eDreamsmisspelled my name

Two days before my flight I downloaded Emirates app to check in, just to realise that eDreams has spelled my name wrong! I spend the whole day (8 hours to be exact) on the phone to them then to Emirates and back. Long story short - eDreams says they cannot update my name and Emirates says they can. I even did a conference call with them just to get disconnected after more than 30min. I ended up having to cancel my flight with NO refund and try and get a booking on the same flight as my friend directly through Emirates. So I'm now supposed to be happy with losing R8 100 because of an incompetency eDreams refuses to prove to me who was wrong! I wouldn't have mind paying a fee to fix or a fee to cancel but at no refund I will NEVER recommend eDreams to anyone!!!

Oct 06, 2019

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