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Hi folks

I too have had problems with leaking and exploding batteries. This latest incident occurred shortly after placing new batteries ( purchased from Costco) in my Bushnell Scout camera. I started hearing pops and fizzes. I had the camera on my passenger seat and was preparing to set camera up. Looked towards camera and saw liquid coming out of batteries as they continued to pop. I was in my truck, and in closed area - could inhaling this leakage cause health issues?

These batteries came out of a new, unopened package - I believe a 40 pack.

I immediately called Duracel and filed a claim. I was instructed to place each battery in its own zip lock sandwich bag. And to Send my ruined camera, along with defective and leaking batteries to Duracell. I warned to return the remainder of the 40 pack but was told it was not necessary.

Yesterday, I received a letter from Duracell offering $110.00 for my camera that I paid $199.00. They did not offer to refund my money for the batteries or provide free replacement batteries.

I called them and spoke to a supervisor. I ask why am I, the consumer responsible for their defective products?

I had a similar problem a year ago or so. In that instance, I opened a camera and found leaking batteries.

All of the batteries with issues came from Costco. All of my batteries are stored in a cabinet in my laundry room.

So, they sell us a defective product and require us, the consumers to handle these leaking batteries, possibly putting our health a risk.

Maybe it's time for a class action lawsuit. I'm in, sign me up.


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    Franklin Porter Nov 02, 2018

    Duracell batteries have gone way down in quality and reliability and have been causing damage to many products. Its time for Duracell to wake up or stop making batteries. It may be time for a class action law suit!

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