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I would like to express the extreme wrong doing made by Etihad on Friday 2nd August 2019

My father had booked and paid in full for a return flight from Sydney to Frankfurt, 3 months prior to his departure date on the 2nd Aug. My husband, father and I arrived at the airport within the appropriate time to help him check in and send him on his way. When we got to the check in desk, the attendant informed us that the flight was overbooked and my father was being offloaded to the next available flight to Frankfurt. This would not be possible until the following day, 3rd August. My father had booked his seat on the plane in advance and could not comprehend how he was not able to get on his flight as planned.

My father is 80 years old and was travelling back to his home country to visit family and friends for the last time. Despite his good health, this would be his last trip flying overseas on an aeroplane.

The attendants at the airport re-booked Dad on the next day's flight (same departure time) and gave him a $600 voucher to use exclusively with Etihad. We were forced to go home that night and have Dad stay at our place, as his home is over an hour's drive away from the airport.

On Saturday 3rd Aug, I was booked into hospital to get an IV infusion of medication for a medical condition I have. Obviously I was not able to take Dad back to the airport that day. My husband had to take Dad to the airport which, as you can imagine, was quite distressing for all three of us. My father felt like cancelling his trip altogether and somehow felt responsible for inconveniencing my husband and I.

The Etihad staff from Friday night had reported the situation to the Saturday staff and Dad was looked after very well, finally leaving for Germany 24hrs later. However, because he was a day late getting into Frankfurt, he missed his train connection which was also booked and paid for 3 months in advance of his departure. Dad had to pay another $100 for a new train trip to take him to his accomodation. When he arrived back home, he attempted to claim the extra ticket back on his travel insurance but he would have to pay a $200 excess fee. This is obviously pointless and we were originally told by Etihad staff that they would not cover this expense.

This whole situation is completely unjust and the compensation of a voucher for use only with Etihad is unreasonable and not really a true compensation in my opinion.

The impact on the staff on the ground level who tried their best with the limitations they had, also has a negative impact. They too suffer from these processes and have to bear the brunt of other frustrated customers who may not be as forgiving as I was.

A $600 voucher will not take you anywhere without having to pay more money for a complete trip.
It seems very unfair that profit will inevitably be made to the company from the compensation you provided because of the inconvenience caused to my father for overbooking his flight. However, the emotional stress this has caused to my father and the impact it has had on not only him, but my husband and I, makes this issue more than just an inconvenience. I only hope that you can grant my father the true compensation that he so deserves.


Cath B.

  • Etihad Airways Customer Care's Response, Oct 05, 2019

    Hello Cath, thank you for your comment.
    Please share your complaint with [protected] and the Guest Relations Team will look into your query to change the compensation. *Isi

Oct 05, 2019

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