El Dorado FurnitureNot delivering Purchased items

E Aug 15, 2014 Review updated:

I purchased some furniture back in May of this year and 1 of the items the Bedroom Chest was not going to be available until Mid June. So we were good with that. Then come June we were told July then in July we were told Aug. Now they have the balls enough to tell us in Sept they will deliver.

That is 5 months latter after spending over 3k with these RIP OFF Artist. These people are just ridiculous to say the lease. Think the Spanish Owned Company likes taking advantage of not only other Latin's but anybody fool enough to believe their lies.

This is definitely a BUYER BEWAERE company.


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      Aug 16, 2014

    Hello, we apologize that you have been put through this situation. Can you please send me your Sales Order # so that I can look into it and provide you with a solution. My e-mail address is [protected] Thank you

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