So sick and tired of the repeats on Dstv
Same movies same series over and over again
I can't understand it that so many customers pay a large fee every month and all we get are repeats
Don't dstv have the money to buy new movies and series? Why do we have to always just accept this terrible service in South Africa?
Dstv you guys are really getting boring!!! !!!


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    user1635609 Feb 08, 2017

    COuld not agree more with Sandroddy!! So many broadcasts on different channels are simultaneous airings of different series of the same basic programme (eg NCIS/NCIS Los Angeles/Rizzolli and Isles/Two and a half Men/Law and Order SVU/etc/etc/etc...all of this is just American popcorn for the brain!!! And last week, the SAME episode of the Graham Norton show aired FOUR times... the one with Mathew McCaughnachy, Christina Ricci and Ed Sheeran. Come ON, guys...FOUR times??????? In the same week?????? Who in your huge organisation is responsible for programming and sourcing material? It all seems like padding for channels, merely so that you can say "Look how many channels we can offer you!" Maybe listen to that old classic "Less is more"???? I get the impression that you buy a series, or the rights to broadcast it, and you flog it to death, then go on to the next dead horse...this appears to be the easier option, rather than someone actually doing a decent job of justifying their salary by actually planning varied and interesting programming. Repeats are all well and good...up to a point. Mindlessly saturating repeats are not.

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