Emirates Islamic Bankmanager and security service

W Nov 04, 2019

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I am writing to complain about the worst experience I had in my life in your bank branch . Nov11th, around 1pm, i was planning to deposit my money into my bank account. There was a lady who was the one before me for withdrawing money. After she left, i took out my money from my pocket and held it on my left hand, my right hand is for my ID card. Suddenly the lady came back, and tried to grab my money and said i took her money, because she said she forgot her money in the machine. I asked the security come immediately and open the CCTV and let's see the record. I didn't get any money from the machine . The money on my left hand is my own money. Then we went to the manager but he seems very impatient, and the lady who said I took her money and the manager communicated with each other in Arabic, i have no idea what they were talking about. After a while, maybe she checked all the money in her account is correct and she said it's ok now! Maybe it's ok for her but it will NEVER BE OK FOR ME . I was so angry and i asked her to apologize to me, she only said " i am sorry" that's it. Because i have work in my university so i left in a rush. The disappointed part is when i met the matter, no one in your bank help me . They acted so cold, especially the manager. He even thought i am an unreasonable person before he made everything cleared . Who will be happy and keep calm when someone said you are a thief? I really hope you should understand how i feel. AND please make sure call me back or email me. This is the most humilating thing i have never met in my whole life. I need your explaination and i hope to get your call or email, or i will visit your head office to make this clear and fair.
Rachel : [protected]
email : [protected]

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