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Unwelcoming bank - felt discriminated and unwanted

I started an account with this EIB in Al Ain Town center branch and the process was smooth. I still didn't receive my account number and debit card and was informed that i would receive it by Post. This is when the problem started. I received a message mentioning an authentication number and it said, if i did not make the request for authentication number then i should inform the customer care. I called the customer care but they needed my account number or debit card number to start talking to me and i still hadn't received it by post. After 3 days i received the debit card and when i tried accessing the online/mobile banking account, it was showing that the account is already registered for online banking and i couldn't initiate the online account. NOTE that i received the account details and debit card only on the same date i tried opening the online and i hadn't received any email from EIB. I raised this issue to customer care over phone and the guy talked was as if he just got up from sleep. He told i have received a welcome email with username and password for online account, which i hadn't received and at last i had him take down a request to delete my online account in order to create a new one. Following that, i rang up the customer care again and a lady there confirmed that the email is sent, while when i asked her to which email they have sent, she mentioned a yahoo account. I don't have a yahoo email and i had mentioned only my gmail account to the bank while opening the account. ISN'T IT A SECURITY ERROR. My details would have been compromised, if someone else have received the User name and Password in the welcome message. This was surely the mistake from the guy at bank who entered the details in the bank. I informed her to update my email in the system and delete my online account as i suspected fraud. This is where it gets interesting. After 2 days as assured, i received a call from customer care to visit the branch in order to delete the online banking as they couldn't do it from their end. Now, i took time-off from my work and went to bank to ask it to be deleted. The customer service Rep Mr. Hany Lotfy from Alain branch was acting irresponsible and arrogant. Without mentioning any previous issues, when i raised my request to delete my online account as i had updated my email, the first answer was to go to the machine and do it yourself. that was my request and he didn't even hear my request as he was busy texting on phone. When i told that, i had to delete the online banking, his next question is don't you remember your username and password. Its not the question he asks, its the way he asks, while checking his mobile and texting someone on phone and with a arrogant tone.
I FELT I WAS DISCRIMINATED AS I AM AN INDIAN. The tone, the attitude and the body language- none of this was right and i didn't feel comfortable there. I was not expecting that from that guy and didn't knew he was the BOSS of the bank. Customer service is to serve the customer and not to make him feel not to have the service again. I was planning to change from another bank to have my salary transferred to this bank. Well that's PAST now; with this kind of worst attitude from an employee, i can picturize what i would face from their higher management, if i really have an issue.
With the one worst gesture of this employee you proved what you are and what values you give to your customer. The other employee who entered my email account details was sitting next to this guy and never even acted upon nor took over the issue understanding it to be his mistake.

Loan restructuring

Since beginning of July 2020, I have sent several emails to collections team along with follow up calls for a request of restructuring my loan as I have a 50% paycut. The team from collections or who ever is in charge has never bothered to respond to me as a customer to help my need. All I get is system generated SMS asking to submit my documents for prove of the same, I have submitted the company deduction letter and not even received a single call, I have tried to find out who is handling my account but all in vain. Can soemone help me please or I should I highlight the un-satisfactory service to gulf news?

Credit card taken out in my name without my permission

I don't own any credit card with this bank. However in June I received an email and text that a payment for a credit card is due, 6.25 aed. I knew it was wrongfully addressed because it even listed my location in Ras AL khaima yet I live in Dubai.

I ignored this, and then on this month, I received another text and email saying the card has incurred interest, annual fee and credit shield and now the payment is 625aed.

Getting in touch with the bank is near impossible. How can the bank take out a card on my name, the customer service agent keeps asking me to provide the card number... How can I provide it if I have never seen this card even?

He says the card was taken out in 2016 and I am being charged annual fees. Who took it out? Where is the card? What happened to annual fees from 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019? All of a sudden in June 2020, it has a 6. 25 aed charge and a month later, fees make it to 625 aed?

I need answers.


Personal loan

Please I have received a notice that my account has been sent to Hadaf Al Khaleej,

Please I lost my job in January 23/01/2020 as my contract with Deira International School was terminated.

The email I sued for my account was my work email. My Emirates Mobile was [protected]

As my contract was terminated, I do not have access to this email. My UK number is [protected]..

I informed my bank and managed to pay for January instalment.

In February, I called from London to defer my loan payment.

In March, I called the call centre to ask for deferment again as I do not have a job due to the COVID 19.

I left my foreign contacts and mobile number for dialogue.

Now, I have found a job which starts in September 2020 in UK.

Please I am pleading if I can be given some grace period until end of September when I can start sending money from UK to pay for my loan.

Secondly, I cannot pay the instalment of 10, 470 Dirhams monthly instalment as I would not be able to make ends meet.

I am wondering if I can renegotiate my loan instalment from September 2020.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Payment made to credit card was not credited to my account despite 4 emails and numerous phone calls

I paid my two credit cards before their due date of 4/4/20 amount being to one card 3, 000dh and one card 800dh. I have evidence I paid and have sent 4 emails. I have called numerous times . I am harassed daily by your automated calls and sms

A new amount is due tomorrow but how can I be confident to pay when 3, 800 is gone missing ?

I have completely lost my faith and confidence in Emirates Islamic Bank.

Card numbers :

Please contact me urgently on [protected] as I think I have been patient long enough!


Jessica Griffin

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unknown debit card transactions

I was out of U.A.E, I left dubai on 26th December 2019.
There was salary in my account I made transaction at airport to withdraw money and there was some balance around AED 700/-
After coming back when I visit ATM for transaction it showing insufficient balance.
When I check Mini statement there were unknown transactions and date showing when I were not here.
I need assistance how can I recover my money?

online payments

I had made a payment of AED 1000 from my account with Emirates Islamic Bank, to my prepaid card Etihad Wallet...

teller service rude cashier

I went to withdraw my cheque in the Bawabat Mall Branch. Teller Musab local guy has been very rude with me...

manager and security service

Dear Sir/ Madam, I am writing to complain about the worst experience I had in my life in your bank branch ...

experience certificate required work on 2008

This is to inform you i have worked in Emirates Islamic bank in 2008 as auto sales but I did not receive any...

loan not paid

My name is Vignesh([protected]) and I work with Etisalat. For the last 4 years I have been a very loyal customer of ADCB and recently I have taken a buyout loan from your bank to settle by ADCB loan and credit card. I regret doing so now.

After a long long struggle this process was completed over a period of 1.5 months whereas I was promised that this would be done within 15 days.

Now after settlement of ADCB, there is still an amount of loan which needs to be credited back to my EI account. I have been following from 24th onwards when my Salary was credited directly to my Emirates Islamic account and the salary letter was also produced from my company (Etisalat) to your sales team.

Now your call center claims that the credit amount shows "Inward Remittance" and not as Salary and hence the balance amount of MY LOAN not being credited to my account.

I have checked with my company and they claim that the instruction to the central bank has gone as Salary from our end and it is the mistake of your bank of not considering this as Salary and mentioned as Inward Remittance.

I have faced enough issues from your Bank even before I start transacting business with you. Your Sales team / call center (without having enough knowledge, Sorry to say this but your sales and customer care team actually speak different for a single query) have put me in so much of pain and follow up that I will be forced to write this to the The Central Bank if I don't get a reply and a solution within 24 hrs time.

I still hope that this mail reaches the concerned person who can act upon closure of this.

Thanks & Regards,
Vignesh. C

aed 200/- deducted from my account on 28-10-2019

Dear Sir, I am Anil Ambwani account holder in your esteem bank. My Account no. 430340000238422537001 And on...


I submit my own company cheque to the teller and one guy here in teller seat name is ronald ( philipine ) in albwathi sherq mall baniyas around the time 7.45 pm . He rejected that cheak and he tell the reson the registered Number for account in bank call is not attend I keep that mobile in my home always . I explain that but he is not agree . That guy waste my time more than 1 hour . The bank have any procedure like that.? If the bank have any procedure like that I want to plan to close the account because usually I give the cheques to my suppliers and customers they also go to bank and submit the cheque maybe that time also call not attend bank act like that is not gud..

payment not transferred

Hi Team,

I have been calling your customer service for an update on the service request (REQ-1-[protected]) for the past 1 week. I had transferred an amount of AED 466 using the mobile app to pay my ADCB due amount on the 2/10/2019, the amount got debited however ADCB did not receive the amount till date and the due date for the credit card is past.
I inquired with ADCB and they have not received this amount. ADCB also gave me a UAE FTS file ID # : [protected] and asked me to raise an inquiry with Emirates Islamic Bank which I did on 13.10.2019.

Kindly look into this matter on priority basis.


Anil Chacko

esb on hold

Dear Concern, changed my company on Aug 25th & ESB from last company transferred to my acc by Sep 4th, on...

foreign transfer department

I have an inherritance that was send from HSCB bank Ghana to UAE supposed to be transferred yesterday...

worst experience being a islamic bank

they just suck money like blood they dont even care on a employees point of view. how can the bank drain my...

credit card

Dear Gents,

i was using EI credit card when i was in UAE, i moved to Saudi Arabia last year in June. Last month i have deposited the full outstanding amount (AED 1750) till date and the statement was showing ZERO balance. now again, you are charging some amount in the name of membership.
FYI, i have left UAE one year before and i am not using this card at all.
May i know what kind of charges you are adding in my statement?

Second thing, After depositing the complete outstanding balance, i have already requested your representatives to block the card permanently in order to avoid any useless and hidden charges.
i am again requesting you to block the card otherwise i am not going to be responsible for any additional charges being charged and i am not going to pay a single penny.

liability letter

I had applied a liability letter to consolidate my loans into another bank which gives a lower interest rate...

mobile application error

Guys I'm waiting for your response as I can't reach the application.
Help me out from this problem if you've made the option of helping your customers so kindly help them too because you might loose your customer trust, every customer needed to be attended as you've mentioned that you're gonna reply within maximum 24 hours, and in my case it's been almost one week and I'm still waiting for tour response to help me?