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Ironically, as a marketing and public relations professional I understand that occasionally mistakes are made. But to fess up and make right usually says something for the company and the issue. To date, I have attempted to fix issues with a September furniture order my newlywed husband and I placed with no resolution.

I have called and emailed corporate. The customer relations representatives that I was assured would return my call promptly never have. Instead I got an email weeks later - after again reaching out - from someone else who seems to have no ability to resolve anything. Rather I am advised in a email "that the local store" has the ability to discern things about delivery, fees, etc. Yes isn't it ironic that the local designer who sold me the items hasn't been heard from once since I placed the order? And instead I'm tracking down people at the local store who are also non-communicative? I placed another email to them last week - it's been four days and nothing. Not one word.

Thankfully, my husband and I received a few of the non-upholstered items and we will keep those. But we have decided that the other items are no longer of importance to us. I will never buy from Ethan Allen again and I have told - and will continue to tell everyone who visits my home - about the horrors of working with the company. I am contemplating calling my credit card company and advising them due to the poor customer service and the failure by Ethan Allen to deliver a product promised.

I anxiously await to see if Paula Mandeville will finally, after 8 weeks respond to me or if the corporate folks I spoke to will call me back. But I do plan to use the power of the pen and the Internet to share my dissatisfaction and tell everyone who will listen that Ethan Allen is not a company that I would recommend doing business with.

It's disheartening to read all these issues. I loved my designer but I hate what she did and I know hate the company. Reputation is built on more than price of a "Supposed superior" product. It's built on responsiveness, reaction and responsibility.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

  • Ethan Allen Customer Care's Response · Nov 24, 2009

    I am sorry to hear the email address was undeliverable. If you would still like to contact me, please email: [protected], or to [protected] and ask for me. My associates will forward your email to my attention.

    Best regards,
    Paula Mandeville


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      Nov 09, 2009

    I agree Ethan Allen has NO customer service. the Pmandeville email address comes back as undeliverable. What a joke!! I have spent a great deal of time trying to get a simple question answered... when will the furniture i ordered 3 months ago be delivered? Like other reviewers i would like to be able to shop at this store, but with this long legacy of atrocious if not comical customer service, i am not so sure that will be possible. WSJ newspaper is reporting today that the company is being downgraded because of poor performance. This is not surprising news.

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      Mar 30, 2011

    My wife and I purchased our new home last year. With referral from my partner, we went to Ethan Allen at City of Industry for our new furniture. We bought a set of dining chairs of 8 chairs total and other stuff. We spent more than $10, 000 at store. The service during the sale was good. We had very nice designer and things went well. About months ago, we got first six chairs delivered. It was a raining day and we rush to get the furniture in and let go the deli every people. Next day, I noticed that the seams around fibric at back of the chair is too noticeable. Then I took some pictures and took it to the store in City of industry on 3-6-2011 (I remember this because we ran into our designer, Nam, on 3-5 at Santa Monica Beach) .
    We show the photos to Nam and she agrees that the seams was done poorly.
    Three week after that, no one call and nothing comes back from Ethan Allen. We call the designer and she told us she already give to her manager. Almost another week pass, nothing happened. My wife called the store asks to speak to the manager. The lady answer the phone did not identify who she is, told my wife that they discussed the matter and looked at our picture. They had decided that there is nothing wrong with the chair. After my wife told me, I called and spoke with Pam. I express my unsatification with their services. She just told me that she feel sorry that I felt that way about Ethan Allen. Her sarcastic attitude and tone just escalated the heat of the conversation. I ask her that if Ethan Allen backing up their own product, then she told me "Unfortunately that they don't". I then asked for her supervisor. She gave the number and email address. I wrote the email to the district manager, Peter Drazba. He didn't response right away. Then I wrote another email. Same day afternoon, he called me back and sounds like unhappy because he said that I did not give him a chance to respond. Because he was busy for meeting. I spent almost an hour with him. Mr. Drazba was talking nothing but protect his employee. Then, I already knew that I am in deep trouble. Once people in the same corporation is ganging up, the customer is getting no where. I knew that because I was a bureaucrat for 25 years.
    I really don't understand is why I spent so much money and I have to beg for mercy from Ethan Allen. Up to now, no one was bothered to take a look the product in question. The person who I talk to first, Pete in wood product transfers my complaint to Lisa and who is sick. They all sound helpful but all are back to the East. I was wonder why who is doing the business in California.
    Oh, by the way, there are two types of Ethan Allen, Corporate Store and Franchised. The Franchised Store told me that I shouldn't buy from the Corporate Store because they don't care.
    This experience shows that Ethan Allen’s bureaucracy is higher than government bureaucrat.

    I followed the instruction and almost a week now, there is still no positive answer. I wish the president of Ethan Allen has a chance to know my story.

    Internet can overturn a country, I am pretty sure it can take down the Ethan Allen. If I can spent my time write this paragraph, Sure I will continue to do this until the issue can be result.

    So whoever read this, please help me related the message and help yourself not to step into my mistake.

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  • I purchased a new Lexington dining table from Ethan Allen lakeside store in Sterling Heights Michigan in November 2011. The table was delivered a few days before Christmas and I am sorry that I was not at home for the delivery. My husband accepted the delivery and I noticed that the finish on the top of the table was dull and had some oily looking spots on it but I promptly put a cover and tablecloth on to protect it for the Christmas holidays anyway. In January we noticed some small chips where the finish came off and there was a small hole with a different color product underneath. The oily spots are multiplying and even our lined place mats have left marks in the finish. I have been dealing with my salesperson ever since and when they sent out a repairman he reported that the 5 holes happened while in our possession. I have been offered a new table, a new top or a re-select but I would like a refund. I am willing to accept delivery of my 5 chairs but have would really prefer an Amish wood table or possibly an antique that will wear gracefully for my family. I am done with Ethan Allen, wondering if my Credit card company can help me with this mess??? I might need a therapist after this mess because I am feeling like not so nice of a person anymore. Thank you to this site for the support!

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