Dubai Firstcustomer service

1 Feb 12, 2020

I have a credit card resolved since 2017.
The bank gave this card to someone else while keeping my contact details.
I have gone to the bank where it was shown it was resolved and 2 months after I am still receiving reminders to pay. I was asked to go to the ATM machine to change my details for a card I no longer own. How professional is that from your bank?!

The person using the card is obviously paying the card even if it is late from what is can see by the notifications on my phone.

I am now being harassed daily by a very rude woman name ‘Jennifer' who does not show any respect towards previous customers.
This comforts me in my choice of ceasing any business with your bank.

I want to make a personal complain to that person - Jennifer (04) 506 8258. I want to get a formal apology from your bank and I do not want to be contacted by this bank ever again.

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