EasyHomepoor management


So, my experience so far has been awful. I’m just trying to reach out and see if anyone has had similar experiences, and maybe has some advice to give?!

I’ll start from the beginning,
Easy home delivered our couch, and bedroom set a few months back. Upon inspecting the furniture for flaws before they left, I found a huge rip in the back of the couch. And a missing dresser from our bedroom set. All was taken a note of, and I was told it would be delivered within a few days. This never happened. Even despite bringing it to their attention multiple times.

While this all went on, I also requested my payments be made monthly, as it worked for our budget best. I got multiple calls and threats every single day, to find out I was being billed weekly. No one on their end changed my terms. I refused to pay until the date that was agreed upon, but the “late fees” etc ALL stayed the same. Realizing this was never going to work within my budget, I made a payment arrangement for a portion of the bill. I’ve received multiple threats, letters threatening to take me to provincial court, and threats of accusing me of “theft by conversion” though this is ridiculous and I’ve done nothing of the sorts.

Does anyone have any advice on what to do?
Will they really take me to court for something this crazy? They’ve never once even attempted to make payment arrangements for the balance, just went straight for the throat! I’m scared!

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