I was sold a wig that was supposed to be a Slavic virgin human hair wig. That is not what I received.
After talking with the seller at length, I ordered. I was charged $250.00. It arrived at my address and I see a very badly damaged wig. The hair was overprocessed and badly damaged. It was not virgin. The lower one half of the wig just had thin hair, I could see that it had actually broken off. So thin you could see through it. I messaged the seller immediately. The seller said it was fine and they did not give refunds. He suggested I wash it and see how it looked. I did and a ton of hair color washed out and then I had a straw colored badly damaged hair. I messaged the seller again. And he says no you washed it. And he said let it air dry and it would look better. I did that and it took 2 days for it to dry. Over processed hair won't dry because it's cuticle has been damaged and the hair is opened to absorb the water. Normal hair when being washed you are washing the outside of the hair shaft. So now it was even worse. I messaged him again. He would not do anything.
I reported it to Etsy and they did absolutely nothing.
So I am stuck with a wig that isn't ever going on my head. It is ridiculous.


Aug 27, 2019

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