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Reporting incorrect info on my credit reports and owes me money

In May 2010, EverHome foreclosed on my house and it was sold at auction on May 2, 2010. On May 3, 2010 the sale was recorded in the Jackson County records (public records) of the sale. The property was sold for $2000.00 more than my original loan. Plus, they had been reporting that the foreclosure took place in October.<br />
<br />
I just found out about this by checking my credit report. After pulling the property sale records, I have submitted this info to the credit bureaus. <br />
<br />
Any idea, besides EverHome I can talk to about this as I don't want to deal with them at all as when they notified me of the foreclosure, they would not help (they were rude) and work out options with me. <br />
<br />

  • Su
    Suzanne Kalka Jan 27, 2009

    I had a baby, via C-Section on June 5th, while in the Hospital on June 6th, Everhome Mortgage called my cellphone to ask when I would be making my June payment. I was so upset.. I screamed into the phone, "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING" In fact, we had never even been late before!!!

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  • Bn
    BNK Apr 06, 2010

    LOL! Pretty funny, I guess Everhome was suppose to know that you were having a baby...congrats on your bundle of joy...

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  • Cb
    CBM1 Nov 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    oh, well. w

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  • Te
    Terrie Broadway Nov 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have also experienced issues with Everhome Mortgage. Please submit a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Jacksonville, Florida. If they get enough complaints they will look into the company.

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Tax payment / service

Everhome Mortgage fails to pay escrow/taxes on mortgages on time. Every year I submit my tax bill and info on mortgage loan number, etc. and they NEVER pay the property taxes on time.. I absolutely need these taxes to be paid before Dec. 31, of each year and they fail to do that. Seems like they do this on purpose. Also corresponding with Everhome Mortgage is impossible. Due to change in my payroll process from work, I want to set up an automatic payment and have the payment for mortgage due on a different day - the 15th of each month..however they refuse to do this unless I pay upfront an extra month's payment. I live paycheck to paycheck and that is impossible..they do not work with their customers - unless you are one day late with payment then they call you twice a day ... it's different when it's on their end. But you can never talk to anyone. When they call they leave an automated message and the number to call back is alwayws "closed". Unbelievable how they operate. But the taxes are my main concertn. THis is outrageous that they have my escrow money but do not pay on time which means my income taxes are always messed up and that affects my daily life and income. I wish I could transfer to another mortgage company

  • Jo
    Jonathan Dec 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Everhome mortgage company purchased my house loan, After selling my house in August 2008, I never received the escrow refund. It is now December. I have phoned in 3 times (Oct, Nov, Dec) and no reasonable explanation.

    This is plain old theft.


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  • Ky
    Kyleen Dec 11, 2008

    I have the same concerns they will do the same thing with my escrow funds. I refi'd a few weeks ago and have heard every reason/date when it will be returned. Wish I could say I have been successful, but I haven't yet. Do you know what type of recourse you have if they don't return it soon?

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Customer Service

Ever home mortgage customer service is terrible. My mortgage is due on the first of the month and I have not been 30days late in over a year and this company starts calling me on the 2nd of the month request a payment date. They will harass frequently. Now I haven't had any other problems with them. They were very helpful 3 years ago when I had problems paying my mortgage on time. They offer assistance and plans to assist with my situation. I just don't understand why a company would call you on the 2nd of the month when I have a 10 days grace period to mail my payment in.
They don't have any visible email address for customer complaints. You have to mail a letter or call in. I wonder why.

Over Charge, will not return money

In 2007 I refinanced my home, Everhome's attorney Shapiro & DiCaro provided the payoff statement Stating $387, 000 was due, the new mortgage company paid Everhome in Full, One month later Everhome sends me a Payoff Statement, that was for $367, 000. I called and the representative who stated it was in fact a overpayment, I asked for a refund. I did not receive the refund, then I receive a letter that it was a over charge and they applied it to some bogus fee. I have contacted the NYS Attorney General, Florida Attorney General, the case is now with the Federal Consumer Protection Bureau, they have been extremely helpful.
My major problem besides not only being overcharged $20, 000., this amount was added to my mortgage which I have been paying interest on.
Everhome has a long history of complaints, my next step will be to retain a attorney.
Michael Coletta


Suffered a REAL hardship (disability) and was unable to continue to make current mortgage. B of A sold the loan to this even more horrific company. (there are sources who say that this company is a subsidy of B of A) After three months of trying to get a modification, we were denied--stating we didn't make enough $$. So, due to disability and heart break, we opted to move out of the house, but maintain the lawns and leave the power on, in attempt to sell the house. Have gone thru two textbook buyers, offers above market value, and have now been told by Everhome that we make TOO MUCH money for a shortsale, which is just a flat out LIE. We have HUD approval for shortsale and now have enlisted them to do an investigation and intervene on our behalf. This company is a fraudulent one, their unwillingness to proceed with an FHA loan on an extremely marketable property is unbelievable!! Our agent has never seen anything like this. We are trying to rebuild our lives after a major life altering experience, have all of the documentation to prove the hardship, and cannot believe the unscrupulous actions of this company. They have us scheduled to foreclose early November--we have had contracts on the property since March!! We keep losing buyers because they keep dragging their feet and LYING!! Every time the house goes back on the market we have multiple offers above asking price within one week! HUD approval was for WAY less than what these offers are for... I hope the feds give it to them HARD!!

  • Ra
    RarelyComplain Sep 26, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They are hinting that you oughta sell one of the two $40, 000 SUV's and live within your means.

    Any bank that modifies mortgages while payng depositors less than 1% interest gets the funds withdrawn. With no funds and no payments from deadbeats...how can you have a bank - without TARP, that is.

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first i was very surprised to find out that i was sold to this place; they have been nothing but killers of the American dream of homeownership in the USA; they have the high priced lawyers on call to send you letters and charge your account for there bill about payments that are late w/$2, 000.00 in late fees and even if you show were you paid they will say it came late and there lawyers it cost another $2, 500.00 to them and if you have a lawyer it will cost $1, 100.00 just for them sending your lawyer a letter to send to you. with everhome it does not matter if you verified the payment or not its about them wanting to take your home and they will trust me on that. i have contacted BBB, Washington dc, my state rep: nothing not one thing to help. hmc loan is for rich homes that cost $1.5mill or more they are the people that gets that help not people whom have gotten behind a month or two; and if you try and get there help using homeowner solutions gr you will get a letter you are denied i and they give you a relationship manager and phone but they are no help that keep going back to the letter your received telling you to short sale, deed-in-lieu or u can try homeowners hope/HUD Washington dc is a joke too. i wonder how many of them have gotten there home saved using this money. u see life is about some people never owning any thing (people of color) to owning more then you need its like a man can only drive one car at a time and witch one TV story at a time. so with jobs at a low and poor people with out hope death is not to soon. just like me it i was dead i there is insurance to pay for my home. but everhome who checks behind them. you see rich people will put a little bit in your pocket if you look the other way. everhome got a lot of pockets. and this is just away to vent that's all nothing ever becomes of a complaint we are people they say just want things there way.

  • Ho
    honiedo Jan 26, 2013

    if we all have some what the same problem with everhome mgt then why not print these out and mail them. threre is power in numbers. if it takes a #150 signed statements for a court judge to write and order to check there books/service/s, buying/repoting homes/s and ect...; i live for the day they come for my home as they have for the past 3yrs increase my fixed mgt payment; escrow changed a lot because of god's work leaving pople homeless and even death. but instead of them being human to us they right off go for our house/home. we buy these house/s in hopes of one day making it our home (welcome) but when you are made to feel that its just a matter of time bingo got another house under my belt. lets look at the board whoes in the lead if you have more then one child in home thats ext points on chart seak up. i am sure maybe back in the day they were not like this beccuase see you have to learn to walk up rigth by your hands/knees first in life and before that god went (poof) and you took you first air in this world.but now have become the hunters you against the gov: or ownership/land, homes, buildings, by any means. i am now broken hearted, saded, mindless, num, dum, and tired; there is no white night that will save us from everhome mgt company there is no lawyer in the world that would even question them about or compaint/s writting or other ways. u s thoes of us that complaint even for the betterment of our families first gods sees.if you wake up one gald morning and the sun still hits your face don't complain, walking, talkin, holding-wife, kids, long life live in, male, fmale, granny, mama, daddy, meal daily still.don;t complain; it may not be in our life time but just like i thought i never live to see a black president. things happen in there time. and if i want to keep this house i will keep paying the $2000.00yr ext because i am always for the past 3yrs going into 4th late payments were this late payment comes from i do not know. but its u stay u pay no pay no stay (asap) your friendly mgt company for all your needs but that of help!

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Escrow shortage, and excess fees

Everhome is having constant problem finding payments that was made, and when they tell you that your payment was not receive, and you send in proof to let them know that you made the payment they never receive the correspondence you need to call them over and over again and fax the proof over and over again and mail them to the address they give you and after five months down the line they call you to tell you that you are now in foreclosure. Usually while they are saying you did not pay them they request that you pay the months that you have already pay, if not they will not take any payment from you. By that time you owe four or five months and then they direct your loan to their attorney for review. I experience that and I had to pay the attorney a large fee, and end up that my mortgage went into foreclosure. I own the property for over five years, and owe $20, 000 more than what I started out with everhome with because they said they add the balance i owe to the back of the loan. its a big mess. As for the escrow, there is always a shortage, although my taxes never went up.
I am about to take legal action, because I am late on my mortgage, because they refuse to take two payments, when i owe three payments.

  • Le
    LearnTheLaw Sep 27, 2012

    FYI.. Get a copy of your parents original mortgage doc's and pay attention to the paragraph that states anytime an account is in delq status the investor reserves the right to order a property inspection.

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No service at all!

I don't know when my Home Equity was transferred to Everhome Mortgage since the balance is zero. It shows open in my credit report. When I refinanced my house on Oct, 2010, I had paid the close fee and asked the company to close my account. Then I refinanced my house again on July, 2011. I found the accout was still open. I paid $35 through wire transfer to ask to close my account. Since then, every month I checked my credit report, then called them to ask to close it. Up to today, it is still open.


Everhome mortgage failed to acknowledge my payment which was made on the last day of the month, until after the 1st then called me delinquent, although I have the payment acknowledgement. email complete with debit date and confirmation number> I had called Everhome earlier that day with complaints before I made my payment, then they claimed my payment was late Avoid this company AT ALL COSTS. They are unprofessional and a displeasure to deal with. My mortgage was sold to them, I DID NOT choose to do business with them to begin with.

  • Ci
    C Ingram Dec 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am having the same problem, I had to send my whole bankstatement to proof to them that I was not late and I send the payments on the time planned. Now they refused to take two payments because I was near three months late because my household income decreased because of unemployment. Now its going into four months, and they are looking to put me back into foreclosure if I do not find all the months. They are very difficult to work with, in the enconomic time. They are a thief, we shoulf form a class action against this bank too many people is complainting about them. Everhome, have a problem with tax escrow also they collect more than is owe and you are always short escrow and then the next couple you have to pay more than expected. I went to the tax office and they told me the taxes did not go up. Everhome told me my taxes went up and that is why they need to collect more on my mortgage. I just cant get out of the rip off mortgage company because my house equity when down while everhome add more on the back end of my mortgage. I owe more than what I paid for the property, saying late fees etc. dont know what?????

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My name is Ruthanna Gray im writting to warn people about everhome a mortgage company that is a SCAM!!! they buy or give mortgage loans to people just to turn around and screw people over they constantly cash payments late and add late payment charges to ur accounts.This company is a scam.stay away.Example... My parents bought their house 15 years ago with GMAC as their mortgage company then in Nov. EverHome took over and its been hell ever since they dont help they dont even listen in nov. when they took over the mortgage they were late sending paperwork telling us so my parents sent their payment to GMAC we told them this already they didnt care GMAC said they would be sending it over to EverHome so my mom thought everything was ok well come DEC. they said no payment was received for Nov. we sent in proof we had paid it. Then we receive a letter from EverHome telling us that indeed they did receive a payment they added it twith the Dec. payment and put down no payment made for Nov. and 2 payments were made for Dec. and they added late charges to their account. they said sorry nothing they could do about removing late payment charges but not to worry about them well now its 2 years later we have been fighting with them and my parents are facing losing their home of 15 years to this pathetic so called company they need shut down i know all about this mortgage company ive done my research and im angry by what ive found out how is it this company is still operating when clearly the things they pull on people are illegal.People get in trouble for doing less to people then this so called company is doing.They dont call the house they send rude letters and send people by our house who attach little letters to the door when in fact i think they are watching to catch when no1 is here they can change our locks take the house and auction off the stuff in the house that is what they are known for they steal houses from people even from active men and women who are away over seas take houses from them wt[censored] well everyone needs to get together and take this company down the economy cant recover with this piece of ### company doing predatory lending they r indeed scam artists.

  • Ch
    Charlotte Hutchison Jul 26, 2012

    I also have Everhome and agree. If you live in the state of Ohio, file your complaint against them with the Ohio Attorney Generals website. They have strung me along for a year in getting a modification. There are 31 complaints against them, including mine as of this week. I'm looking now to see if they have any class action lawsuits against them.

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  • St
    steelprncs9 Nov 20, 2012

    How do you file a complaint against them? I lost my house a couple years ago due to their false claims and misleading "help" and would love to be part of this.

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  • Ka
    kaylaleamy Jan 30, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ruthanna, we experienced the same exact thing with Everhome/Everbank and eventually lost our home too...you said it best, they are a scam, they're out to financially hurt people. Charlotte, thank you for the advice to file a complaint against them at the Ohio Attorney Generals website...I never thought of that, I'm going to do that now.


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Failed to pay property tax

Everhome bought our mortgage from the original lender. I never had an issue with the property taxes being paid when the original lender held the mortgage. The first year that Everhome had the mortgage they failed to pay the property taxes. I was unaware of this until this years notice came and in big bold letters was the words delinquent taxes owed for prior years. When I confronted their tax department they explained that it was paid. I sent them the county documents and they then said that this was not the property they had on record for my mortgage. The property they did pay was a lesser amount thus the county returned some of the amount.

So when they finally corrected the property of record they double paid which now resulted in an increase to my monthly payment to correct their mistake in having a delinquent balance in the escrow account.

I can not believe they held me responsible for their mistake. There should be a law against this type of policy. If there is one, please let me know.

Didn't lower payment like it should have

We recently did a loan modification with our mortgage company which we haven't had any problems with for years. The loan modification was supposed to lower our payments. However, before doing this we had to pay more for the next three months, I guess to show loan worthiness. Well last month our house payment was below $700.00 dollars it made such a difference, but this month they have charged us $1, 086.00 which is almost what it was to begin with. What can we do to make this right and should we change mortgage companies?

Mortgage Extortion / Fraud

Ever since my mortgage was taken over by EverHome I have had nothing but problems. Their staff is incompetent and has harassed me for two years since they took over my mortgage. Every year they claim I did not pay taxes and threaten me with financial harm. The taxes are public records on the internet! All they have to do is google my county's tax website and enter my address to see that the taxes were in fact paid on time! I send proof after proof (canceled checks and other documentation), and I always get threatening letters until I call and scream at the people on the other end--to which they always reply it is a computer error. Doubtful. Why does it happen every year? I think it is probably a scam to rip off people who don't stand up for their rights or are away on vacation and don't receive the threats to deal with--they only give you 15 days to respond and it takes 7 from the date on the letter before it gets to your home--they probably hang on to it in the mailroom a little while to help reduce the 15 day period even more. That way they can scam people out of fines, fees, and whatever else these unscrupulous fiends can do to cause harm. They are predators just trying to squeeze money out of honest people.

  • Te
    Texas J May 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    By the way--all of us who are harmed by EverHome should file a complaint with BOTH the Jacksonville Florida Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission. The Federal Trade Commission investigates entities if there are enough complaints. Filing a complaint is easy and online: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/

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  • Ch
    Chris W/ May 28, 2011

    Everhome made an error in my escrow calculation increasing my payment 300.00/month. NOT YEAR, PER MONTH. I eventually lost my home to these scumbuckets. I only have one word of advice for you...Document everything. However petty it may seem to you, document. I am waiting for the day I will be able to get back at
    this racket of a company.

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  • Pi
    PintheD Jun 15, 2011

    They did the same thing to me! Two years in a row they miscalculated my escrow. Currently I am paying $400.00/ month more than my original mortgage to make up for an escrow shortage of $7700.00. This will be my new rate for the next three years, after which time my payment will decrease to $200.00/month more than my original mortgage payment. This is on a 30 year fixed rate mortgage! I have never been late with a payment. (Originally to make up for the $7700.00 escrow shortage these idiots scheduled me to pay $1000.00 extra a month for 8 months!! They're funny.)
    How is it our government wont protect their citizens from unscrupulous companies like Everhome? I didn't choose these ###s to be involved with the biggest investment of my life. My original mortgage was sold to them. Those of us with our mortgages held by Everhome are all in a very vulnerable position.
    My question is are they crooks or just incompetent?
    I know a class action lawsuit is inevitable but how many more of us will be screwed over before that day comes?
    NEVER again will I buy a home. The American dream is a load of $%#&*!

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  • Mi
    Mighty Mouse 001 Dec 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I will be quick and to the point, I had to take a Chapter 13, only to save my home (July 2011) and not because I owed a bunch of creditors. First I went tried going through NACA, no luck there, I was almost 3 payments behind with Everhome, made payment arrangements, because the first payment of $1, 000 wasnt sent in the on the 1st (but mailed out on the 7th), they decided to turn my loan over to their attorneys to start pre-forclosing actions. My check never cleared, because they sent it back to me. Well that same week, I made an appointment with my bankrupcy attorneys, filed the Chapter 13 to save my home. I am a single parent, and have been in my home for 20 years. I dont see how these people sleep each night, knowing they are putting families on the street. Thats okay, I hope one day, those of us who have dealt with these crooks, will see justice!!!

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Poor service & poor mort. Records

Customer service is always rude and very unhelpful... It's like pulling teeth to get help. Their not there to help in any situation. They rather like to see you lose your home. I realize that my ex-husband only paid half the monthly mort. Before leaving the marriage. I paid the next monto mort. still unaware of insufficient last month payment. Next I got a later payment notice. I called to see why. I was in form of the half payment for prior month. I tried to explain my situation and was ready to make up the late amount immediately. They refused to except my half payment and late fee to catch up. This was extremely stressful and hard to believe that everhome wouldn't help or understand the senior in my life...I'm a human being. Were is the compay's humanitarian action? I didn't give on calling for a month everyday to get someone that could understand that this was a easy fix. So, with belief and a close heart attach from this stressful situation, I got a god sent to finally to help me. I paid a late fee and paid the behind mort payment. This isn't over yet! due to the divorce I had to file bankrupty. Guess who filed a claim! Everhome file that I didn't pay 3 months of my mort! I filed a response providing bank statement to prove I did pay my mort. Ok they amended their claim with I didn't owe the mort payment, but they still wanted nnonpayment of escrow, late fees and court costs.. What an evil mort. Company. I've proven my self and they still want something that doesn't exsist. Why would be an escrow default if the mort is paid. I called the mort. Compay's to get escrow and mort activity for the years I can't retrieve from online. Again very rude customer service. I was on hold for 10 minutes to have the extremely rude person to say "fine I guess can get that". I asked for it to be email and she said, " fine". A week later and nothing. Will call Monday to see why. I go to bankruptcy court next week to prove everhome fraudulent with their records and not to let them win one Red Cent of undeserved Money. Oh ya, they have also, sent their own atty. and myself documents regarding my mort account, which turned out to be someone else's everhome mort documents . Taking these document to court.


Large Loss Claim

My wife and I were unfortunate victims of a tornado. The damage was all assessed and my insurance company issued our check. Unfortunately, our mortgage is owned by Everhome. The process sounds very easy and our neighbors are also going through the same process with their mortgage company. The problem is, Everhome is one of 2 things, CROOKS or just simply a bunch of IDIOTS. We were instructed to fax our contractors bid signed by ourselves and the contractor and the insurance adjusters claim and they will disburse the monies in insatallments. Well, getting the first check has been a nightmare. The first 6 or so times we tried to fax the docs, we had trouble getting thru because the fax number was busy. I called to find out if there was another fax number we could try, we were told no, keep trying we are recieving alot of faxes today. Finally we got it to go through, but we couldnt follow up that day because it went thru after 5 p.m. when no one was in the office. The next day we called to follow up and were told they never recieved the fax. I spoke with a gentleman named Todd and I told him we were having trouble with the fax going thru and it rings busy all day long. He said "thats strange, that is an electronic fax so it should never ring busy". I told him it was ringing busy and was just told the day before that it would ring busy if there was a lot of activity on it. I asked him if there was a different fax # to try and he gave me one. I then asked if I could just deal with him and he said yes, just ask for me when you call. We then faxed 20+ pages to the second # and of course it rang busy. I called the next day and asked for Todd. Todd was convienently at lunch when I called and was told to call back at 3 p.m. that day, Todd should be back from lunch by then. So, 3 p.m. rolls around and I ask for Todd. Todd is gone for the day. My wife finally got the fax to go thru and we called to verify, nothing went thru according to everhome. We ended up faxing 22 pages 12 times and 2 went thru and verified with fax transmission reports, but yet Everhome says they did not recieve anything. I assumed the fax was recieved since we had verification that it was, so i contacted them again. I told the girl we faxed all the documents they needed and i have confirmation that they were recieved, she put me on hold for 3 minutes to look over notes in the system. She comes back to me to inform me that they were waiting on a contractors signed bid and the insurance claim. I had to explain to her thats why I am calling. I faxed that I have verification that it went thrru just fine and I need answers as to why they keep telling what they need when i call and they have it all. She says we havent recieved anything via fax. I exploded on the phone out of frustration and used some heavy profanity. This girl starts chuckling. I said I know this may be funny to you but I am simply trying to fix my f'ing house that has been damaged by a tornado and everything was going good until Everhome got involved. She asked me if there was anything else she could do for me and i said are you kidding? The next day was Thursday and i was off work at home and thought this is a perfect time to fax and follow up. So i did and called right away and talked to a guy named Marco. Marco told me that the fax was recieved, but they still neede the signed bid from the contractor. I thought great another ### to deal with. I had to explain to him that i faxed 22 pages and it was part of that. He then says i have the page that is signed by all parties but the actual bid they need is itemized with the cost and what is to be done work wise. I said to him again, that is part of the 22 pages i faxed, keep scrolling thru your electronic fax abd the actual bid portion starts at page 4. "Oh, ok he says we also need the insurance ajusters claim as well. " Again I tell him to keep going beacause he will eventually find it within those 22 pages. "Oh okay here it is". He then proceeds to tell me the contractors bis may not be in correct form and may not be processed. I did everything in my power to not flip out this time, but made it clear I was disgusted, I simply asked him, "WHAT DO YOU F'ING PEOPLE CONSIDER A CONTRACTORS BID?" He says " well, I am not in processing, so I cant determine if this is correct or not" I say, "then why in the hell are you telling me its not correct?" He says well, it will be sent to processing and call back between 4-5 p.m. to see if it was accepted. UNBELIEVABLE!. I call back at 4:29 and ask the girl to check the status. She tells me they are still waiting for Contractors bid and Insur...I stopped her right then and there and told her to put me on hold for 2-3 minutes and read the notes. So she did. She got back on with me and told me yes, everything is in processing but we wont have a final word until tomorrow morning. OK i thought, the ball is finally rolling. I woke this morning to call them and get the good news that my first check is being release. Not so much. The girl (Andrea) tells me they are awaiting contractors bid and I stopped her right there. I explained the situation and she puts me on hold and gets back on to tell me processing takes 2 business days...EXPLODE. So here i am writing this complaint and i still have no clue as to what the holdup is. My home has blue tarpped windows a dumpster in my driveway and I cant get answers from my mortgage company. There are many other details I left out that has added to my frustrations. These are just the ones that come to mind while ranting and typing. So to say the least EVERHOME SUCKS...They can give a rats ### about their customer and someway they are making money offthis disaster and want to hang on to this money for as long as they can...it is $30+ thousand dollars we are talking about. If there was a way I could sue for negligence, withholding or plain stupidity i would. Everhome is a disaster and they are CROOKS!


This is an attorney that is trying to start a class action lawsuit against Everhome. Posting on the sites all of our complaints will not help anyone. I have been burned by everhome as well. PLEASE email the attorney with your complaint!

  • Un
    unclejoe Jan 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've emailed with no reply... are you sure this is a correct address?

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Forced Placed Insurance

My mortgage loan was sold to Everhome Mortgage last year and since then it has been a complete disaster! For the 2nd year in a row, they have screwed up on my homeowner's insurance. I have escrow, so it's their responsibility to submit payment. In February, 2010, they submitted a payment to my insurance company. I saw the withdrawl on my escrow account. In June, 2010 I saw the same amount being credited back to my account. I called to see what was going on and they could not tell me. 2 weeks later, I received a letter stating that I did not have insurance and that they were going to force place. I immediately called and they said that my insurance company had returned the check back in MARCH. I did not receive any notice from neither my mortgage company or insurance company, but went the following day and obtained insurance. After faxing them the new policy 5 TIMES, they finally updated my account. A month later, they hit me with $35oo for forced placed insurance. Even though they sat on the check and did not notify me, they are holding me responsible for the months my property was not covered. They screwed up and not my payment is almost $200 higher. I am in the process of seeking legal representation because this is just ridiculous. I spoke to some Michael idiot today and he started the conversation by "as a courtesy I am taking your call. I have more experience than most people here." What a ###! Then he proceeded to tell me that it was not their problem. Don't EVER do business with them!

  • Ro
    Roxmac Nov 13, 2010

    Don't waste another minute of your time with them. Get you an attorney. Two yrs ago they forced place a policy that cost us 5K. We weren't paying attention. Since they bought our loan in 2007 it has been grief. They haven't been exposed too much in the current foreclosure fraud. I think that is going to change soon. Where there is smoke... We retained a lawyer for a suit on standing yesterday. I'm gonna let my a attorney deal with them. I feel FREE!

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  • Ch
    Chris W/ Nov 17, 2010

    I rec'd. a letter from Mr. Michael Wood from Everhome. His letter was in response to correspondence from HUD. He actually had the "nerve" to point out my "undated" letter to my senator. Now they want to offer me a good faith gesture and place our foreclosure on hold until we look into loss mitigation options. The time has long since passed - Everhome failed at their servicing responsibilities. Making an error in the escrow calculation and foreclosing on a home is "performing its servicing responsibilities appropriately and in good faith". Good one Mr. Wood!! I truely pray that this servicer gets some attention paid to it soon. I hope everyone blessed dealing with the company has called/written their attorney general.

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  • He
    Heather A Dec 09, 2010


    The same thing happened to us in July. Our insurance provider faxed them the bill so Everhome could pay for it threw our escrow. After checking our escrow statement it said homeowner's insurance paid in the amt that was supposed to be due to our Insurance. Then in Oct the money was put back in our escrow and a few weeks later we recieve a letter stating they have found home insurance for us until we can provide one. Of coarse this insurance is like 1k a month (so they are charging us 3k). After talking to several people and being transferred they said they would send it to the research department to be looked at, which I figure means nothing. It is there responsibilty to pay the home insurance. A bill was sent by my home insurance and they did not do thier duty to pay the insurance, and then they said that we were covered under their insurace company, yet we did not recieve any info on this supposed policy until they noticed it was missing in Nov. FRAUD...FRAUD..You cant back date insurance and that is what they are doing! Please let me know if you were able to get your money back, or what steps you are taking.

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Broke into my house

Everhome Mortgage Company ***!! I came home from work to see Everhome had authorized a hitman company called Keylink Real Estate to break into my house and steal my personal property.

Only 3 days after the auction date they changed the locks and stole my tools for work and other personal items. Then they claim we had no personal property at the house that we lived in for over six years. They never filed any court orders to have us evicted. We watched from across the street as they gutted the house. We called the police they said they would not get involed.

Where will it end? Everhome and Keylink have broken the law and they need to be stopped before they do this again. Can anybody please help. Thank you Riverside, CA.

  • Cj
    CJCK04 Apr 30, 2012

    How far behind were you on your payments when they did that? We are less than 2 months behind and we are getting letters from a "hitman" company. I can't believe that the police just allow this to happen?

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My husband lost his job and we fell behind on our mortgage payments. I've had the money to give them to catch everything up for a month and a half. However, they told me I have to get the total quote with the legal fees (which adds up everyday). I have yet to recieve a call back. It wasn't until yesterday when I e-mailed the vice president, Ms. McManus at kim.[protected]@everhomemortgage.com and threatened to contact a lawyer that I got a call this morning at 8:00 AM. The lady said that she is going to look into things and get back with me today, I'll let you know how it goes.

Screwed me big time

I'm not trusting them, Everhome, my trust is in the lord. They told us not to send a payment in and that we needed to be at least 3 payments behind to qualify for a modification. We didn't send a payment when i called them I was told that we didn't qualify. I'm trusting GOD!!! Here's a prayer for everyone in this situation with this mtg co. Father God I come to u today asking that you will touch and bless everyone one this site. Lord We need a miracle. This Company is not for us. Lord you are. For u and in your word, If God be for u who can be against you, Rom 8:31. Lord we love and we thank u in advance for what you are about to do in our favor. In Jesus name i ask these blessing. Amen!!! Praise God now leave it in his hands. Get some rest. It's done.

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