Etihad Airwaysbad customer service and causing unwanted stress

My name is Vanessa Rhoda, flight ref FAHLUL. I booked this flight to go home to SA to visit my ailing father & children. First, none of the customer care nrs in Thailand worked when I tried to arrange wheelchair assistance & authorisation to carry my chemo drugs. Etihad eventually responded when I took to Twitter. After long correspondence & asking what was required because my Dr is only available on Thursdays, they got back to me Friday evening saying they needed me to apply for medical clearance & my Dr has to complete their Med. Clearance forms. If not, they could deny me boarding on 29/09.After speaking to numerous people & explaining I was cleared by my Dr & am fit to fly, they still insisted I call the hospital & get a Dr to do the forms. All my explanations fell on deaf ears. I called the hospital but no Dr who wasn't my attending Physician wanted to do it. The airline's response:"you could be denied boarding"
I am annoyed & upset abt how I was treated & instead of helping me, this airline made me feel like my illness was a huge inconvenience, more so to them than to me. And they caused me unwanted stress and anxiety up until the time I went to the airport to check in, fearful that I may not see my father who has Alzheimers after being away from them more than 2 years. Yes my illness is serious, but no one needs to be reminded of it in such an unprofessional manner. I feel that if they had told me from the outset what they needed as I requested, this whole unpleasant situation could have been avoided. The worst part is that when I presented myself, no apology for how I was treated was issued nor any compensation in good faith offered. I would like this matter looked into and want some kind of compensation for what I was put through. I kindly ask that you assess this matter and get back to me urgently.

Etihad Airways
Etihad Airways
Etihad Airways
Etihad Airways

  • Updated by VRhoda, Sep 29, 2019

    Correction of flight booking reference :FAJLUL flight departed Thailand 29 September 2019

  • Etihad Airways Customer Care's Response, Oct 02, 2019

    Dear Vanessa,

    Please contact our Guest Relations Team via our Feedback Form online so that this can be investigated further.

    Thank you. *Rose

Sep 29, 2019

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