Edgars Fashion / Edconedcon refuses to issue me statements to I can track the payment progress on my account

F Aug 07, 2018

Good Day

My Edgars account has been handed to attorneys, i contacted the attorneys to make payment arrangements, debit orders has been going off since April. I have requested statements since April but too no avail. Last week 1st August i contacted Edcon to either issue me with statements and a payment arrangement letter.

The guy who assisted me told me that is not possible and after being with him on the phone he was not able to see who the account has been handed over to. After speaking to numerous people who gave me various balances. Another person advised my account has been handed over to MBD, i contacted MBD and they cannot find my account details on their system., Then Finally i got through to a lady who advised me, the contact is no longer handed over but with Edcon collections department, and she advised me i would receive statements within 48 hours, after someone from Head office advised i would get it the same day. More than 48 hours has passed and still not statement was sent I spend almost the whole day Thursday and Friday phoning around trying to get someone who could assist me and Saturday Morning, i received one June statement, i Then contacted [protected] who i was advised by Edcon to contact. I advised that i need a May and latest July statement.

Yesterday the 6th August 2018, i contact the above number again to try and get May and July statement, Then to my surprise i was informed the account is not with Edcon but handed over to attorneys again, after they told me not even a week later
the account is with edcons collections depart. they keep sending e from pillar to post.
According to Ndidzulafhi Matodzi - Customer services administrator and Ntando Nyawo, I cannot get statements because my account is handed over.

I cannot understand why i am being refused statements, for the purpose of updating my Policies and tracking my payment progress and to see what additional fees are being added to my account

My contact Number [protected]
ID Number [protected]
This is the account number they gave [protected]
I want my proper statements, reflecting all my information
I do not understand what the problem is, i am paying the account surely it is my right to track my payments and to have proof there of

I am at my wits end and i am very tempted to approach the media and my attorney

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