Edgars Fashion / Edconmanager donald

T Jul 11, 2019

I am extremely upset about the way the Manager on duty named Donald was rude, arrogant & seemed to have a hangover or perhaps substance abusing. I bought buccaneer school shoes of which I paid R370 for on the 4th July 2019. My child was suppose to go back to school on Monday when it opened, but he only came back from Durban on Monday night so he actually attended school on Tuesday this week. I thought perhaps the school shoes needed to be walked in so I forced him to wear them on Wednesday. Unfortunately he showed me his blisters this morning so I kept him off school. Therefore he literally wore the shoes 2days from 8am-2pm. I'm a single mom & I really feel that the manager was rude an inconsiderate. I will provide my childs school details to confirm my sons attendance. I literally saved money to buy him these shoes as I am battling as is, therefore I believe Bucaneer twice a year is better than other namebrands that last a month which in terms lands up been an expense every month. Please can someone assist me with a refund.

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