Endurancenot paying claims

R Jun 09, 2019

I have had 3 brakedowns and all were turned down for false reasons each time. The first was on 3/25/2019, replaced injectors and erg cooler. The next was on 5/20/2019, replaced diesel mfi pump. Then on 5/25/2019, replaced oil cooler. All for a total of $6187.92. I am 72 years old and on social security and do not have that kind of money. I had to sell my truck, at a lose to pay bill. I called 6 times to try and get some help with no luck. The repair shop called each time and he said they said no and hungup on him. I have all the paperwork and reciepts and letter from shop. I never thought a company would treat someone this way. I also had towing and car rental cost also. I had been paying for 18 months for nothing.

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