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C Aug 11, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam,
Please forward to the appropriate dept. On SaturdayAugust 11, 2018 @ approx 6:35 p.m. I filled my gas tank @ the Esso station @1311 Harmony Rd. N. in Oshawa & also purchased a Full Deal Carwash. I live approx 1.8km away from the station. Once I got home I turned to lock the truck & it did not look clean. I called immediately, I explained that I had hot food for my family & would be back there in an hour or so. The lady on the phone was apologetic. At 7:19 I went back & introduced myself as the person who called earlier. Immediately I was berated for not coming back immediately & was shifted to another attendant. That attendant continued to tell me that the truck was clean & I should have come in earlier, he then proceeded to call his manager. He then gave me the phone & I expressed my concern to him & the lady continued to be belligerent towards me. I gave the phone back to the second attendant who gave it to the lady. She spoke either Farci/Arabic to the manager for approx 3min while 6 -7 other customers changed lines to get served. She scolded me about"next time YOU come in immediately if there is a problem" I said " when you pay for a carwash, your expectation is that it's CLEAN! The way this particular Carwash is set up, there is no hand drying area, & it literally drops you off to go Eastbound on Taunton. This whole ordeal took till 8:03 p.m.
I have never experienced this type of customer service in my life & to be a loyal Esso customer for the past 30+ yrs now has me questioning.

PLEASE respond at your earliest convenience,
& again pls forward to the correct dept
thank you
Craig A.Foster

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