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Dear Sir/Madam,
I'd like to bring to your attention that I'm having the worst experience with your company.
the issue started when I had bought blackberry with unlimited local data plan and limited calls for 500 aed on the 10th of jan 2009 but I'm realy shocked when I'm recieving the bill for the amount of 3600 aed for the month of jan and 11800 aed till the last hour and today's date is 2nd of feb only.
and please be informed that I had posted three complaints on your website but withuot response and one complaint on 101 and the same (no response), and the problem is my account setting in etisalat is wrong because it suppose to be under the categoary of blackberry monthly plan not 3g pay as you go.
so I'd decided to publish this issue through the local news papers then I'll file a case against etisalat for frauding.
thank you

Dr. Bakir Y. Dawood
Dubai- U.A.E


  • Th
    thriuppathi Mar 30, 2008

    i am geting wrong mesg from 00919790797718 please find out who is that

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  • Er
    ericko Feb 12, 2009

    Etisalat is posting billions of profit while fraudulently Overcharging it's users. Apparently the Blackberry Unlimited Data plan is only for recieving 1 screen email. So even when your blackberry is recieving more email data and shows on your screen recieving more, you actually get charged 1fil per kB.

    When you use 3rd party apps like yahoo messenger, gmail, Viigo, AP News, Google Maps etc, They actually charge you for data Usage.

    If you connect your blackberry via ur laptop. I.e Tethering, they charge you as well per Kb.

    I find it very appalling that what they call unlimited Data plan is actually just Recieving emails. It's daylight robbery. I currently have a bill of 14, 000 AED. in 1 month. Never have I recieved this kind of bill. They bill it as 3g pay as you go for the Data usage. People lets take this guys to Court.


    sutraguru at

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  • Em
    Emma Feb 17, 2009

    I've been using Blackberry unlimited international data plan from Etisalat for months, here's how I understand it according to my bills:

    I receive a LOT of emails, heavy attached files, browse internet, use 3rd party applications like msn/yahoo/nimbuzz messengers, viigo, etc, my bills are usually fine, I mean... I have no detailed idea of my bills as I've never received any... But never got charged thousands of aed.

    Be very careful regarding 3rd party applications and browser config, they would sometimes connect via WAP instead of GPRS/EDGE/3G. Wap is not part of the data plan! Also, media streaming like youtube, webradios, etc, goes via WAP... They obviously won't tell you about that.

    What I absolutly can't understand is the billing process itself, and here's my little story:

    My BB has been disconnected for 4 days, data works fine, but I just can't place any outgoing call.
    I've checked my balance online, at machines, went to Etisalat branch, they all find different amounts, have different ideas. I've finally added extra funds to my account, just in case, as no one really knows how to check a balance in that company, so my balance is positive ha, but I'm still disconnected, and these clever people keep on thinking that the funds I add is my outstanding balance...

    You can shout, you can laugh, you can go to them or call, it will never create momentum, their inertia is just amazing.

    Here are the different solutions they proposed me :

    1. Add 500aed and it will be fine ( Yeah, keep on thinking I work for you to maintain your lifestyle ! )
    2. Change the SIM card ( What for ? )
    3. Add 58aed and it works tomorrow ( ... )
    4.Add 102 and it's fine ( ... ... )
    5.Come back tomorrow morning so we can check ( Fair one, we live in the Gulf )
    6.Go to Etisalat in Abu Dhabi to check your balance ( Sure, count on me for the drive ! )

    I know and see that they mainly use computers to exchange stupid emails and porn, but at least they should be able to check a balance.
    What are they taught during their long months highly paid training sessions, how to quickly sort out the office when the Sheikh comes for inspection ?

    Anyway, as the saying goes, you can't make a donkey a racing horse.

    Let's take thjis guys to Court ? I'm IN !!!


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  • Mu
    mukund Feb 21, 2009

    I have been using Yahoo Voice for the past 3 years to make calls to India Mobile Nos from Yahoo voice. But now we are not able to renew our account in Yahoo as Etisalat has blocked the site. Sent complaints to Yahoo also but no response. can it be resolved.

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  • Ma
    Mark Abu Dhabi Mar 06, 2009

    I am also going through this experience. On top of my unlimited domestic data plan 185 they charged me aed 504. My bill indicates that it is for 3G usage. I went to the main branch to file a complaint. They are telling me that this is due to some sites such as youtube that I visited (but I thought I have the unlimited data plan). They said the plan is just for reasonable amount of data. Its not really unlimited. So we had a small argument at the main branch it doesn't make sense. So we end up me creating a complaint in written form and was asked to wait for their call. It's been 5 days now and I haven't received any call.


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  • Wa
    WaQ Apr 05, 2009

    yes i am facing same issue...
    i had cancel my 3G Data Bundle in Oct - 2008 and i kept form copy with etisalat stamp for my record and today i check my sim and its showing my -2374.aed huh... these guys must have some thing wrong with there services... and today i also visited them and they told me they have some problem with there system and they are trying to fix.. what are you talking about ? if you have issue with your system why its never shown me +3000.aed in my mobile ... they are crazy and there customer service is worst ever.. there customer support guys don't know any thing... and they are very rude... aspecially with asians ... if these guys not able to solve my issue within this week i will file a case against them in Dubai...

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  • To
    toreplayme Apr 05, 2009

    i have read all this posts, and i am with you guys, lets take them to court.
    i have two blackberries at home, both of them have unlimited data plan, but i am getting every month 5000-6000 aed per month for each phone. i really fed up of them !
    i call, i go to etisalat, i file online form, still damn nothing.
    only one time i found a somebody who was able to help me at support 101 his name was Ahmad.
    he told me go to options and uncheck all wap push. thats why your bills are high.
    well i did it now, lets see what will be my bill next month.
    anyway, we have all right to take them to court. they must away customers about this charges when they are selling to us this phones.
    long story short i am IN.
    toreplayme at gmail dot com

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  • Ca
    Cameo May 09, 2009

    Count me in guys,

    I got the iphone 3G package few months back from Eatthesalad and right from the start the was something wrong with the phone, it kept switching from network to network, it was showing Orange while in Dubai. After zillions calls to 101 and millions visit to the branch, I managed to change the defected phone for a new one. and NOW I am charged for 7 hours of internet use in... guess where...? OSAKA? here we go again, called 101, visited the branch and still no action, I have paid my share of the bill and left the extra charges outstanding while the case is "so called" under investigation.

    but to top of it, they blocked my sim.

    There is no real complain department to approach, no supervisor to complain to... what a scam.

    Let me know guys, if anyone found an e-mail or phone to the right person or department.

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  • Bu
    bushako Jun 11, 2009

    Count me in guys...I purchased an iPhone 3g 8GB with data plan 2 at a cost of 350Dhs per month with 125min talk time and limited data plan from Etisalat. Every month i get charged for making outgoing calls and i havent even gone over the 125 minutes...when i checked online i was shocked to see that instead of charging the regular price of 30fils per minute i was being charged like 60fils per minute which is twice the rate. I call 101 and they told me they cant help me and that i have to go to the main branch so i went there and they told me i have to call 101...neither of the party no what the hell they are doing.

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  • Fd
    FDisgusted Aug 06, 2009

    I was incorrectly charged Dh3600 for two weeks of intermittent 3G usage (2 or 3 log ons!), and my mobile was cut off for "non-payment of an account" - this on a new post-paid account in operation only for two weeks.

    After numerous visits and complaints, and some very basic mathematics illustrating that their account was in error (the one I finally received several months after the event), they acknowledged that they had made an error, and consequently reduced the amount (but once again incorrectly).

    I had paid what I believed was due, and queried their balance for which there is absolutely no rational justification.

    It is now 19 months consequent to my several letters of complaint and submittal of completed Etisalat forms ... and I still receive an invoice in the same disputed amount every month.

    I also tried their ineffectual 101 and 142 service numbers, which numbers do not provide any option to query the account.

    No matter what one does, in terms of letters and completion of their documentation, ###all happens ... just the same old ### of recurring fraudulent invoices!

    Do you wonder why I refer to this organisation as "ET slut"?

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  • We
    wessam Aug 06, 2009

    again that's what happen with me, Et slut charged me for 3g while i have an unlimited data plan!!!
    wadib at

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  • Fr
    FraudHaters Oct 25, 2009

    Oh yeah!! This ET sluts are f*ckers

    They recently advertised that they are giving 99Fils/minute call rate to those Asian countries that got hit by calamity.

    they did it good making them look like concerned company but what they didn’t tell the public is if you are engage to their other promo/schemes (or call it whatever you like because nobody knows what it is) you will not be entitled for this. I literally spent hundreds of Dirhams in just 5 calls to my wife’s country where i was charged 2DH++ a minute when I thought will be only 99fils.

    not only me but my other friends got fooled too, most of us didn’t even know that we are with some of their promo/schemes and when I called their customer service, the bloody fools told me that i should have confirmed the advertisements to them before going for it.. Fraudulent ###!!

    I now agreed in what I read in the UN sites.. This bloody part of the world have false freedom and don’t even know what "human rights" is..

    And they would ask "why did you come here?"


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  • Sh
    shubhankar kelkar Nov 23, 2009

    Etisalat charges 137 dhirams to check one email in Oman for those with domestic blacberry plan.

    I bought two blackberry phones in Gitex from Jacky's, where i also won a netbook and very good bundle offer. However, during my one day visit to Muscat, I checked two emails and in evening when i checked my prepaid balance i was shocked to see that from almost 300 dhirams that i recharged just one day before ( which i did for first time to win 100, 000.00 during etisalat's recharge promotion ) I had real shocker when i found that Aed 279 have been deducted from my recharge in the evening . I made several visits to etisalat office and was told that I was charged 279 dhiram for checking 2 emails with attachment in Oman. so friends 185 monthly charges + 279 for checking two emails.

    There is really no customer service or Accounts division, they just make fool of us by asking us to visit again and again and give some excuses and unsatisfactory explanation. Customer service section insist that we must always call 101 while visiting other country and they will give us tarrif for usage.. I called 101 dozens time and every they told me that they do not have standard tarrif, and no such details of charges is available with 101 executives.

    I was too frustated over loosing 279 dhirams in just a day. Hard earned money lost due to someone else incompetence gives lot of heartache. I am shocked to see posting here who shared that they had black berry bills of upto 14000, , , what a shock...

    Now the worst game played again by etisalat... i requested immediate disconnection of both blackberry nos. after 4 days one no. was disconnected but for another no. the request for disconnection was reverse automatically.. As i got connection on 30th October, 2009 i wanted to avoid another month billing so I had to visit again twice to ensure that the blackberry plan is disconnected without fail... hope it is disconnected permanently and not it will not be activated automatically ... lol .. anything can happen with etisalat blackberry connection..

    No wonder most staff of Etisalat are having such a great time and cost of customers frustation and fradulent practise ( I am saying so, since no one seems seriously interested in looking into customer grievences)

    Most of Emirates are taking wonderful steps to support Emiratis in government as well as private sector.. It's support to Emiratis have boosted their confidence and self respect... however, if such wonderful opportunities they have got in reputed govt. sector are taken casually... such insincerity will be major setback to govt plan to support youngsters and locals. ... I feel atleast all youngsters involved in govt. sector who have lazy attitute, should wake up, pull up their socks and ... give back to society ..who is giving them best career opportunites to make you future. At least attend to the complaints seriously and show some seriousness and committment to look into such issues.

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  • Ca
    carlos abergas May 22, 2010

    i right this complain regarding my application to etissalat, i aply for the connection of iternet since 21 april 2010, until now not finished to connect im appreaid this coming monthly bill, if he put or not because since them im not using internet

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  • Mo
    Mohammedt Jun 08, 2010

    Guys, it is 1 AM in dubai and i couldnt sleep because this issue.
    i have an Iphone 8 GB 3G, plan 4 for 2000 MB free, i was shoked that my data connection was disconnected on the 5th of june when i called 101 they said i have a bill of 1200 AED because of over use, i didnt want to make an issue out of it so i paid it... then i was told it will be getting reconnected in 1 hour... this is the third day i have just called 101 and they are telling me i have to pay 12000 AED, twelve thousand yes.

    they say i used 6 GB in 5 days can any one tell me if that is possiable??

    i am going tomorrow to etisalat if my issue is not sloved i am really going to court...

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  • Za
    Zahra Mehraj Din Jun 20, 2010

    i have visit etisalat outlet on Thursday 17 June 2010 for internet connection they told me somebody today evening will call you n give ypu the user name and technical team will come n do the connection so far no one has come i have check with 101 etisalt customer care center. they dnt have any record

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  • Mu
    Muhammad Shoaib Jul 09, 2010

    dear sir,
    i have al-shamil internet connection from january i m facing teraffic problem here, i complained alot of time but your technicain could'nt do any thing. jebel ali free zone are, round about 12, new west camp, dubai, account no 441419844

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  • Lo
    LOCAL_ARAB_HATER Jul 29, 2010

    yes, finally somebody is making this a problem. i've been in dubai, uae for 3 months now. but from the beginning i had this feeling that there's something wrong with this country. it seems like an attracting place, yes, you have a job, an opportuniy (or at least that's what people think when coming here). but what we all forget is that we are all working for the benefits of these damned sheikhs, who've placed themselves so highly and made an image of innocent holy people. i'll tell ya, these local arabs are the most perverted alcoholics i've ever seen. IN REALITY, PEOPLE ARE WORKING FOR THE BENEFIT OF THESE F3UCKERS. DO THEY EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF ONE DAY ALL THE NON-CITIZENS LEFT THE COUNTRY?

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  • Uk
    UK doc in dubai Aug 02, 2010

    I am having the same problem for a bill of 33k!!! in 7 days for this month. Has anyone any solution to this and how to handle these guys

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  • Ih
    ihateetisalat Sep 08, 2010


    PATHETIC AND POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! the best part is that they are not even bothered about it. LOLZ.

    They know that they are monoply in UAE. why would they bother our complaints? I faced same problems as you guys mentioned. very high and unreasonable billing. I happened to make complaints at various points but no action was taken.

    Solution: I just gave up. Etisalat won and i had to disconnect my postpaid connection with them.

    Problem with them is that they are not well educated. they don't have good business sense. Whether they charge customers or not, we are forced to choose etisalat connection. There are no other sources of communication. I don't want to use too many bad words for etisalat because i can't find a worst word for them yet. there is nothing that can explain why etisalat does this to all customers in UAE.

    Paid them over 3000k in two months and then decided i btr step aside. no point of making myself more frustrated. I just don't want to deal with these bunch of losers called "Etisalat". so guys no point of goin to court. ur time is more important. leave etisalat the way it is, it doesnt have any credibility anyway.

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  • Va
    ValentinaK Oct 05, 2010

    Facing problem with my e-life and 3G iPhone billing.. too high for Data usage. I have disconected 3G and Data on my iPhone, but still bill is too high.
    Bills for my eLife I'm not getting at all, only number to pay...

    what is going on?????

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  • Di
    Divendra Kumar Oct 10, 2010

    Guys I suggest that we start a campaign. Each of us, who is some way suffering from Etisalat Overcharging problem should complain to Telecom Regulatory Authority at

    Please keep informing to TRA of all unresolved matter.

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  • Na
    nasirdeen Oct 26, 2010

    divendra, Etisalat is supported by govt authorities. after hearing lot of sad stories with ETIsalat, i became extremely cautious and tracking everyday usage level in the online account. (most of the time serveri busssssy but dont give up). During the weekdays they dont updat the data usage in our consumed limits. They do it over they night (probably in weekends that too towards end of month). So pls be careful in trackng the data usage and dont rely on their online account. As usual when contact 101, they are shameless to say we dont know ...

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  • Ma
    Mathew Francis Fernandez Jul 26, 2011

    AED 30/00 deducted for an SMS when I played in the internet. when I sent the SMS I got the reply like this." your message is not recognised. for more info please visit"
    please refund my money as soon as possible.

    email: [email protected]

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  • Ja
    Jakaeva Sep 07, 2011

    We( me and my friends 4 pax) are having bad internet connections in our smartphones. It has been a week but we are not able to chat through social networks. This is very dissapointing!!!

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  • An
    angei Jan 04, 2012

    I received a call- supposedly from etisalat-stating that I had won AED 500, 000 as part of the Etisalat offer. For verification he provided me with a number asked me to match it with my SIM card number. Surprisingly its match with my number at the back of my sim card., I just want to know if its true ??this is the caller number...0507269245

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  • Ru
    Rudrani Jun 24, 2012

    Sir, Now I got a call from mobile No.+971566785090 at 4.27 pm Saying that he is calling from Etisalat and I got a lot of Dhs. 250, 000 from Etisalat through some promotion and they are asking my details...Please check the number... and do the needfull.

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  • Ro
    rockstar143 Jul 01, 2012

    I want the call details of my uae number of etisalat.all incoming, outgoing and misscalls...Whr can i Get this ...

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  • Hs
    hsg Jul 11, 2012

    the main question is, does etisalat care?

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  • Ni
    Nishtha Kumar Nov 26, 2012

    I received a call from someone claiming to be from Etisalat (+971 56 3564145)
    The caller told me that I had just won the lottery and to call him back.
    I called back and he said that I had to confirm a certain number is in my simm card. Of course I did not...

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  • Ap
    Applu Dec 12, 2012

    Received scam call from # 0563078051 and using Etisalat name and spoiling Etisalat reputation please take serious action against this account owner.

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  • Mi
    michael.dwells.1 Dec 14, 2012

    I got calls from different weird phone numbers, too. They were apparently a spam call on a loop. I get the same recording every time. Sick of it. No way to stop the calls.

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  • Mi
    michael.dwells.1 Dec 14, 2012

    This is why, now, i always make it a point to report unsolicited callers to in an attempt to get the attention of the higher authorities to act against this harassment.

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  • Mi
    michael.dwells.1 Dec 14, 2012

    This is why, now, I always make it a point to report unsolicited calls to Callercenter in an attempt to get the attention of the higher authorities to act against this harassment.

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  • Go
    gonpd Dec 16, 2012

    My number 00971508278997, please stop these service from my phone I don't need it any more. You are charging me for nothing.

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  • Za
    Zaigham Feb 04, 2013

    Etisalat really sucks. I wonder why UAE govt doesnt take action against Etisalat? You will never know where your credit'd disappear.

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  • Co
    coby258 Feb 17, 2013


    Please note that this number 0563237972 has been calling me and asking for my Bank details. He claim's that I have won 500, 000 Dirhams.


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  • Hu
    hussain miah Apr 05, 2013

    Sir, this is my number. 0567455682.The above said link every friday in between 1 am and 3.30AM they are cutting 10 dhs. So please stop these cutting immediately.

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  • Sh
    shaikh izhar Apr 10, 2013

    As i am using etisalat line but unable to use mobile internet in my karbonn a111 android mobile phone,

    I tried to resolve the problem with the etisalat customer service but no use,

    So please provide a good solution for me, so that i can use mobile internet.

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  • Ab
    abdul wahab244 Jun 09, 2013 can i check call details? please inform me my e mail ID is [email protected]

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