Dubai Firstcredit card


Dear Team

This is with reference to credit card in my name issued in year 2016 with below details :
Credit card no [protected]
Name Vikas purohit
Expiry date 10/19

I would like to bring to your kind notice that the credit card was taken by me in consideration to the benefits shown by your company representative .It was against the annual membership fee which was to be debited from my monthly statememt and air miles were to be given worth Aed 1500 . After issuance of card we confirmed for the benfeits and to our surprise none of the benefits were applicable as claimed by the co executive. This was sheer case of miselling and duping the customer into vicious circle.
Later on I asked for cancellation of the card and was confirmed that points will be reversed and processing fee will be waived but card cannot be cancelled before 6 months. I repeatedly asked for closure but the customer care team used to defer it everytime. There was no statement sent to me ever but since I was not using the card frequently I use to make payment immediately on my usage or basis the message received. Once I was travelling and missed the date by one day and was charged late payment fee which was considered for reversal basis the fact that I have to continue for another 6 months.
The lounge facility I used in Dec was charged to me in April or May month which was again to my surprise and I subsequently paid it. I again requested for closure but to my dismay they kept on procastinating the matter and finally one fine day renewal fee was again charged to my account.
On calling the customer care I was told that it has to be paid and we cannot do anything. Since then I have been facing continous harrasment and every month the late fee and interest is being charged month on month.
They have threatened to face collection team of the bank which is very strong . My repeated request and visit to the branch for closure were in vain and I am finally forced to approach the central bank for the resolution.
In my all conversation I continously asked to charge for the period my card is active and close the same but they were more interested in recovering the full amount.

Kindly confirm on the closure of the card with waiver of all penalties and charges which doesnt apply and unnecessarily levied. There are other friends of mine who have also gone through similar experience and were missold the product. Although I suffered the most but would like to close the matter amicably and by earliest.


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