Eldo Coachesbad service


Good afternoon

I would like to hereby lodge a complain.
Me and my 3 children were booked on the 15:30 bus from warden to pta yesterday 03/12/17. The bus only arrives at 16:45. It was a hired bus. As the drivers was loading my luggage I asked him for the luggage labels where as he informed me he does not have. When we arrived at Pretoria station I proceeded to remove my luggage from the bus when I noticed one of my bags was missing. My self and the driver proceeded to the ELDO office with the bag that was left. Upon reaching the ELDO office I have spoken to the lady at the counter. She wasn't much helpful or friendly. She rudely told me its not ELDO's problem if luggage goes missing. The luggage has my clothing and my baby daughter's clothing in. If the driver had assisted passengers getting off at centurion with their luggage checking the labels this would not have happend. I have called asking for an update as I have been informed that the passenger would have returned my luggage at the Pretoria branch at 12 midday today. Up until this point have not been contacted by anyone from ELDO. I have also explained that I was not at fault for my luggage being taken mistakenly and I do not have the means to go to the ELDO office in Pretoria to retrieve it should it get there.

I would like a reply regarding above complaint.


Mrs C Van Der Westhuizen

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