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A Oct 11, 2019

I have flown Etihad from Melbourne to Europe return and on both occasions our flights have been overbooked and significant delays and we were given a credit voucher that expires in 12 months to compensate us for the overbooking, even though we had to add 7 more hours to our flight and one stopover and wait an additional 2 hours to board.

We purchased the tickets months ago and this is simply unacceptable that they did not reserve seating for us (and many others) that we have been shoved around this way to suit their booking system that priority is for them to fill there flights at the expense of passengers having to be inconvenienced as they simply don't care..

I will never fly with them again and find this not only unacceptable but shows the low priority they 0lace in their passengers.

  • Etihad Airways Customer Care's Response · Oct 13, 2019

    Hello Ady, I'm sorry to hear you were affected by the overbooking of the flights.
    This is a very common practice as many guests are not able to reach their flights due to different reasons. Like this it can be ensured, that the aircraft is flying in its full capacity.
    We apologise that you were not able to fly with your originally booked flight and appreciate that you accepted to fly later. Thank you. *Isi

  • Updated by Ady_B · Oct 13, 2019

    This is simply not acceptable, making excuses and putting your paying customers before yourselves is the simple issue here, dont try and excuse this unsatisfactory behaviour by passing the buck.

    There was no compensation and there was not one bit of care taken due to your airline turning us away from our planned flight once we had paid and booked months ago. This is simply a money making exercise at the expense of your customers time and comfort, people cancelling their already booked flights (as you say this is a reason) are NOT offered refunds or have already paid for flexi fares prior to this so you DO NOT LOOSE OUT, you just want to make more money and that's all there is too it.. You don't give a [censored] about your passengers and I note you DO NOT refund them their money or re-route a passenger for being late to their flight!

    We had over 8 hours added to our very long trip home (that ended up being over 30 hours) and our connecting plans were all messed up costing us many hundreds of dollars and way too much frustration for something that was clearly paid for and had been given an itenerary for, we did not 'accept' the fly later we weren't given any other choice!! What were we supposed to do we had not other option but to rebuy another ticket with another airline after we had already paid??

    You should simply take responsibility for this is you are going to run your booking this way, provide an upgrade to business class or refund cash in the situation, the pathetic voucher you offered me, meaning we have some sort of credit to your airline!! Meaning we have to spend more money with you to reciece more poor service (also nothing this excuse for some sort of compensation expires within 12 months, so they know nobody will use it!) is a complete joke and so is this treatment.

    I am not angry I am totally disgusted with this treatment, the fact your company think this is acceptable leaves me without words so mahyboeooke feel this way but can't be bothered so they just take your punishment.

    I fly regularly in both economy and business class with many of the world's airlines and have travelled all across the world many times. This isn't standard practice and you know it, what is very below standard is your service and the way you have as adopted this method to indemnify your own bottom lines for greater profit margins knowingly putting passengers like myself and my travel partner in this pradicament, then providing insulting responses like your justification of why this is ok!

    We were shoved on a crappy indonseion airline that has questionabke safety and were forced to fly via another country and clear customs through a country I didn't want to visit, our seats weren't even together after out almost 4 hour wait in the airport when we had booked a direct flight, I will NEVER fly with Etihad again due to this and the way it has been handled as it happened more than once on my travels just this this year with Etihad, I will NEVER fly with you or any other airline that does this again and your 'standard practice' shows exactly how much you really care about your passengers.

    I am disgusted by your response to be honest as it just proves again how much you really care, I haven't had any response from Etihad directly and this has only been flagged as it's publicly viewable and their response from my direct complaint 2 days later was was someone will respond within 14 days, wow again speechless!

    This is not resolved and this is not satisfactory, you may think by writing back with your insulting response that it somehow justifies your overbooked flight procedures but it just shows me that I am dealing with the wrong business and flying with the wrong airline.

    To anybody reading this BE WARNED this is not standard practice and I WILL NOT be treated this way, it will happen to you and they will just shove you where you can fit in their schedule.

    Mistake trusting this name DON'T FLY ETIHAD, their motto is 'choose well' what a joke..

    I will choose well and avoid this nightmare when travelling..

    Poor service and even worse handling of this formal complaint.

    Never again.

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