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My name is Miraflor Espineda, my booking reference is LLSOLW, email add: [protected]

I booked a flight on the 25th of September 2019 for November 11 GOING TO CHIANG MAI THAILAND and fly back on the 17th OF November from CHIANG MAI TO ABU DHABI via Bangkok for 3 pax- myself, and 2 others namely Anna Leah Surio and Maldo Labajo.

Flight was paid using my debit card and confirmed on the 25th September at 5pm. Apparently, at 8pm I was told that the flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai was cancelled.
Having learned this, I was upset knowing the payment was accepted and booking has been confirmed. Alternatively, we were offered to fly from Bangkok to Chiang Mai on the 12th of November which means we will stay in Bangkok overnight and fly the next day to Chiang Mai as arranged by Etihad but we will have to shoulder the accommodation expenses overnight as flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is not responsibility of Etihad since it's a 3rd party flight and they don't have control on it as per their advice .

We agreed on this despite my disappointment. However, on the 1st of October I received a call from Etihad's agents telling me that the entire flight was cancelled already and the payment has been reimbursed back to my account without further notice/advice. I was told that my money was successfully reimbursed back to my HSBC account right then and there.

Hopeless as to where is this going, we felt not supported in any way the entire booking modification and cancellation happened. Hence, we waited until the money was reimbursed back to my account so we would be able to book our flight ASAP.
Unfortunately, your team has provided me wrong CODE for HSBC to finally reimburse back the money to my account. You provided me the wrong CODE twice. We reached out to your team multiple occasions which I hope you'll be able to track down.

Yesterday I called again your team to follow up on this and move forward to this reimbursement to get my money back, we were told that they will work on it and they will contact certain departments which will hopefully help me. But with all due respect none has get back to me through email nor mobile number I provided to give me an update on this or guide me with other necessary steps to move forward.

I talked to one of the supervisors yesterday which I demanded to speak to because this is so ridiculous and very unacceptable. Regrettably your manager under the name of Marc T (which he mentioned he is not allowed to give his full name) was never helpful at all. Instead he advised me to write a formal complain so they can work on it. I also provided him my email add and mobile contact number but he didn't call or email me.

I hope you will work on it ASAP. We are stuck on waiting the money from you as the tickets were paid using my DEBIT card. I cannot book another flight while you haven't reimbursed back the money to me yet. This flight is specifically for a festival happening in Chiang Mai and the longer you keep this we will not be able to find a decent and affordable flight as this will be costly.

contact number: [protected]

  • Etihad Airways Customer Care's Response, Oct 05, 2019

    Hello Iris, I can see that the refund was processed on 25 September.
    It will take two weeks until it reflects in your account. *Isi

Oct 04, 2019

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