Etihad Airwayscharged for the name change of my daughter and didn't give me a receipt

I am extremely frustrated by the way ethihad charged me 400 aed for my daughter's name being different in the ticket and the passport. I wasn't given a receipt for this and told that name has been updated. Is this the way you mentally harass a woman travelling with a kid? I was travelling along with my daughter from abudhabi to Bahrain on 9th Oct flight no EY 375 departing at 1600. I went for check in by around 1340 and I was informed that theres a difference in the name and the ticket and that I need to approach the ethihad guest check in to pay an amount equal to a new ticket amount to update the name. I was perplexed and the only thing in my mind was to reach bahrain. Since I had cash with me I paid the amount and they gave me a boarding pass. Why was I not given a receipt of the money received? If this is the mandatory procedure then why is it not a part of ethihad website from which tickets are booked?
In addition, we travelled along with my spouse from Bahrain to cochin with the same name difference in the ticket on 4th sept and on 26th September to Abu Dhabi. Why weren't we notified of the same at these times? This is unexpected of a reputed airline of such mishandling because of which the travellers are traumatised. I urge you to look into the matter and return the amount you have charged at the earliest.

Etihad Airways
Etihad Airways
Etihad Airways

  • Etihad Airways Customer Care's Response, Oct 13, 2019

    Hello Nimmy, I have checked your booking LEBRZN and can see that the name correction fee was added to your booking. Even though you have not receive a receipt for it, it won't be possible to refund the fee to you.
    I have checked the other two bookings and cannot advise why the wrong name was accepted by the Airport Team.
    In order to avoid any additional fees, it's best that the names in the bookings always match with the passport. *Isi

Oct 11, 2019

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