Essence of Arganessence of argan 32-34 ashwarren road, north york, toronto


This company practises the most egregious form of misleading advertising. First they promise to forward to you trial versions of wrinkle-free cream marketed by Mark Zuckerberg's wife. This turns out to be completely false. Instead they ask you to place an order instead for a free bottle of essence of organ oil and a jar of idrotherapy wrinkle-free cream, with you paying only the shipping costs They rush you these samples within a week. However, part of their ploy is that if you do not complain about the order within a period of two weeks, they will charge you some $83 US for the small bottle of oil and a whopping $93.00 US for the small jar of cream. I have never seen misleading advertising on such a grand scale. Buyers Beware. Do not even press their button. All fraudulent! I misplaced the bottle of organ oil and now they want to charge me $93 US! This is a scam of the grossest proportions! They should cancel the charges and not require me to send the bottle back.

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