the home value. As he promised the terms, I sent all my signed documents. He just waited until he receives all of documents and then just sent an email saying the underwriter is telling that the lender paid PMI is not being recognized by Fannie Mae and I would have to pay PMI or bring down 37000 dollars as closing cost as the refinancing can only offer me 80% of home value. Isn't it ridiculous for someone to pay 37000 just to reduce the interest rate by 0.675%? Didn't I tell him all this before?

I tried to contact him several times and sent him emails several times asking him what about the assurance he gave me before. Now he is not denying or accepting the fact that he misguided me.

He is either a cheater or an incompetent loan officer who doesn't understand lender paid PMI. I am going to talk with this manager but doubt that Everhome mortgage by itself is doing this scam. The appraisal company was set by them so I believe it could be their sister company. So they stole my 400 dollars, wasted my time and engery, and also did a hard inquiry in my credit history which is going to affect me.

I strongly recommend not to go with this company for refinancing or any other reason.

  • Nb
    NBentley Oct 16, 2009

    Our loan was unfortunately sold to Everhome mortgage without our knowledge. We had an insurance claim files due to flooding from our water heater and all of out hardwoods were ruined. We receieved our insurance check to repair the floors however, Everhome has to sign the check and send back. ( federal regulated law now??) Well, now after 3 weeks and speaking to no one but answering machines my husband had to get very stern to get a person. And you know what, everhome will only send partial payment to contractor once the contractor sends in his bus lic # and estimate. Then Everhome will send out an adjuster to check his work before he will get the rest of his money. Oh and everhome will charge us $30.00 to do that. Since when does Everhome or any other company have the right to interfere? I pay my insurance coverage not Everhome. PLease never get a loan with the company or you will be screwed!

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  • Ch
    Cheyenne318 Nov 27, 2009

    Stupid ### co, knows my mom and dad only make 1291.00 amonth on fixed income but makes them pay 935.00 a month to get the escrow up to date. They have nothing left to live on these fools should be put out of business esp that lying ### ERIKA in Loss Mitigation.. ###ing racist ###.

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Customer service stinks

I tried to cancel my automatic mortgage payment, and I was prepaired to pay it later with late fees added later. The customer service personal made mistakes in handling it, so they over drafted my banking account. Like other companies that blame the customer; It was my fault according to them. They never took responsibility for their customer service agents making bad decisions; they did send me a form letter 2 months later dismissing my complaint. How nice of them. This is not the first time I have had issues with their customer service agents, and I know it won't be the last.

My mortgage was sold to this company. If I had a choice in leaders; I wouldn't use them in the future. I they are difficult to work with, and its your problem when things are carried out properly by them.

  • Qu
    "M&M" Jun 24, 2010

    Please see the attached letter that I submitted to Ms. Kim McManus (Everhome Executive) in reference to Everhome.

    Ms. McManus,

    I am forwarding you an email that I have sent to individuals in the state of MD and now to the senator. I am very distressed and have not received the customer service attention needed considering the situation. I have made every effort to speak with anyone at Everhome about the issues. I also do not believe that it is the intent of the company to operate as they have. I do hope that you are able to shed more light on the situation as I am currently seeking to escalate this situation to a legal issue. I am sure I am not the only person that has NOWHERE to live if my home is taken from me, but I am a person that is trying to do what is needed in order to save my home!

    I think that is something that you should look at as if this was your family. Losing my job was stressful enough, but now possibly losing my home as I have taken the correct steps to save it is mind-boggling. I have paid my payments, at a modified rate based on information that your company had given, and now being told that I should not have been modified, is crazy. Please take the time if not to call or email, but to send someone that you believe can work this out, to speak to me.

    Thank you.
    (Maryland Resident)

    Good Morning,

    I was referred to you by MDHope. I am seeking some much needed assistance. I have contacted as many people as possible to stop the possible foreclosure of my home. I believe that my mortgage company has acted not only NOT in the best interest of me the client but also fraudulent. I lost my job in July 2008. I called to obtain a modification and forbearance, at the beginning of the year 2009, I was entered into an SMP (Simplified modification program) in April 2009, that was cancelled and I was not contacted. I began working again in January 2009 with a significant decrease in income. I was contacted in June 2009 to update financial information. After doing so, we continued to pay the modified rate and in February 2010, we were contacted by Everhome saying that we have not been paying the original loan amount, are not in a modification and are behind numerous months facing foreclosure. They entered my home in active foreclosure in May 2010. In May, before active foreclosure, we filled out yet another loan modification under the President's intitive. I call 2 times a week to find out the status and am told that it is with the underwriters and there is no buyer for the home so relax. I am certain that the President DID NOT have this in mind as help when instituting this program. I am routed to everyone in Everhome ACCEPT a superior and EXCEPT the associate that is handling my case and sent it to foreclosure and to the underwriters (this is the same person that did both, very unsettling.) I need help saving my home and ironing out the legal ramifications that Everhome should be under for their handling of this loan.

    I believe that because this company operates outside of MD (in Jacksonville, FL) they are not abiding by the legal rules of mortgage lenders in MD. I need help, assistance, etc, immediately as I have nowhere to live if they are successful in foreclosing on my home. Please contact me at your earliest opportunity.

    Thank you in advance,

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Changed locks without notice

We have been workign with Everhome to go through a short sale on our house. WE finally get to the point where they say, we are going to approve the short sale, we are just waiting for one more document to be returned. Should be soon. Great News, Right?... That was until I get a call from the buyer that says, we are trying to do the apprisal, , but cant get back in the house, the locks are changed. What??? So I rush over there to find my deadbolt pried out of the door and replaced with another. SO, now I can not get in my house and the buyer walks, thinking I am in foreclosure. I call Everhome and they say " we do that all the time". After talking to a lawyer, I find out that is illegal in Michigan. I call them back and really get into it. That is when I find out they are "taking bids" on our appliances, etc. I have just about lost it at this point. These guys are the worst bank I have ever dealt with. Complete liars. Will blow smoke up your A%& while they steal your wallet.

  • Bu
    Bubba56 Jan 10, 2012

    I too had locks put on my house and all contents and barn farm equipment, stolen and trailer of my son was gutted and copper wire stolen air-conditioners all stuff in house we had not gotten out yet gone they are biggest thieves their are They stole my mini farm after the bank sold it to them I raised 3-kids and 3- grand-kids their and lived here 22yrs. Need take Bankers to tree.

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  • Cj
    CJCK04 Apr 30, 2012

    How late were your payments before Everhome changed the locks? If it is illegal in Michigan, how are they getting away with doing that?

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Mishandling of mortgage

My loan was sold to Everhome in early 2000. I fell behind in the payments, which I am well aware was my fault. In 2001, I filed Chapter 13, with full intent of repaying my loan, and ultimately did. However, in 2008, I found that a partial claim was filed on my behalf in November of 2001. When I asked for proof of the claim (I did not request, nor did I receive the claim), Everhome, nor HUD could provide any proof. I should state that my Chapter 13 was filed in early November 2001, and the claim was filed like 10 days later. The only reason that I found out about the claim was because of falling behind again in my payments. I applied for a partial claim to catch up my payments in 2008 and was informed of the prior partial claim. I was told since I previously had a partial claim I could not receive another. Long story short, Everhome Loss Mit department could not find any paperwork to prove the claim was ever filed. Also HUD could not find any documentation to back up the claim. My opinion is that someone from Everhome pocketed that money thinking that I would never pay off my Chapter 13, and my home would eventually be foreclosed on, or I would pay off my chapter 13, and no one would ever find out about the partial claim. I eventually had a modification of my loan and that brings me to another problem with Everhome.

My loan was modified in January 2009. In the modification, Everhome was supposed to add over $2, 000 back into my escrow account and add it to my principal. Well they did add it to my principal, however never added it to my escrow. Since this created a shortage in my escrow, my payment went up over $200. per month. This created another issue with me making my payments on time. I called Everhome almost daily and requested that they document my phone calls. I tried to get someone, in any department to review my agreement and correct the issue with my escrow. This finally happened in January 2010. I ended up having $1775.01 as a suplus in my escrow. I called in February 2010 to have the surplus applied as payments. I was told that would happen. Well long story short, it never happened. Now I have tried, called repeatedly, and requested the surplus be applied. To this date, this has not happened. Now guess what? I am in foreclosure because they did not apply the surplus, which I thought they did, then I made an $800. payment and they added it to a suspense account because of my payments being behind (they would not have been if the surplus was applied) Now I owe some attorneys fees, inspection fees, late fees, among other things. DO NOT USE EVERHOME MORTGAGE FOR YOUR HOME LOAN. THEY DO NOT DO WHAT THEY SAY AND WILL NOT INVESTIGATE ANYTHING!!!

Foreclosure Fraud

EverHome Mortgage and LPS is being investigated by the FBI for fraud of documents to rush through foreclosures in select areas for a small select few of investors to swiftly buy up at far below already low housing prices. Some cases, even rushing forecloure to beat closing dates of possibly realtor sold homes. Some believe, to purposely force foreclosure auctions that only a hand few would respond to, therefore the property selling well below appraised values. One person called EH CS, could not get anyone to explain why his mortgage jumped $960 more a month with a fixed rate, asked to go to Everhome's office in Jacksonville...was told he would be escorted off property without an appointment AND WOULD NOT GIVE HIM AN APPOINTMENT. Maybe FBI will solve their customer service issues.

  • Ja
    JaneDoe Aug 08, 2010

    That's been a long time coming... it's about time.
    I mailed bank checks to them weeks ago with return receipt to prove they received them.
    Checks were for $9000. Lost...
    What else is new. Every year they dispute receiving payments even though they were all bank checks & they signed for them.
    I don't understand what they stand to gain by foreclosing on a person paying the payments?
    Does anyone know what is going on?

    They bought my loan 6 years ago, refused payments, put me on high payment plans, applied my payments to their fees & lawyers & always said I was still
    behind. Every year I have had the stress of not knowing what will happen to my home... I'm going to just walk away. They're too unethical.
    Keep the house... I bought it for 120, 000 & it's not worth 30, 000. Roof is wavy & caving in, mold & constant water in basement, floors are buckling, walls cracking... I don't know why they would want it. They can't collect anything from me, I filed for Ch 7 in 2007 & the didn't reafirm the loan. They actually said they don't reafirm.??? Sounds like they plan for foreclosure right from the beginning.

    How do they benefit?

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  • Pr
    ProudtobeanAmerican Sep 30, 2010

    They have help! The local "special referees" assigned to foreclosure hearings and auctions are the ones that are fast tracking these properties. We have been through hell and back with EverHome after losing it 3 1/2 years ago. We were never behind on a payment (have showed proof of 2yrs worth of bank statements showing mortgage payment autodraft along with extra $10 a month principal payments. **by the way not one of the principal payments were ever applied to our account** we also showed multiple documents that contradicted the other either in price figures or dates of the letters. The special referee still would not stop the foreclosure proceedings because of no other reason but that we were 1 of 96 he had on the calendar for that day and he doubted that the company was just "picking on us" per his words. We attended the auction to bid for our home until we could seek legal representation regarding the "non applied principal payments" and I was instructed to call the same "referee" the morning of the sale to find out the starting bid or asking price if you will. He told us at 8am that morning that the house would auction for $116, 200 and we took appropriate funds for 5% of that price. At the auction sale only 3 hours later he began the bidding for our home at $119, 900. I was frantic and didn't understand how the price jumped and if it was legal but I didn't want to loose our home so I bid and of course was the only bidder and paid the 5%. I knew that it had to be a simple mistake because the house never appraised above $116, 000 and I thought that the mortgage company could not sell a home for more that its current appraisal or value. That would make it impossible to get financing as it would have been over 100% of the home. I asked the special referee about the change in amounts and he said he didn't realize the difference but would have to research his notes back at his office and would get in touch with me. GUESS WHAT..he never called and I have yet to get an answer from him...and the cashier's check for the 5% that we lost was made out to HIM???? To make matters worse, our home eventually sold for $77, 000 as a short sale to a couple from NY (we are in SC okay).

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  • Gl
    gloria c Feb 23, 2011

    If you have a complaint with Everhome, pleae call the Office of Thrift Supervision and take out a complaint 1-800-842-6929.

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  • Ro
    Rosswill Jul 27, 2011

    I was fast tracked into foreclosure with EverHO mortgage. After paying down this loan $210, 000 over the the last year I was 31 days late and they refused my payments unless I caught up. The stuck me into default and then foreclosure in 24 days. I asked for reinstatment amounts from EverHO and each time I called the amount would go up. Finally I was able to reinstate the loan and was amazed that the law firm handling the debt was easier to deal with than EverHO. I have 3 payments to make and I can do away with these idiots.If you are considering a mortgage company, I would recommend you research carefully who you do business with and read carefully what ever you sign.

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  • Re
    Redshere Jan 24, 2013


    Please go to this website and sign the petition against EverHome Mortgage. We need 150 signatures for the White House to look into the petition. Someone needs to go after EverHome Mortgage now. 2013

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  • Ja
    JaneDoe Jan 24, 2013

    I'm so sorry we all had to go through this. It's really unethical & stressful on everyone.
    I tried to save my home through chapter 13 bankruptcy thinking the trustee & lawyers would police Everhome.
    My payments were directly sent from my paychecks as a Registered Nurse. They still managed to continue to add on thousands in fees without any trouble at all. They never paid taxes nor homeowners insurance either. Eventually I just had to accept they were always going to be robbing me blind & I'd never be able to trust them. I filed chapter 7 :(
    Now this place has been devastated by floods etc & never repaired. I replaced the furnace twice & eventually gave up. My payments were $1700/month + repairs etc... originally the mortgage was fixed rate @ $1100 / month & now they say I owe more than I bought the house for 10 years ago because of their fees.

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  • Wi
    Winter Park Florida Aug 03, 2013

    I received a notice of foreclosure from Everhome Mortgage and come to find out they filed over $500 in fees for a bankruptcy paperwork without notifying me or the Bankruptcy court. Get this, bankruptcy started in Feb 2004, they put the paperwork in Sep 2007? I was instructed if a creditor had to add monies to any account they had to petition it before the court. They never did and now are going through with this foreclosure? Hmm wondering what the VA Loan officer would say?

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  • Am
    Amanda Kato Apr 20, 2016

    730 E. Lake Buckhorn.. Temple Ga. . This mortgage company literally stole a disabled veteran's home from him and put he and his family in dire hardship. The complaints are the same as the ones listed above. Demand accountability
    They are unethical and i suggest all get in touch with The Government, the Federal Reserve and make your selves heard. We are in the process of trying to get relief from their criminal activity. We are not even listed in their third party relief database.

    Jack and Amanda Kato

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They didn't pay my homeowners insurance and now it has been canceled

Every six months I have to fight with the Everhome mortgage to pay my homeowners insurance because they claim they didn't get a bill from my insurance company. This time the insurance company canceled my homeowners insurance. I talked to Everhome mortgage they said they sent the payment on April 1st, the insurance was due to be canceled on April 7th. I got a letter Aril 11th from my insurance company stating my insurance has been canceled.I called Everhome on March 31st and told them the inurance hasn't been paid and will cancel on April 7th. My insurance agent had to fax a copy of the insurance declaration to them on March 31st. Every six months I get the run around from Everhome. I did no choose this mortgage company my mortgage was sold to them. We should have a choic about weather we want to have our mortgage sold.Again this happens every time a new insurance payment is due.

  • Wh
    whaiv Feb 13, 2011

    I had the same problem with GMAC and it is taking months for them to pay me back for the increase in premium. There was a week lapse in my policy and the insurance agency said they had to raise the rate since the plan was cancelled. Both me and my insurance agent called and called during the grace period. The excuse I got is that they are so overwhelmed with non-payees and under staffed, but how should that effect me? I've been paying full-fare and think I should at least get organization.

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Multiple fraud charges

when they first acquired my mortgage, they failed to pay my insurance, then charged me almost triple the old rate for the month or so I had no homeowners insurance. They refused to budge saying they were a government entity and could get away with it.
my payments are 10-20% higher because of this and also unauthorized fees added to the escrow account. Over $250 was charged to escrow to pay out someone who says I owe them money.
Aside from this:


I would seriously consider never getting another mortgage because of the possibility it could be sold to a company like this without my permission.

  • Ms
    Ms. Stegall Feb 15, 2010

    Everhome Mortgage Company is a predatory lender. My loan was sold to them by Regions Bank. They have added fees on top of fees to my account. I have sent several letters to the CEO, and customer service which was all to no avail. I recently filed a bankruptcy and Everhome never agreed to reaffirm which is a violation of my Civil Rights. I am fighting battles on top of battles with them. My mortgage is current but due to bankruptcy laws they are saying I can never receive statements. I have an extensive file of the violations they have committed against me. I am sure if this is happening to me it has to be happening to others. I am a widow with 6 children and I work two jobs and attend school. If there is an attorney out there reading this PLEASE HELP ME... I am sure if we all come together we can file a civil suit or class action suit against this company. Complaining on line is an option but as tax payers we need ACTIONS. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL @ [email protected] If enough of us get together and we work at this we might be able to bring our own suit against the company and avoid excessive attorney fees. I am ready and willing.

    Ms. Stegall

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  • Pr
    ProudtobeanAmerican Sep 30, 2010

    What state are you in? Your situation sounds almost exactly like ours all the way down to the well prepared files of violations. We sought a local lawyer but could not find one within a 50 mile radius that would even talk with us because the "special referee" assigned to all foreclosure proceedings is well known in this area and no one wanted to involve a suit that would untimately invove the referee assigned. (considering he had the chance to stop the foreclosure at the hearing where we showed him every months bank statement for 2years with automated draft payments to EverHome. They claimed we were 3 months past due and we had never missed a payment. In fact, we discovered in the research process that the $10.00 extra a month we paid towards our principal was in fact drafted every single month with the mortgage payment but the principal payments were never applied to our account. We never checked on this or noticed it because EverHome doesn't send statements and we were pretty certain that if the company was drafting both amounts that both would be applied. With just that little bit, the special referee declined to accept our evidence stating that the mortgage company keeps comprehensive records and he saw no reason to doubt that we were not in the wrong somehow. So, he could have stopped things then but I'm not sure if he would have received his commission for completing the "96" foreclosure hearings he had scheduled for that one day!!!) There are many other issues regarding our case that are blatantly illegal and I have been depressed for two years now trying to come to terms with our home being stolen and no one giving a flip. The more I read about others in the same situation only infuriates me and motivates me to re-open my search for someone to help us recoupe the loss of our home as well as the money stolen from us in the way of "extra principal payments" I cannot let this go and will not! I owe it to my children who have been living in a two bedroom house for two years now because real estate is so bad in our area and we now have a foreclosure on our credit which practically ensures that we will never own our own home again. my email is [email protected]
    Mrs. Finley and Mommy of 3

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Customer Service Sucks

I have been dealing with EverHome for 2 months now on a property tax issue. I sent them bills in October and was told they would be paid. After payment was due, I realized EverHome had not paid my property taxes. I contacted them, and had to wait 5 days for them to do anything. I was then told they would not pay my property taxes, so I paid them. A week later I received a letter stating EverHome had disbursed funds for my property taxes, and that it would be escrowing for the payments they just made and for next years (in other words, huge jump in my payment). I contacted the county, and it had not received any payments. I then contacted EverHome, and the customer service rep gave me a complete run around, telling me I would have to provide proof that I had paid the taxes. I faxed them information and a letter. I hear nothing back. I continue to call the county and EverHome about every other day to get an update. Three weeks after the payments were disbursed, by EverHome, the county has still not received any additional payment. And, each time I call EverHome I have to speak with a new customer service rep who knows nothing, and is not able to give me any additional information. After each call, I fax the research department a new update letter. I also attach all of my previous letters and information. No one will contact me with any information, and apparently their research and tax department people are not able to call customers. Thus, there is no way to get information from them except through letters, and I have only received one letter in the past two months of dealing with this issue. This customer service system does NOT work, and cannot be called customer service. Do whatever you can to avoid dealing with EverHome.

  • Ei
    einstein Apr 27, 2010

    Talking about a company that dosen't care about the people. I lost my job last year, still looking, so paying bills got hard. Contacted my 1st mortgage co.(everhome ), 2nd mortgage(citimortgage). Citimortgage was fantastic, the took a 12 1/2 % variable rate down to a 2% fixed rate, cutting my payment in half. That was great. Everhome had a solution:(. They would cut the monthly payment in half from $1000.00 to about $500.00. After 6 months they would review for a better option. Heres the kicker, there better option is foreclosure. See, we still owed the $5oo.oo a month for 6 months. I now have to come up with $3200.00 by Friday, 3 days away.

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  • Me
    Melissa Dolin Jun 03, 2010

    I enrolled with the loan modification program, following all rules and guidlines, and 1 month before my final payment for the program was up, I recieved a letter from an attorney, that Everhome is taking me to court because they are going to seize my property for not making my payments! Now, I'm out $1000.00 for attorney fees that I have to have someone represent me and show my proof in court that I've made my payment! They have sorry customer service and definatley do not know how to communicate. I never received any calls or letters that this program was jacked up!

    0 Votes
  • Ch
    Chris W/ Sep 29, 2010

    When will someone stop this company and others like it from what should be illegal. I wake up everyday hoping to see some action from someone. Then I write another letter to someone who I hope will listen.
    Today I wrote to my senator and again to the Office of Thrift Supervision.

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Fraud alert

My house has been on short sale status with EverHome Mortgage for over a year. Our loan is owned by Fannie Mae. We have had several offers each offer higher than the last offer. EverHome takes no less than about 4-6 months to send BPO's to appraise our house. Causing many buyers & realtors to loose interest in EverHome even attempting to acknowledge offers. I call Everhome Priority Department all the time and speak with Amy and a Robi Tracy. Negotiators have changed at least 2-3 times. Currently Elinda Murphy is our current negotiator, she literally tells us, "she will get to us when she can and currently we are not up yet" Please help me, we have been trying to do whats right from the very beginning even though we were robbed blind of $80, 00 cash with a screwy loan. Plus uncontrollable financial circumstances.

  • Se
    seeoregon Apr 01, 2013

    2 illegal foreclosures robo signed .People signing foreclosure papers saying they are people they are not. Keith E. Lammons signing interest over to Everhome .ops Eric K. Lammons is the collection guy at Everhome. forclosure mill along side Everhome Kelly Sutherland signes to Shapiro and Sutherland forclosure mill LOGS owned by Attorney.Then signed over to Fannie Mae for $0.I think it was paid by insurance and bailout and maybe bancrupcy also. I don't believe they had owners?

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  • Se
    seeoregon Apr 01, 2013

    IF I were you I would quit doing whats right.They don't.Quit paying and when they file papers file back for them to prove they have standing. That they hold the original note. Chances are they don't. Watch homeowners for justice live stream. Very helpful site.

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Short Sale for over a Year

my house has been on short sale status with EverHome Mortgage for a little over a year. Our loan is owned by Fannie Mae. We have had several offers each offer higher than the last offer and higher than any house that has recently been sold in my community. Yet EverHome takes no less than about 4-6 months to send BPO's to appraise our house after an offer has been submitted to Everhome. Causing many buyers & realtors to loose interest in EverHome even attempting to acknowledge or even start the approval process. I call Everhome Priority Department all the time and speak with Amy and a Robi Tracy our negotiators have changed at least 2-3 times. Currently Elinda Murphy is our current negotiator who never returns any of our voicemails, and when we speak to her, she literally tells us, "she will get to us in the order which she receives and currently we are not up"

Please help me, we have been trying to do whats right from the very beginning even though we were robbed blind of $80, 00 cash with a screwy loan. Plus uncontrollable financial circumstances.

  • Jh
    JHernandez Oct 29, 2010

    I'm in the same boat. Everhome is taking a very lax and unresponsive path that I'm beginning to call my local legislators, conressman, or whoever seems to care about this. I've been trying to short-sale my property for the past year and a half and they keep giving me the run around...

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  • Ab
    abd realtor Apr 16, 2013

    Everhome Mortgage Short Sale has not improved in 2012/13. I am a realtor dealing with Everhome since BoA sold the loan last summer. We had to start all over and the file languished for 3 months. Felt like we were playing a timed game and Everhome just wanted the clock (year) to run out to see if there would be more gov't assistance for short sales in the new year. Once the new year began, the file came alive. However, we were stuck on a poor title report. Discovered weeks later that the 2nd assigned specialist requested/ordered the wrong title report. The 3rd assigned specialist realized that Everhome Mortgage was 2nd in line (recording error when they bought the loan from BoA). It doesn't make any difference if I call in daily or weekly. There is ALWAYS a 48 - 72 hour response time for the specialist to "reach out" (how I dislike that term) to the caller. So just when I am told the cleared title is in and the specialist will be checking the file over before handing it over to the next step...find out the next week NOTHING was done. I am just amazed that the buyer is still willing to stay in the game after six months.

    0 Votes

late fees when not late

My Mortgage waS orginally with another company since 2004 has been sold AT LEAST 3 TIMES. I have never in my life paid anything late. About 30 months ago( as I pay some of my bills online)I went to pay my mortgage with Everhome. TheIR website was having major problems. I tried 4 2 days to set up the payment to no avail. I called and spoke to a superivisor who agreed their website was having problems and since that monday when my mortgage payment was due was a holiday he told me that my payment wasnt actually due until that tuesday and helped me set up the payment for that tuesday. I'm not stupid I got his name ID# etc. The next month I actually got a statement in the mail from Everhome (which doesnt happen very often) The statement charged me a $250.00 late fee( plus the extra $12 they charged me for paying it online which I paid with then payment). I called them spoke to the same supervisor again he said he would take care of it. PS it never happened. Then not to long ago we were having internet problems in the entire San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. I drove over 1.5 hours away( had called everhome on the phone telling them of the situation with Time Warner & the internet In fact I made a 3 way call so Everhome would know that what I was saying was true) When I got to my friends there too were having internet problems I called Everhome again they said dont worry( I'm disabled so that 1.5 hour drive( which I paid someone to drive me back & forth) played hell on my body and I ended up in bed for over 2 weeks from that). Now I have a late fee that shows up monthly for $480.00 every month.n @ late charges .Neither of which were late. I was actually able to then make that payment after I drove 1.5 hours in each direction over the phone. At that point they were not allowing over the phone payment so they decided to let me pay over the phone just that once, not without additional charges. They charged plenty extra for making it over the phone (which I paid & was not included in the almost$250 late fee) So my payment that they said wasnt late was per them now actually 10 minutes late. Not to my fault but theirs!. Since this has happened when I had extra money( not anymore) I would pay additional principal to lower the amount of my debt. They didnt take the now over $480.00 late fees(that were not late at all) off the additional principal payments. They know they weren't really late but they are messing with my credit. which isnt right at all. I just found out that the credit reports we get are not at all the same as the ones our creditors get! Yet another misnomer! Now after becoming disabled and in desperate need of a loan reduction & modification they tell me Im not eligible because I always pay my mortgage on time. WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT! SO THEY HAVE CHARGED ME 2 TIMES FOR BEING LATE WHEN I WASNT THEY WONT REMOVE THOSE CHARGES FROM MY CREDIT AND IM NOT ELIGIBLE FOR A LOAN MODIFICATION AND OR REDUCTIONS. OH i FORGOT TO TELL YOU THAT WHEN I ORGINALLY GOT THIS LOAN IT WAS 1 LOAN AFTER HAVING IT BOUGHT & SOLD IT WASNT UNTIL EVERHOME GOT IT THAT THEY DECIDED TO MAKE IT 2 LOANS NOW! i WAS TOLD I HAD NO CHOICE IN THE MATTER AS WELL. PLEASE IS THERE SOMEONE OUT THERE WHO IS A LAWYER NOT A LIAR, & WOULD BE WILL TO HELP ME. THIS COMPANY TAKES THE CAKE AS FAR AS BEING UNDERHANDED, LIARS & THEIVES.(please fax my work at [protected])

  • Do
    Donna(missouri) Aug 22, 2010

    I happen to agree with you about everhome mortage company. Our situation is alot like yours, we had no problem with out mortage untill everhome got ahold of it, now we have nothing but trouble. We had a finacial problem about a year ago when everything crashed and instead of working with us all they did no matter how much we sent them or tried to refinace or anything else all they wanted to do was forclose on us. Then when we got it all straitened out now all the sudden we have almost 400 in late fee"s as well as 120 fee for god knows what. You can call and call to make a payment and becouse they dont get it posted in time you end up with fee out the yengyang. No matter what you do all this company wants to do is take peoples homes away so they can stick you with more by selling for less then you owe, and then of course they tack more fees on for that. Someone needs to investigate these people and what they are doing to people . I also believe FHA/HUD needs to check into everhome's business records and all the complaints from all over, and help the people they back on there mortage to find another company and pull the backing from everhome and let them see what is like to have it done to them like they do it to all of us.

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Everhome mortgage Company<br />
<br />
I am not going to get to involved with this one, but if Everhome is the maintenance company for your loan I feel very sorry for you, I have been trying to get the Fannie mea and Freddie Mac Home modification loan after losing my Job. We submitted all the appropriate documentation they requested "To the best of our knowledge" and sent it to them numerous times as a matter of fact<br />
because they either keep losing it or misplacing it. After getting a call from their representative telling us we were approved for the loan<br />
two weeks later we get a call from one of their african american reps<br />
"Whom I have had trouble with before" and verbally told me that our loan in fact was not approved???? with absoluetely no explanation other then you are not approved??? it is specifically stated in the legal documents they sent us for applying for the home affordability & modification program, that if the modification is rejected they must submit it to you in writing. I informed the girl that it is not acceptable to just tell me over the phone that I did not get approved and I read her the stsement in the paper work that THEY sent me, that the information must be sent to me in writing. After requesting to talk to a superviser she proceeded to hassle me instead of transferring me as I requested and all she would give me at that point is a phone number<br />
to her supervisor to whom I have left a number of messages to return my call, and to this day I still have not received a call back from Everhome Mortgage Company. After getting off the phone with the african american representative, I had to call my Fiance home from work to try and call them back. She came home and called and did happen to get a helpful Caucasion lady to help her "BUT" she informed us that the account to modify our loan was canceled by the african american rep and she immediatly opened a completly new case so we have to start all over, only the new modified amount grew by $200.00<br />
per month. At this point it seems that a single rep has total control over your current and future payments?????? I have no other alternative but to think that this is a matter of discrimination, how can one person control my financial future in terms of the loan modification program when we are talking about ten's of thousands of dollars over the remaining term of the loan?? Now that we have been dealing with a new "HELPFUL" rep, I was rescently informed that appearantly this same african american rep noted on our account that she had tried to contact us and that she had left a message. "A Total Lie" we were home that entire day and never left the house. We also are able to print out a report of all incomming calls which there was not one from EVERHOME or EVERBANK as they show up on the caller ID. So now we are resubmitting all the documentation again to the best of our knowledge since Everhome Mortgage Company never gave us one shred of information as to why our loan was not processed<br />
even though we were pre approved and met all the mathematical requirements and to this day we still have no idea why we were not approved the first time???? and we are pretty confident based on the last go around that we will probably not be approved again. Why should they approve us if all that is required is to have a rep call you and tell you to bad so sad, "You are not approved". This rep that seems to be discriminating against us, since she seems to be the decision maker at Everhome Mortgage Company and has seemingly way to much power to choose who she grants modification loans to and in fact may in the end have caused us to lose our home and never had to give us one single reason as to why the loan was not approved. She was Rude and totally disrespectful from the word "Go", I also should not have to explain anything to her when I request a supervisor either. I am sorry, I am not a person that discriminates but in this case I can only assume the worst since she seems to have the authority to do whatever she wants with absolutely no explanation.

  • Cu
    CustomerServiceDept Aug 29, 2009

    I am sorry you do not like our African American employees. We do not discriminate.

    0 Votes
  • Kb
    K. Bergin Oct 16, 2009

    I too have had issues with Everhome. I have had to send in my loan modification application 3 times so far. The first time I sent it in to a woman in the loss mitigation department and after numerous attempts to talk to her on the phone and leaving voice messages to her I was finally informed that she no longer worked there and I would have to send my application in again. So I guess that means they throw out all the applications that she was supposed to work on and bad luck for the customers. The second time I faxed it in with the help of a non-profit organisation and when we still hadnt heard from them the non-profit called to find out that the fax number had changed. So we sent it in again. I got a letter that they needed my bank statements so I sent them in to one lady and it said to contact her with any questions. I recently called them to find out that that woman is no longer working on it and another woman was but now they had closed my file due to expenses exceed income even though my paperwork did not have that at all. I left voice messages again for both woman and I still havent heard back from either. I have never been called back from the loss mitigation department since May. Also the letter I received from them to tell me my file was closed was so brief that it doesnt answer any questions on how they come up with there findings and no one even signed the letter and there was no name on it! But they say to call if you have any questions, to who? The customer sevice department? Please! Its hard enough to try and keep your home as it is but when this is what you have to deal with how are you suppose to get any help!

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  • Ch
    Cheyenne318 Nov 27, 2009

    I know Erika is BLACK, she is a ### not because she is black but she is a racist pig... who lies to people... ### her! told my mom her payment would be 650 ended up being over 900.00 they never told her why til much later on.. they only make 1291 a month.. how you suppost to live on that ? ### ERIKA at EVERHOME... STUPID ###.

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Illegal Late Fees

My mortgage was sold to EverHome a year ago by Regions Mortgage. In all the years that I owned the home, I have never been late with any payments. In fact, since I don't trust Mortgage companies I always Fed Ex payments so they will be signed by the recipient. Today I got a letter from EverHome stating that I had $47.00 in late charges. Naturally, I called them to investigate. I was told by their Customer Service that I had to contact their Research Department since they could not find any late payments during the past year. The so-called Customer Service Rep then stated that the late charges "might" have been from 2006 for 2 payments received on the 18th and not the 16th and were probably from Regions. Well, when I checked a 2006 calendar it showed that the dates she pulled out of the air were dates that were totally legal since the 16th was on a Saturday. In addition, at no time did Regions ever assess me any late charges. Anyhow, I faxed and wrote a letter asking for the exact dates and the response that I have gotten states that the charges are correct, but without any mention of dates so I can send the necessary proof. These people are basically criminals trying to exhort money from people without any basis in truth. They figure that no one will spend the time over $47.00. The point here is that they are trying to exhort money and are hoping that no one will have their required information from several years ago or take the time to find the documentation. Trust me I will spend more than the $47.00 to clear this criminality up.

  • Nu
    nurswit Oct 29, 2009

    Everhome Mortgage company is the lowest form of life left on the planet. I just got hit with another "late fee" of $52.00. Another round with them tomorrow, I guess. The bad thing is, they really have you over a barrel. The only thing you can do is refinance with another company, and thats just not always feasable. My mortgage was "sold" to them and I've had nothing but trouble since.

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  • Lc
    L curry May 05, 2014

    Everhome Mortgage has sold my mortgage, by the way I am in foreclosure, which I found out happens, the twist is they are still taking me to court, double twist is My house had an electrical fire and had to be raised, so there was no house when they sold the mortgage, triple twist is I never should have been foreclosed on because I owed approx. $3500.00 to bring my account current, I sent them a check from the insurance payout approx. $14, 500 which $2500 of that came back to for the demo and the rest to the mortgage payment, which was more than enough to cover the back payment until the insurance cut a check for the rest of the amount owed. But instead they put the $12, 000 in a restricted account . So I owed them $3500, which they forclosed on me, but they have $12, 000 of my money in this account of there's. Sometihing smells rotten about this company, will see if the judge sides with me, I'll comment after the court date.

    1 Votes

Usery on Fees

These guys are something else! My loan got sold to them and I was setting up the online pay. To my astonishment, I find that if the mortgage is paid after the 1st of the month, there is a "late" fee of $12 in the name of "service charge"!

God, things these banks would do to screw us! And we are bailing them out!

If I was given a choice, I would stay away from banks with such practices!

When I asked to talk to the CEO, I was told that he does not talk to the customers - you have to write to him and then wait for him to respond!


  • Sa
    sawebb Dec 07, 2009

    I have the same problem. This HAS to be illegal!!!

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  • Bn
    BNK Apr 06, 2010

    Just an FYI that Everhome Mortgage was NOT one of the loans that had to be bailed out. Most all mortgage companies that offer to pay online charge fees if you do it after your due date...its a pay by phone fee. I would suggest setting yourself up for online drafting to have it automatically come out of your account every month. You can do this up to your grace days (usually 16 days) without a extra charge.

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Rip Off - Passed Around

I have been trying from October 2008 to get a Deed In Lieu or a Short Sale, I have called weekly - it is rare that I talk to a person, normally it is leave a message here or there... and they never get back to you EVER. My case was given to one lady in Dec. 2008, in Feb 2009 when after 100s of calls I got to talk to her she had no idea who I was or anything about the property. She went on to say she could not do a deed in Lieu or a Short Sale - all she really was doing was trying to get me to pay on time. I was transferred to another another young lady who told me three to four weeks and a Deed In Lieu could be finished. Right... after 6 weeks I called and said what is going on - she had done NOTHING again... we had an offer at last so they started working on the Short Sale - we needed something we had perfect credit until this and due to job loss and the other job moving had to get something done. So there we where 4 weeks tops was the promise, but this time I called each week - every week and guess what - NOTHING June 24th when I get her again she says everything is at a Lawyers and there is nothing to worry about it will be over in a few weeks. Great right? So today I call again and guess what my file was transferred to yet another lady over there who knows NOTHING about the file, NOTHING about the offers, NOTHING about the lawyer, NOTHING about the times table and who let me KNOW that SHE DID NOT GET THE FILE UNTIL JULY 15th AND DID NOT HAVE TO LOOK AT IT FOR 30 DAYS!!! So here I go again, at least the lady I had last was very nice on the phone when you could get her this new one is the WORST customer service I have ever had - EVEN WITH ALL THE BAD CS AT EVERHOME!! I regret daily ever getting a home loan - it was sold to them and if there is anything one thing in life I could change it would be to never let them get my loan.

  • Ca
    carolyn morton Nov 18, 2009

    I am being rip off by Fairbanks Capital Mortgage they change there name after a lawsuit in california to Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc. My house was finacing in 1997 for 10 years. I had to file bankrucy in 2003. Select Portfolio Servicing can not come to agreement that my house is pay for after 10 year. It going on 12 year. The bankrucy court is tired of these people and my case has been dismissed with out agreement with Select Portfolio Servicing. What are my right?

    1 Votes
  • Sa
    SarahJean Aug 04, 2010

    We have had the same trouble with EverHome. My husband leaves messages all the time with no return phone calls or he sits on the phone for every being passed from one person or the next. All we are trying to do is a short sale or deed in lieu forclosure since we have had job losses and medical set backs. We are so frustrated and now it looks like we could be going into foreclosure and we have been trying to be proactive about it. They are no help at all and I can't wait to be done with them!!!

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  • Ca
    Cara M. Sep 02, 2010

    I have my homeloan w/ Everhome as well. I just received a letter stating that my loan had been referred to their foreclosure attorney. Really, the only option for us is a Deed-in-lieu. Any suggestions on another way for us to avoid the actual foreclosure process from showing up on our credit? I hate to have to get more head-aches dealing with them, but I don't see any other way around the deed-in-lieu.

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  • Ho
    hoopernevel Apr 10, 2011

    I have had the same scenario with EVERHOME. I call to verify 3 different times, Dec., Feb and March 2011 to be sure they received the 20 pages they originally requested me to send them to qualify for the deed in lieu. Everytme I call they ask me what fax # I sent it to & they inform me they did not receive anthing!!!
    Each time I faxed the paperwork I would call to verify they received it. They state they had in fact received it. I was told to re send it again last week. I now have someone intersted in a short sale, but with this type of crappy service, I wonder what good it will do!!! By the time they cooperate with me the propety will have went all the way through the forecosure process. worst bank i have ever did
    business with other than cCtibank!!! Must have been covered by the government and not gave a s _ _ _ about their customers.

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My loan was sold to EverHome last year and they have the worst service, they take way to long to deposit checks and clear auto drafts. I contacted them to day to enquire on a rate or loan modification as my rate will be adjusting and I will be unable to afford at the higher rate.

I was told there was nothing that could be done unless I was not making payments or wanted to refinance. Basically I can and would continue to pay on time at my current rate and only until I am behind they will discuss options. Seems kind of reactive instead of proactive, no wonder these banks are in the situation they are.

  • Clydesdales Jun 13, 2009

    I agree. Seems allot of companies are going the "No Customer Service" route.

    Geezzzz...I would refinance...WITH ANOTHER COMPANY! :-)

    0 Votes
  • Te
    Terri007 Jun 15, 2009

    I'm sorry to hear what happened, my name is Terri Felix I recently did a loan Modification with the Al Verdi Law Group. They walked me through every step of the process from start to finish, I was very fortunate to find such a wonderful company to work with. If I may recommend any company to do your loan modification I would give them a call, they did my entire loan modification in exactly 47 days and anytime I had a question they were very responsive in getting right back to me. Its unfortunate there are so many bad company's out there, If anyone comes across any other bad companies please post because no one deserves to get there house taken from them. You can contact them at 866 400 1694 The gentlemen I worked with name was Cale Swanson

    0 Votes
  • Ge
    GeanD Jun 16, 2009

    you should look at gaining ground by doing a forensic loan audit. USA today said 83% of all mortgages are in violations of some sort. I used ALMG, LLC 877-807-3779 they found several violations in my loan. I took the finding to the lender and it was basically whatever i wanted to modify and redo the loan with no violations. I am paying less tahn half of what i was.

    0 Votes

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