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E*Trade Financial reviews & complaints

E*Trade Financial complaints 44

E*Trade Financial - customer service

Froze my account for no reason at all. I have waited on the phone now for over two hours. Still no representative. Also, live chat does not work, or is limited to a few random topics that do not apply to my situation. This is quickly becoming the single worst company that I have ever done business with. I also checked their twitter page, and the same complaint has been lodged, and obviously neglected, by a multitude of people. Next stop is BBB. Veru disappointed in this company after years of being very satisfied.

Desired outcome: answer the phone!


E*Trade Financial - E-trade cost me money for my retirement

I spoke to Benjamen on 12/30/21 who said tax and retirement would call me, they never did, then he sent me a message telling me to call them so I was on hold over an hour to talk to Benjamen and another hour hold time to talk to tax/retirement team. I had to hang up, could not get through. I left 3 messages for Evan Meyer about this because he was handling this case and none of my calls were returned. You took away my option to invest in my Retirement account for 2021!! And then had the nerve to charge me a $75 transfer fee for moving my account to another brokerage firm! I was left with no other choice due to lack of service from Etrade. This problem went on for over 5 weeks with many attempts to resolve. I would like my transfer fee of $75 refunded back to me. I will continue to pursue this matter until it is resolved.

Desired outcome: REFUND

E*Trade Financial - Individual brokerage and joint savings account

Hello, I am Jacob High a former account holder with etrade. For some reason my erase account was shut down. I received papers in the mail stating that I had a security breech and that my accounts were closed. The problem is that I owned 16 shares of AMC Ent and had $399 in my savings account that I had been trying to transfer/withdrawal previous to the closing of my account. After this had happened I have been trying to recover the assets from my account to no avail. I am disappointed in the fact that no effort has been put forth to return my assets or to help me resolve this issue. I have called into etade twice since in an attempt to get this ball rolling but have had absolutely no luck. So 16 AMC stocks and $399 is what I expect to get from you guys in order to complete my accounts being closed by none other than you guys there at etrade.

Desired outcome: Receive my assets from my closed accounts

Jan 07, 2022

E*Trade Financial - E Trades Customer Service

E Trades and Customer Service

I am not going to make this brief because I have turned its over to an attorney who has informed me that E Trades is one of the most difficult businesses to deal with.

I spent 5 weeks at least 2 hours a day waiting on hold for a representative assigned to my account. I also left 14 messages to no avail. I finally sent out a blast and now am dealing with a corporate executive.
They are the worst company in regards to customer service that I have dealt with.
Please beware all that is online is true.
I have audio and visual proof of this nightmare.

Desired outcome: E Trades and Customer Service


E*Trade Financial - Funds being held and customer service is unhelpful

My account was closed due to "suspicious activity" since about 2 weeks ago. The activity was me moving my savings over, which is natural when opening a new bank account. I have been unable to access any of my money in almost a week, which being a college student in Boston MA, is not a fun situation to be in. Every time I call for help, I cannot get any help besides being told that the problem will be solved in a few days. They are holding my money from me, and I have no access to any of my checking or savings account money

E*Trade Financial - They have restricted my account and are holding my money hostage.

Etrade restricted my account without notifying me and are holding my money hostage, I can not do trades or withdraw my money. My rent is coming due and I need the funds.I have been out of work because of the pandemic and medical problems for 2 years. They say constantly it is a 2 hour minimum phone wait to reach them this is truly inexcusable in a time of high inflation.

Desired outcome: I want my damn money

E*Trade Financial - Options

My options Call expired and my total accrued amout was over 3400$.
I immediately withdrew 2300$ directly into my personal savings account.
Next Day my account showed a STAUS of INACTIVE?
I was told to callbthem to resolve an issue.
However, after calling ETRADE i was told thst that my 2300$ TRANSFER was deleted. NO ONE GAVE ME A STRAIGHT ANSWER AS WHY.
THEY KEPT MY MONEY THEN SHOWED MY ACCOUNT AS 800$. My original amount when account opened was over 3200$
So they kept 2300$ :-(. Finally i was asked why did I transfer that 2300$?
I said because it was AVAILABLE !!!
I TRANSFER MY REMAINING 800$ and closed the account.

Desired outcome: 2300 refund

Nov 01, 2021

E*Trade Financial - Account access

I have an account with Etrade for over 10 years but now I am unable to log in to my account or make any trades. I have called over and over with no reply for over a week now. I have filed a complaint with Fed Exchange comm, and next will be with Security Exchange. This never happened before, until after the merger with E*TRADE and Morgan Stanley have joined forces, combining their banking services.

The reviewer I am responding to speaks the truth. I have an E*Trade bank account linked to my brokerage account. I have tried so many avenues in efforts to contact E*Trade brokerage and banking.

Their phone nine says 60 - 90 minutes wait time and then they don't answer.
Their branch banking sites are closed due to covid, phone #'s do not have VM.
None of the #'s I have found are working.
Chat is down.

I do not understand this and I am filing a complaint.

Its insane thta they are holding our money hostage

E*Trade Financial - Not giving good customer service

For the last 3 days I have spent 6 hours holding to make a sell. I was cut off at 4:40 in Monday and no one answering the phone. Tuesday, I was one the phone for 2 hours when you said 90 minutes. I had to get off as I had some things I had to do
Today on the phone forever when I finally got someone I was cut off again What is the problem? Are you now doing Morgan Stanly online trades also? Something is really not as it was. I am loosing money on a stock that I tried to sell on Monday. You are responsible for me loosing money and that makes me angry. If I can not get through tomorrow, I will need you to replAce my losses but loosing money is not in my plan
Karen Carlton 304=235 4305

E*Trade Financial - E*Trade lost $10,000 of my money!

I had an e-trade account that I was just sitting on. I never really was active in it. I probably opened it over 15 years ago. The only way I would check on it was with their paper statements which were mailed to my home. I opened up one in June this year and noticed that it only had one penny in it. The statement which usually says $10, 000 now just said 1 cent.

Long story short, someone was able to log into my e-trade account in March and make two large calculated withdrawls and left me a penny!

I contacted E-trade and they said they would do an investigation and asked me for some selfies, signed affidavits and a police report. My conversation was with Robert Carter who assured me that the funds would be returned once the investigation was complete.

I completed all these tasks as requested and I just received a letter saying that the 'investigation was complete' and my e-trade account is now closed. My correspondence was with Robert Carter, who assured me this was not a big deal, but a formal investigation would need to be done for the funds to be replaced. He has been of little help in providing any assistance with the matter.

I just got off the phone with them and they basically said, "Too bad, so sad."

(if i take out 200 bucks from an ATM across town, the bank will often phone me. I can't believe they would let anyone just liquidate my account without my knowledge)

I expect better service from this organization.

Desired outcome: restore the missing 10,000

They seem to be stealing our money.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

E*Trade Financial - Accounting for my stock trades in my portfolio

On July 13, 2021 I made 2 stock purchases. I bought 30 share of a stock for my Personal Joint account and 20 shares of the same stock in my margin account (I had adequate cash available to purchase these shares in both of these accounts.)

The money was taken out of the accounts but I only received 29 shares added to my Personal Joint account (not 30) and no added shares (not 20) into my margin account. I checked my transaction records and the transactions are shown as completed and the cash in both accounts was reduced by the total amounts for the orders.

I have written Etrade two letters, so far, with hard copies of all of the documentation needed to explain my case. Neither letter has been answered by their customer service department.

A couple of days ago I notice that Etrade made incorrect changes in my portfolio concerning dates and purchase prices of other stocks that were in my portfolios. The changes were taken off later that day. Today, August 6th, I see that they have made further changes to the dates and prices of my earlier, stock purchases. There should be no reason to change the dates, or amounts of past purchases. I am getting highly suspicious of their activity in my account.

I'm now out the purchase price, plus the gains for the stock purchases that I mentioned above. I don't know where else to turn for help. I've made copies of the documents and am prepared to stand up to their questionable practices. I would also like to know if there is an open class action lawsuit that might fit with my case. Thanks

Desired outcome: I would like Etrade to correct my accounts so that everything is correct.

May 24, 2021

E*Trade Financial - They stole my money and closed my account

To Whom it May Concern: The purpose of this letter is to express concerns, complaints, and issues that have occurred to me while dealing with a Senior Investigator, Robert Carter, from E*Trade...

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E*Trade Financial - Purchasing of Stock

On Monday, March 8, 2021 I attempted to purchase 16, 616 shares of Gambit Energy when the stock was at .03 a share. When I place my order Etrade refused saying it was unsafe. I again tried to place another order today and was refuse as before the stock is now at 6.00 a share this refusal by Etrade has cost me over 99, 000.00 in potential earning from not allowing me to purchase the stock. When I contacted them about this they say there is nothing they can do about and refuse to compensate me for there refusal.

Desired outcome: compensation on the loss of potential earnings

Oct 16, 2019

E*Trade Financial - sell off of stocks arbitrarily

E*TRADE is a complete fraud
Selling of stocks without notice, arbitrary stock sales being done!!! What is going on here...
Had a stock SWET with ran up rather rapidly last year, as it peaked and I was considering selling - I all of a sudden get a notice that my stock was sold at roughly 1/3rd the value.
Saying that I had a sell order at that price??????
If that was the case, shouldn't it have sold at that price as it made the run thru that price??????
No explanation was ever given, nothing from E*TRADE at all...
NOW, the stock was halted pending filing of paperwork from SWET and now I've received a notice that I have a negative balance in my account. Went into see what was going on and all my stocks are GONE...
I never received notice, I never placed a stock sell, I never authorized any sale, I never received a notice of any fees due or stock would be sold off to cover fees.
WTF is going on, I am reading NUMEROUS complaints about this company E*TRADE doing this to people's accounts similar...
There is apparent fraud and it needs Government intervention

Dec 23, 2016

E*Trade Financial - E*trade promotion of cash bonus/500 free trades not honored

I opened an ETRADE SOLO 401k partly due to promotional offer of cash ($300) plus 500 free trades. They would not fulfil the promotion because outside funds were transferred to account before promo was applied - they would not backdate or make retroactive the application of the promotion.

Nowhere in their marketing literature is this exception to the promotion noted. Apparently you must notify them, in writing of some sort, that you would like the promotion applied to the new account before any funds transfer into the account occurs.

I'm immediately pulling the funds out from E*TRADE and will use TD Ameritrade who promised to deposit the same promotional cash bonus into a new account immediately.


Here is the promo details copy/pasted from the E*Trade site (12/23/2016):

Here's how to get your cash credit:
Mail or fax your completed small business retirement plan application to us
Call Customer Service at [protected] once your account is open to be enrolled in and receive the offer.
Credits for cash or securities will be made based on deposits of new funds or securities from external accounts made within 45 days of account open, as shown in the chart below. Your account will be credited within one week of the close of the 45-day window, as follows:

Deposit or Transfer
$2, 500 + free trades $1, 000, 000+
$1, 200 + free trades $500, 000 - $999, 999
$600 + free trades $250, 000 - $499, 999
$300 + free trades $100, 000 - $249, 999
$200 + free trades $25, 000 - $99, 999
Only Free Trades $10, 000 - $24, 999

Here's how to get your free trades:
You will receive up to 500 free trade commissions for each stock or options trade executed within 60 days of the deposited funds being made available for investment in the new account (excluding options contract fees). You will pay $9.99 for your first 149 stock or options trades and $7.99 thereafter up to 500 stock or options trades (plus 75¢ per options contract). Your account will be credited for trades within a week. Account must be funded within 60 days of account open with funds from outside of E*TRADE.

More important information
Offer valid for one new E*TRADE Securities retirement account opened by 12/31/2016 and funded within 60 days of account opening with $10, 000 or more with funds from outside of E*TRADE. Excludes E*TRADE Securities brokerage and E*TRADE Bank accounts.

You will not receive cash compensation for any unused free trade commissions. Excludes current E*TRADE Financial Corporation associates, non-U.S. residents, and any jurisdiction where this offer is not valid. This offer is not valid for business, Custodial, Estate, LLC, Sole Proprietorship, Unincorporated Organization or E*TRADE Bank accounts. New funds or securities must remain in the account (minus any trading losses) for a minimum of 6 months or the credit may be surrendered. One promotion per customer. E*TRADE Securities reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time.


E*Trade Financial - Etrade holding my money hostage

E*trade has my money and won't let me get it back, i sent a external deposit and a wire totaling $20, 000. etrade won't let me access my money, i have never used the account yet. did not make one...

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E*Trade Financial - Etrade holding my money hostage

etrade has my money and won't let me get it back, i sent a external deposit and a wire totaling $20, 000. etrade won't let me access my money, i have never used the account yet. did not make one...

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Jul 31, 2015

E*Trade Financial - Owner threatened me

Another scamming website. Don’t use the services of the company www.etrade.com. All their offers and investments were total scam and rip off. I wanted to stop the deal with them, but the rep started...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

E*Trade Financial - They refuse to release my money

etrade closed my account for NO reason and completely shut me out of their website . the reps told me a letter was coming to explain how why and how to get my money out. i have not received a...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

E*Trade Financial - ETrade = thieves & crooks

ETrade is the worst trading company you can pick. Horrible customer service, outright theft of customers money, and a complete lack of professionalism in financial management & trading practices. Whatever you do - stay away from ETrade!!!

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