My grandmother passed away on the 24/9/2019 and I booked flight TK1984 at 22.15 for that evening as I needed to attend the funeral on the 25/09/2019. The flight was delayed by 30 mins originally however we was actually delayed for more than 1 hour and I missed my transfer to Malatya at 05.20 TK2630. They could not find another flight until 21.00 that evening however that was too late for me as I would miss the funeral and I was due to return to Istanbul (TK2117) via Ankara (TK7059) on the 26/09/2019 at 05.55 to return back to London (TK1985) at 13.00. It was pointless for me to travel only to return again in a few hours. The purpose of this trip was to attend the funeral. I did not get to attend the funeral as they could not find another morning flight to accommodate me. I was so distraught and hopeless that they booked me a return flight (TK1979) for 25/09/2019 at 07.45 to return to London. I am very upset that I was unable to attend the funeral as that was my last duty to my grandmother. I am also upset that I spent £700 for no reason. Customer service in Istanbul stated that I could get back the money I paid for the transfer flights I did not take however I am not happy with that as if I knew I would not make it to malatya I would not have booked the flight and wasted my money. Out of good will can I please have a full refund as I should not be at a loss as it was virtually impossible to complete my journey in the short time I was there. If the delay was only 30 minutes as I was originally told then I would not have missed my flight. However the delay was over 1 hour and this is the reason for me missing my flight. Please could the case be assessed as I feel that I have been taken advantage of as a consumer. I know that delays happen however as a consumer my circumstances are extenuating and need to be assessed differently to those that are flying for normal needs. If you need the death certificate, this can be provided. I appreciate your help.

Oct 05, 2019

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