Emirates Islamic Bank Complaints & Reviews

Emirates Islamic Bank / remittance

Jul 07, 2019

, I have raised this complain over call center. EI - 1 - 18041792529. The amount should be refunded and expected to be on my account. I have been following up through your call center 60059995 and I don't feel like they are doing something about it. I have been receiving different...

Emirates Islamic Bank / credit card application fraud and poor customer service.

Jun 25, 2019

Dear Concerned, I, Nikita Ankit Shah, having a company in SAIF Zone sharjah was contacted by a tele sales executive from Emirates Islamic Bank, Ms. Deepthi Menon (Senior Sales Associate - OBTawasal - Credit Cards) and I clearly mentioned to her that I am an investor and then she asked for...

Emirates Islamic Bank / not communicating to the consumer on time and not requesting any informations before action

Jun 02, 2019

-Wednesday 29-5-2019 - REQ-1-18043202850 -Account number: 3507654271802 -Mohammed Al Ahbabi -E-mail: [email protected] -Phone: +971558824824 I have received an SMS that my end of my service has been credited and been blocked. I have been calling the customer service everyday from wednesday...

Emirates Islamic Bank / fraud

May 30, 2019

Hi, Ramadan Kareem Earlier I got call from Emirates islamic bank regarding some bank's plan ( Insurance) I just gave him all the details like name, mothers name, company name, email, DOB etc. on phone after explaining the plan he said he will send all the information or details via email but...

Emirates Islamic Bank / fine for donating to charity

May 23, 2019

My name is Mohammad gulzar hussain I got a message from Eibank on 22 may 2019 that your personal finance installment date ia 25 of may if there is insufficient fund and balance in your account will charged as late payment fee and will donate to charity ast 5 years my salary deposited on...

Emirates Islamic Bank / credit card

May 23, 2019

Mr Shayne Nelson, CEO Emirates NBD, Mr Salah Amin, CEO, Emirates Islamic Dear Sirs Ramadan Kareem. In this holy month of Ramadan, I would like to share my predicament which I had to go through at hands of Emirates Islamic and request for a fair resolution. I have been struggling for long with...

Emirates Islamic Bank / finance

May 06, 2019

Kindly settle the due amount on your EI Personal Finance. E Emirates Islamic [image] [image] Dear Customer, Please pay your Emirates Islamic Personal Finance due amount within 5 days to avoid impacting your credit rating and. To whom it may concern, Good day! I hope this email find...

Emirates Islamic Bank / release of blocked amount from my account.

Apr 30, 2019

My account with the above bank Mendonca James vincent savings account no 3507652559701. Dhs 28, 793 is blocked in my account for a long time. I put a request with the bank on 16th march 2019 to release the amount, the reason of blocking is not known to me. SMS ref no 14936068154 on16th...

Emirates Islamic Bank / cashback credit card plus / fraud

Apr 17, 2019

I got a call from EIB customer care that cashback credit card plus is offering 10% cashback on all transaction, and once I applied I got the card with a booklet that if I spent 15000 plus then I will get cashback and the card limit is 15000. How can I spend more then 15000 in one month...

Emirates Islamic Bank / cheque

Feb 26, 2019

Emirates Islamic Bank representatives took personal cheque for the issual and approval of new credit card on the name of emirates Islamic bank but now due to my company is not listed reason so they didnot issued the credit card And so Want my cheque back and bank people they are alway...

Emirates Islamic Bank / credit card

Feb 06, 2019

I am paying all my dues of credit card on time and never left any debt with me. Now, suddenly I find my card blocked due to some amount left pending which they declared on statement hence I am always calculating and paying online where I never find any pending amount on my balance. Now...

Emirates Islamic Bank / hadaf al khaleej debt collections l.l. c., united arab emirates.

Nov 21, 2018

I, hand on heart, thought I was the only one but evidently I am not. Hadaf Al Khaleej Debt Collections LLC [Tahseel] External Legal Agency - [email protected]; [email protected] and [email protected]; Took out a very small loan and after returning to the UK I tried to contact the...

Emirates Islamic Bank / personal loan accounts manager.

Nov 20, 2018

Hi there... My name is Tamara and I have a personal loan with EIB. My account manager's name is Nelly. I am facing an issue with the bank as I have been trying to sort out the issue of how my payments have been allocated to my account but no one seems to be interested in resolving the...

Emirates Islamic Bank / credit card number : 4132 4102 1448 1002

Oct 23, 2018

I the card holder made a balance transfer of aed 6500 from my Dubai Islamic bank credit card to emirates Islamic. Dubai Islamic bank made two transfers of 6500 ×2 total of 13000 aed One payment came from my dib cc account and the other payment came from some unknown dib cc account by error...

Emirates Islamic Bank / unfriendly behaviour at branch

Oct 09, 2018

Hi There, I been to your branch at Abu Dhabi mall to request closure of my loan. I was assisted by a gentleman named namshid Hassan. However his behaviour was very unfriendly. While communicating he don't like to do any eye contact, gives a feeling that we are not important. This is not the...

Emirates Islamic Bank / personal loan

Oct 09, 2018

Hello my name is DARIUS Curta leaving in Dubai, and I have open an account and applied for a personal loan with a buy out in total of 135k aed (Dubai mall branch) After closing my previous credit cards, with lack of clarity I reused one of the credit cards which obviously lead to the stand by...

Emirates Islamic Bank / releasing of end of service benefit

Aug 28, 2018

I raised request for releasing my end of service benefit and also submitted all required documents. Representative at branch he told me that the amount will be released with in 7 working days but still the issue has not been resolved. I had very bad experience with emirates islamic bank. I am requesting to release the amount or else I will put file

Emirates Islamic Bank / customer satisfaction

Jul 26, 2018

Please take care while taking their credit cards. Am very disappointed with emirates Islamic bank. Their staff call to me and said we have credit card offers. He said we have cash back plus credit card u will get 10% cash back on grocery, dining, airline and etc, and also said normally...

Emirates Islamic Bank / liability letter

Apr 08, 2016

I have been to Bank to apply for liability letter. But they denied the application asking for offer letter. I want to change to consolidate my debts. They even do hot have the banking product I am looking for. The same happened with their sister concern too.

Emirates Islamic Bank / service

Jan 23, 2016

I wanted to close my account and this bank just wont let you do that. Instead of closing the account they block it. There is a difference between the two. If the account is blocked then later any new rule can come up and the bank can put you a penalty, this can legally make you pay them...

Emirates Islamic Bank / freezing the fund

Jul 10, 2011

I have invested in Emirates Real Estate Fund (3 yrs closed ended fund) since 2006, and came to know 2008 that the fund has been freezed for some time. Since then we are getting information from the respective department that the fund managers will reconsider opening of the fund in next 6...

Emirates Bank / Emirates Islamic Bank / missing payments - loan harrassment

Feb 02, 2011

Hi, In early 2007 I took a Personal loan from Emirates Bank through a gentlman named Munaf, who was very helpful. Everything was fine until late 2008 Emirates Bank decided to transfer the loan from them to Emirates Islamic Bank without my authorization. This made a huge change in the...

Emirates Islamic Bank / credit card overcharging


My original credit card EIB VISA CLASSIC had expired last Feb. 2009 I was paying an annual fee of AED 200.00 only. On Dec 29, 2008 I sent an e-mail asking that it be renewed and sent to my address, On Feb 03, 2009 I received a request to send an email agreeing to the courier fees, which I did...