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Essence of Argan reviews & complaints

Essence of Argan complaints 75

The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Essence of Argan - Essence of Aran from Streamlined Efficiency

I accepted their trial offer

On 02/01/2022 they took $142.82 from my account.
It listed them as EFAST-PAY.COM

On the 19/01/2022 they took $152.55 from the same account.
Again they were listed as EFAST-PAY.COM

The NSW address on the small parcel was :-
PO Box 230
Narellan NSW 2567

Thank you.

Desired outcome: I would like both amounts refunded to my original RACQ Bank card. The bank just told me money CAN be refunded to a cancelled card.

These cheats used Lisa Wilkinson’s identity to scam us!

No amount of árganos oil will stop them being UGLY.


Hello there,

It’s important to us that our customers are more than satisfied and we would like the opportunity to resolve this issue immediately. If you give us a chance, we are intent on making this right and hope you will allow us to speak with you to discuss the situation. You can send us a private message with your phone number or email address and/or you may contact us on these numbers, all of our customer service lines are working and we also have a chat with us button on our website.

United States: (+[protected]

Australia: (+[protected]

New Zealand: (+[protected]

United Kingdom: (+[protected]

Canada: (+1) [protected]

Hongkong +852 [protected]

SG +[protected]

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Essence of Argan - unauthorised credit card charges and unwanted products continually being sent.

after agreeing to receive a free sample thinking your advertisement saying a well known Aussie celebrity used your products was true, which it wasn't, I am now continually receiving the [products and being charged. I neither wanted or authorised this.
I have not opened the two unwanted packets and certainly not ordered them.
I am a disability pensioner and this is wasteful and stressful. I do not want to have to take this to a higher authority so hope it can be resolved immediately please. happy to send products back to Narellan..

Desired outcome: Please stop sending products, and charging for them, that are not authorised or wanted. Please advise how this will be resolved and when, and my money reimbursed.

The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Essence of Argan - Essence of Asgan oil and Idrotherapy cream

I signed up to the free trial via facebook in a moment of irrational thought. There is NOTHING on this page stating its a subscription, if it's there it is written so tiny it in a deliberate attempt to stop people seeing it. I have just re reviewed the trial page and can see nothing, otherwise I NEVER would have done this trial. I did not give any permission to charge my card for these products, I gave permission for postage only.

I have now received a second lot and rang up to cancel today, being told there is another lot in the post I will also have to pay for. I had no idea these creams are so expensive, I have now paid more than $600 for creams I do not like nor want.

The customer service person informed me I would be charged to return these product which is grossly unfair.

Desired outcome: I want to return these products and receive a refund. I do not want to pay to have to return unused products

The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Essence of Argan - Unautherised Credit Payment

22/12/21 Pruchased sample trail products ( order # 567239) from Essence of Argan Australia whilst cancellation was an option, there was no indication of costs for ongoing products or membership or any correspondence to advise $142.09 & $105.09 would be withdrawn from our bank account. Once we did realise this money was being withdrawn we cancelled subscription immediatley.
I note there is several other complaints similar to ours.

Desired outcome: Refund of our costs

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Essence of Argan - Essence of Argon Oil and idrothrapy

This company is the most unethical company I have ever come across.
Their add suggested to trial the argon oil for only the price of postage.

No mention of any other product.

I requested the trial and noticed I was charged twice for the postage.

Tried to send an email with out success. They send me an sms to ask me to complete my order. I was not game enough to get back into their site.

No mobile number used does not allow a call back.

I searched the internet and noticed their facebook and instragram is voided.

I discovered after researching this company they are scammers. I blocked my card.

I check my transactions regularly and noticed on 1st November my credit card had been debited with $142.82 AU. I send through a message via their only one method of chatting to a computer.

Finally I received a phone call from them today 13th November to state is is in the conditions that if you don't cancel the order with 14 days the customer is charged for the product.

Nowhere in their ad was this stipulated. I called them out on this and they repeated you must check to terms and conditions. I told them at no time did I authorize any deductions or did I place an order. I asked them to cancel any further orders immediately.

Again I checked my bank account and have noticed they have withdrawn $150 from my account without authorization.

I have attempted to ring them back on the number they rang in on and it says I do not have sufficient phone credit to make a call.

Desired outcome: Company needs to be fined and shut down. I need my money back.

Nov 03, 2021
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Essence of Argan - Free trial

I signed up for the Free trial and got billed $75 then another $75 a few weeks later. Received the free sample of argan oil but that's it.
Total scam how do I stop this?
I cannot find the ad for this on Facebook and have never received a email from them. So how do I even unsubscribe if that's what I need to do?

Desired outcome: I want the company to stop billing me and request a refund

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Essence of Argan - Missed Reading

I answered an advert for Essence of Argan Oil, a trial promo, where I will be charged initially for the shipping but after 14days I got billed the full price. I rang the company and they explained to me well about their Terms and Condition that I missed reading. I did not regret it being billed. Because the product is great for all skin types, my family is using it. my son has a skin problem and it relieved it. My husband is using it as his aftershave. It really is an expensive product, cause good things aren't cheap, but they gave me a discount and I can choose my shipment schedule. the products really fit me and my family. I so love it!

Essence of Argan - It is legit!!

I saw this advertisement thru Facebook about a free trial offer. Whenever I order something online I always search on that first before proceeding. I went to their website and saw different variety of products offered. I read Terms and Conditions and saw that their free trial is only for a certain period of time. I went out of the free trial page so I decided to contact their Customer Support. I find it not a scam because I was able to speak to a live representative who are very friendly and respectful. They explained to me very well on how their trial works. I am so eager to try first the product. They offered me a promotion which I can only get the product at an affordable price. I am now using their product and loving the out come of it to myself. It really works. I am subscribe to their promotion. I love their oil!

Essence of Argan - Confusion

I signed up for a trial of Argan oil and I have my first charge for the trial. I called straight away the company and spoke to the CSR. It was well explained the TERMS AND CONDITION. They said they sent me an email for all the necessary information and checked it. Yes, they sent me all the information via email for me to be guided. I admitted to missed reading the TERMS and CONDITION while placing the trial. My negligence for not reading the Terms and Conditions is not a valid excuse for me to hate the company. I fully understood what happened. Price aside the Argan Oil is really good a great moisturizer and it does wonders for my stretch marks. Lucky me that the Essence of Argan has a Promotion called DAD and I can personalize my cycle billing. I am now enrolled in DAD promotion every 2 months plus they gave me a free gift of Lipgloss. Greate Company with Great products. Thumbs up for Essence of Argan Oil.


Essence of Argan - Free trial

I am not here to complain but to give great feedback about the product. I ordered the free trial for this product. It arrived after few days and have tried it. It really works on me. I see the difference after 2 weeks of using it. I contacted their Support Team and told them I am amazed with the product. I was given a discounted price for me to subscribe and enrolled to their promo. I got a free lipstick. Their very amazing and friendly.


Essence of Argan - Confused About Free Trial

I sent a trial last month and get my 1st monthly supply, confused about what happened why I got billed. I rang the company and they explained to me what's going on and they have Terms and Condition which customer should bound to follow. I agreed it's my mistake for not reading it. But can't help myself to use the Essence of Argan Oil because I see the results. I accepted the charges and I agreed to enroll in their Dollar A Day promotion for $29.99 plus they sent me a free gift of Mascara. It really makes me sad for someone who called the company a Scam because it's not true. Sometimes being a customer it is our responsibility to read terms and conditions for us to be guided. I will never complain about the product as it does wonders for my skin. Thanks, Essence of Argan for making my skin glow. I love using Argan Oil every day.

Mar 01, 2021

Essence of Argan - Was not aware about the charge.

It was my mistake at first for not reading the fine print carefully when I purchase the product, but after I called I was happy with the service and discounts they gave me. I like the product of the Essence of Argan Oil since it is so mild and lovely to use. I've given a chance as well to personalize my billing cycle into every 3 months instead of getting the product every month.

Mar 01, 2021

Essence of Argan - Misunderstanding

Essence Of Argan Trial

I tried to purchase Essence Of Argan Trial way back in September 2020 and missed to read the terms and conditions. I was billed for the full price of the trial products and then called the company right away, customer support I talked to about this was very pleasant and understanding. She was able to explain everything to me and I must admit that at first, I was skeptical but the way she explained to me everything, I was relieved I am able to get as much discount despite my misunderstanding with them. :)

[censored]. You automatically forward products on a regular basis, billing the unaware customer for as long as you can get away with.

Jun 05, 2020

Essence of Argan - Unauthorised transaction

Payment taken off my credit card overnight for 159 AUS what a scam! I want that money refunded! How do I go about it? And has anyone been successful in getting a refund? I contacted them via email and have received no response and no refund.


No you are screwed

Apr 21, 2020

Essence of Argan - My complaint is exactly the same as the one on your website... $160 ripped out of my bank account after purchasing a 3ml sample!!

I supposedly purchased this product [30th March] as a sample and understood that if I was impressed with it could order more. Have just checked my bank statement and there is no sign of a purchase from you on that date but on the 15th April you withdrew $160.60!
I have just been told by one of your staff that if I did not cancel the order by the 14th I would be slugged that amount. This is absolute [censored]. What is means is it took over a week to get here and I have a few days to try it out!
Fair crack of the whip. You know what this is? This is slick American Marketing at its very worst and it is a classic example of why your reputation is what it is. Is Donald Trump behind this because that's the sort of stunt he would pull. God help you when you have an idiot like him as your President.
My bank is going to go into bat for me on this because what you have done is is totally immoral and wrong. And yes, I would like a refund... please.
Richard Booth
Western Australia

As I said, total scam.

Jul 07, 2021

I thought it sounded to good to be true ! This is called fraudulent and misleading.. you should get your money back with an apology from this so called company! There is an office in Australia you could ring .. good luck Richard Booth


Essence of Argan - Unauthorized credit card charges.

I read an article about Annabel Langhein re her leaving cooking and moving into selling Essence of Argan. I ordered one bottle as a trial. I did not order any more. I have been charged $159.86 on January 14th. I rang +64 [protected] and said no more please. A bottle had been sent. I had not had an email from the company to see if I wanted a regular order.
The person said I would be taken off the customer list.
On the 4th of Feb. $175.60 was taken from my credit card.
I do not want this product and I do not want to lose more money.

Mar 01, 2020

Essence of Argan - Essence of argan "free trial" is a scam scam scam

Nothing in life comes free. Even a 60-something former university professor, like me, learned THAT lesson the HARD WAY. In spring of 2018, following my 14 hour double eye surgery for Lyme Tick Eye...

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Essence of Argan - I am complaining about payments withdrawn from my account and financial difficulty it has caused.

In December 2019 I read online sample argan oil. I applied online believing i was only paying for samples and shipping. I received the samples in January 2020. Thank you. 27 December 2019 $13.21 wa...

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Essence of Argan - Being charged for it.

I bought my argon oil, and then was charged to my account. I just had brain surgery for secondary tumour in my brainstem, and I just didn't have any idea how my money disappeared. No idea how or why...

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Essence of Argan - Essence of argan

I just purchased the Essence Argan for free & only pay for postage which was for $8.45 & when I looked up my statement you have charged me $12.23 & also charged me $11.42 for the wrinkle reducer...

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