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Dsstyles.comDsstyles is a very bad company

Dsstyles is a very bad place to buy from, I had a terrible experience with them so I know what I'm saying. Believe me you don't want to go through all of this. I placed my order 5 months ago and did not receive anything yet, my order never showed up and I can't reach anyone from Dsstyles about my refund. I bought a Swarovski Crystal Phone Case and paid almost $300 for it. It was a very expensive purchase and it was a birthday present for someone special. Unfortunately my money is gone long with my order. And no matter how hard I try I simply can't reach them and I have absolutely no idea what to do. I really need help because I want to get my money back. I'm not that rich and $300 is a lot of money!

Dsstyles.comI'm absolutely disgusted in them

I can't even justify giving this site a rating of 1! I'm absolutely disgusted in them.
It 's scam, you can never reach them by email and my dollars just gone without receiving my order. Finally, realize it's a fake that copying . Do not do business wit them, i won't give it a $#*! forever becuase of my $200 loss.

  • Ri
    Rimsy Sep 24, 2012

    Well after waiting way too long for a case for my new galaxy note when it finally arrived it was a total disappointment. The case offers no protection and its simply junk for the money.

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  • Lo
    Loope Oct 08, 2012

    Wow, so many negative reviews. Stay Away from this SCAM!! Fxxk, I placed an order from them 2 months ago and yet receive my stuff. It sucks! Don't have any business with this fake company!

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  • To
    tommycyli Oct 08, 2012

    Well, it's very good. I quite agree with your point of view.

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Dsstyles.comDstyles is a scam as far as I'm concerned and I will swear to it in court

A friend bought a case for me from Dstyles because I just had to have it ok... This case cost $100.00 dollars and it lasted about a month if that long before the crystals started to fall off and then leather pulled away from the case... They claim to have a six month replacement policy but that is a joke.. Oh yeah it took about a month to actually receive the damn thing on top of all that and you never speak to anyone it's all done by email... By the way my case was never replaced or refunded... Money waisted so be warned... I then started buying my cases from Overstock they look as good as the ones from Dsstyles but are a whole lot cheaper and they will replace them within a reasonable amount of time... And you speak to real people just so you know... Dsstyles took the bling out of my so excited heart when they took my money so casually...Dstyles is a scam as far as I'm concerned and I will swear to it in court!!

  • Ad
    Adoste Jan 25, 2012

    This company is trash and I will never ever do business with them again. It's sad that I saw them on a local news station and fell for this crap bc that just means there are many other who will do the same. My phone case took over a month to get to me and when I let them know it wouldnt fit, they said sell it on eBay or give it as a gift. How professional... Not. I hate this company.

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  • Vi
    Victoria at DSSTYLES Mar 12, 2012

    Hi, I am the Customer service manager from DSSTYLES, Victoria. I have sent you message and please get back with me so I can try my best to help. Thank you.

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Dsstyles.comStay away from this one

Unfortunately I ordered a $200 crystal case before I saw all the websites that complained about this company. Two days after I placed my order I emailed them requesting to cancel my order. They replied that it was already in production and they could not cancel. I checked their website, I did not find anything stating I couldn't cancel my order. A few days later I received my order and already a crystal fell off. I wrote to them and they stated they would send extra crystals and some glue. I didn't want to go through a lot of hassle so I agreed. The next morning another crystal fell off. I wrote and told them, they said that it's natural for that to happen. The following day a third one fell off! All this within 5 days of having the case. In each response to my emails they try to talk me out of sending the item back. I am going to have to go to PayPal to help me with this.

Dsstyles.comDon't go near this site

I can't even justify giving this site a rating of 1! I'm absolutely disgusted in them. Yesterday i ordered a case and screen protector totally $80+, last night i checked my account and they had charged that amount plus an extra $230!!! WTF!! I sent them an email straight away instructing them to cancel my order and issue me a refund. As yet i've heard nothing back!!! they better not reply saying it was posted already as it was ordered on a sunday! Don't go near this site!!!

  • Vi
    Victoria at DSSTYLES Mar 12, 2012

    Hi, I am the Customer service manager from DSSTYLES, Victoria. I have sent you message and please get back with me so I can try my best to help. Thank you.

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Dsstyles.comI wish I would have checked reviews before purchasing from this company

I wish I would have checked reviews before purchasing from this company. I paid $213.64 for a Swarovski Crystal iPhone case. Within a few weeks the crystals began falling off in several places! When I contacted them I asked for a replacement and they refused! The only option they gave me was to either send me crystals that I could glue on or I could send the case back to them for them to touch up. My concern is that the remaining crystals will continue to fall off!! POOR QUALITY-POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! They are a complete RIP OFF!! Don't PURCHASE FROM THEM!!!

  • Ms
    MsBeauty Nov 19, 2011

    I also had a Swarovski case from an online store called 4U. I understand you. Also, I purchased a flower figurine from Swarovski official store and had the service and product supposed to be the "best". Well, I don't think the E-shop you mentioned are a rip-off. At least, they did response and offer you renovation service. Let me share my experience with you.

    I had a figurine from Swarovski official store. It is a plant of 3 flowers which stem is golden metal, the pot and the flowers are crystal. Soon after I purchased it, one of the flower fell off, so I took it to the Swarovski store. They refused to replace it, as the unconditional warranty period was expired, but they agreed to renovate it. Although it took a long time to complete, the figurine looks good after the renovation. I was happy with their service.

    However, the Swarovski case from the other store is completely a nightmare. The crystals peeled off in 5 days after I received it. I emailed the company some times, no one responded. I wrote them a letter, no one responded. I lost $140. I had no materials to renovate the case which is useless to me now. I had argued with my husband many times because of this stupid case. Now, I just gave it up.

    Your situation is just similar to mine with the figurine, but different from the Swarovski case. At least, the company responded to you. At least, you have the chance to get the problem fixed.

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  • Vi
    Victoria at DSSTYLES Nov 22, 2011

    Hi, I am the Customer Service Manager from DSSTYLES.COM, my name is Victoria. After viewing the above 2 comments, I would like to explain and find a solution for you.
    DSSTYLES put customer service as our first priority. We want our customer to be happy and we hope after you read this, you will recommend our service.
    All our crystals are from SWAROVSKI and we handcraft them one by one on the case. We use RoHS compatible glue and the glue is tested for its dry-out contraction (<10%). When we apply the crystals, the glue is in liquid form, and when it dried out, it contracts. The smaller the percentage, the better the crystals will stay on the case. We also did tension test on our case, the reading is >38 which means a very good surface for applying crystals.
    However, as I mentioned, these crystals are "handcrafted" on each case and there is the possibility of falling. Even official products from SWAROVSKI will have the same problems. We are not finding excuse but we just want customers to know what we have done to make sure the product we sell are of the best quality. That's why we are offering you a 1 year warranty for the renovation service. We understand there may be a delivery cost and so that's why we provide another option so our team can teach you how to put crystals back in order to save the time and delivery cost.
    We are not comparing with any other company, you may see we are charging a little bit higher than them, but I can guarantee we are providing the best crystal case in the market, the case itself, the glue and the crystals are all meeting EU and US standard. We only use small size crystals and you can imagine the surface area which can be glued is very limited, the skill we have are advanced.
    If you have any comments after reading this reply, please tell us by sending email to our customer service representative. I am sure they will let me know so we can work to improve our customer service handling.
    Thank you for your comments and for sure we will try best to improve.

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  • Je
    jessanderson Nov 22, 2011

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No delivery

I ordered a cover for iphone from they took my money sent the wrong case, and want me to pay shipping for the return of the wrong case or just keep it instead of the one I ordered.

It is a month and a half later and I still do not have my money back or the case I ordered.

I followed all their requested by sending them a yahoo email address other than my email. It took them over three weeks to respond to the yahoo email.

I sent them a picture of the case they sent me. I followed all the specifications they requested, the picture file size, with the packaging and the envelope it was mailed in, making sure the envelope addresses were clearly leible.

I let them know I did not have a use for the case they sent and I would like the one I ordered. I heard no response until a week later I posted a message on their face book page.

Still no resolution 1 1/2 months later.