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I am behind this bank to cancel my card since last 2 month. service is very very bad, I trapped in this bank. I have no liability on that bank.Still they have refusing to cancel my card. more than 20 times i called customers service but they are cheating me.
be care full before buy this card. once you buy you will be trapped.
still now i am behind customers service for cancel my card. now i am going to make complaint in central bank.

  • Updated by Jaison123, May 01, 2019

    I have requested to cancel my credit card in Dubai First Card. I am still behind them since the last one month. I called so many times to call center and registered complaint many times.Sometime i will get call but they are not willing to cancel my card. I have no outstanding also this card is free for life.even they threaten me i have to pay some annual fees if i cancel my card.I asked them free for life card how can apply annual fee..?after i planned for make a complaint in central bank against them and same informed to bank representative.after they stopped voice of additional payment.

    even i never used this card till now. stroy is .. i taken this card one of their sales representative (Mr.Shaid) behind me since DEC 2018 and at last he told me like that, "sir please take one card after immediately you cancel the card in same day".If i help him, he will he will not loss his job loss from Dubai first.only that reason i taken this card.I did only a help for a stranger sales rep.

    Now i have to reduce my liability and i am planning to move to saudi .but since the last one month i am behind the bank customer I applied Closure form through online.I am staying and working in abu dhabi, mussafah so not possible to go their main office at dubai.

    just now i read in gulf news a reader complaint about Dubai first to cancel credit card.(Published: September 16, 2016 18:05 Manuel Almario, Community Editor)
    also i seen Dubai first face book page 99% customers commented for their very bad experience with dubai first credit card.Now i am very worry about my credit card cancellations and how much time take for cancellations.

    Please help me for reach my situation to bank higher authority and peoples before apply any card without study of card provider.

Apr 28, 2019

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