Esso Gas Stationhave not received refund.

G Nov 22, 2017

On Nov 11 I inserted my debit card in the machine to pump my gas. I hit the $100.00 amount as I was not sure how much I would pump plus I asked for a car wash as well. I put $25.03 gas in and with the car wash it came to $41.97. When I was finished I did not get my voucher for the car wash. I went inside and they gave me a duplicate receipt along with my car wash voucher. My bank has cleared the $100.00 but I have not had the $58.03 put back in my account. I have called my bank twice about this and they said it has nothing to do with them. I have called the eso store I was at and went in there today. They said they need a printed copy of my bank statement. I am sending you a picture of my bank transaction and a copy of my receipt from the esso store. I do not know what else to do. I cannot afford to lose this kind of money at this time of year. Please look into this matter and correct it as soon as possible. Thank you.

Esso Gas Station
Esso Gas Station

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