Ethan AllenShame on them


Do not buy a mattress from Ethan Allen or anything for that matter! The customer service is terrible! They do not stand behind their products. I purchased a $2000.00 mattress set and cannot sleep on it, they came out and the tech said he couldn't sleep on it, so I thought they would exchange it out, but no he had me sign a paper that "he was there." NOT it was a paper saying not Ethan Allens fault! No one would help I even sent a letter to the President of Ethan Allen and he did NOTHING! I can't sleep on it at all you feel like your falling off the bed! So do yourself a favor buy from someone who knows something about mattresses not a $2000.00 set from them that I guarantee you won't be able to sleep on. I was at a party and was talking to another lady and she said her daughter had the same problem with a mattress purchased from Ethan Allen and they wouldn't do anything for her. The lady said exactly what I said she couldn't sleep on the mattress and felt like she was falling out of the bed! SHAME ON ETHAN ALLEN!!

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