Edgars Fashion / Edcondisrespectful rude behavior from manageress


I was on the 14 Dec in Edgars Cavendish Square store, witness the most rude behavior from a store Manageress (Nawaal ) with sales assistant. Edgars please train your people on Senior Levels respect, people skills, HR and most of all about customer services. This Manageress Nawaal call this very hardworking sales assistant away from a customer to put her empty bottle in this beautiful friendly assistant hands and started grilling this girl in-front of customers and other staff members, Edgars Cavendish Square you will never see me again as my young kids witness this, and a lot of others its disgusting. To that Nawaal lady if you can`t handle the pressure of your job, maybe you should move out of Retail, as I am a Managers myself for more than 15 years colored myself and never treated anyone like you did, shame on you and by the way was my kids not with I would really have smacked you. To the brave sales assistant who did not even got a chance to say anything quit, I will take you on to our company where we respect our staff members. PS you can take this matter further. I being a loyal card holder for many years I think this is my Que to close my account, as I can`t allow my kids see this behavior and thinking it must be like that. I sincerely feel that this Nawaal character is a bully and Harassing staff due to her Senior position. Remember we all have to crawl before we walk, and if we don`t appreciate we crawl again.

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