Esso Gas Stationgas machine

R Aug 12, 2018

Hi, today I went to your pump, I press 87 to fill the tank as usual I do..but when I finish the price was 61$..I was confused that my car never took this kind of money..I went Inside to talk, the lady was very rude and she said u never press 87.i said I been driving and putting gas been year so I know what I press..but she was trying to over smart..and then I call cops they came and they said me to complaint about this to you guys..caz I think you'd pumps making fools to car took 87 and am paying for superem gas...that's [censored]..and then the lady said to my other friend they I press 87..she chek in camera ...the addrss is 1195 danforth Avenue..M4j 1M7...

Esso Gas Station

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