Etihad Airwaysvery loud family on plane were very rude and did not control their children at all.

Very loud family on plane didn't control their children. Two kids sitting in the middle row seats 22E to 22G were running up and down the aisles and standing on the seats. The parents and family members did nothing to control the children and the etihad staff didn't seem to do much either. This was during sleeping time, when all the lights were off and the whole plane was trying to sleep. Ruined my sleep and my flight with the whole families loud deep voices. Also at the start the older woman from the same group spoke over me inbarabic to one of the staff members about getting me moved so she could have the whole row to herself! It was very indiscreet of her and made me feel very uncomfortable. The family were spread out between rows 20-22 mainly on the left side of the plane and there were about 10 of them. Children should be put in a certain area of the plane and heir families should be warned by staff to take better care of their kids and not travel with them if they cant/be fined if they can't. Flight EY 461 departing 02/10/2019

Oct 02, 2019

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